Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Water Slide

I saw this ad on some escort mall. In the old days I called a ripoff agency the 2nd or 3rd time. It wasn't a totally ripoff, even though they lured you there with misleading advertising and use operators with sexy voice. The girls didn't take your money and ran, trying to provide something other than sex. I had good experience with a girl and wanted to find somebody to "use" locally without having to drive an hour. Good experience means she didn't ask for $1000 for sex, or $300 for a hand job.

It was a totally blind date as I had no control who I was seeing. The girl I got had big hips and butt. When she started to strip tease I said to myself "oh, noo , nooo", and stopped her. She wasn't built to dance, not strip tease anyway. Since I didn't want a two hour round trip, I asked what she would do for money, lots of it. She wasn't bad looking, just a waste of time dancing.

She would be OK as long as it's not sex, no blow job. So I went for a thigh release, but I only knew to say "cum on her legs". She laid down on her stomach, which was exactly what I wanted, or I asked her to do it. So I mounted on her. Without a bottle of human lubrication as with my little girl friend, there was no joy, and I asked for an artificial one. And since my dick couldn't easily stay on one place, I ended up applying lubrication on her butt, her thigh down to her knees.

I would start "penetrating" her on top of her butt cheeks. She was a bit thick down there so there was no chance of me passing her thighs, hitting the bed. Since there were plenty of lubrication, the penetrative action would end up with me sliding down her legs. I would grab her shoulders in order to climb up the human slide again. I wanted to stay longer on the top so I inserted higher and higher up her thighs, until she turned her head around and said, "you are not going to fuck me, aren't you?".

I wasn't trying to, but I asked her how much. She didn't make an offer. So I continued sliding up and down happily, probing deep between her thighs; she didn't mind me touching anywhere between her legs, and cumming there.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Positions to pay for

I was never keen on doing things by the book, but for once I was wondering what my favorite positions are called. It isn't simple as lists are either too brief, incomplete, or contradicting. My favorites are, especially when I'm paying:

1. Sky Diving (Rescue)
2. (Dancing) Frog
3. (Sticky) Spoons
4. Butterfly

Not that I don't like other positions, but I would be happy enough if my date does them all for the money. Difficult, vulnerable or weird position requires partnership, and are not suitable for non-regulars.

Sky diving requires no imagination, as you must have seen too many sky divers on TV, doing exactly the same thing, free falling instead of in bed. This is normally called spread eagle, which doesn't describe the positions of the lower legs.

I like to stand right between the receiving partner's legs, optionally holding her pelvis. "Rescue" refers to the situation when the first sky diver's parachute doesn't operate. The rescuing sky diver has to diving into the first! In practice, you have about several inches to dive, sometimes up to nine inches. But that is way happier than any distance of sky diving.

It's rather difficult to ask for sky diving on first date, not to mention the rescue part. Usually I start with doggy for a while, apply all body weight on her for a while, then pull her legs straight, then pull her to the edge of the bed, then bent her feet upwards, and stand between them.

Dancing frog is the most beautiful thing you can see, but unfortunately people call it (Thai) squat! Perhaps I have to petition for a name change so the position become more popular. Many call it Asian cowgirl. As with many names with nationality, there are problems. Even most Asian girls don't do it, or don't do it well artistically.

It's about lying down, resting on a pillow, enjoying the show, while your penis is being entertained by every muscle she has got inside of her. If your date is not beautiful from head to toe, agile, don't bother with it, though the squeeze by itself is highly enjoyable, but you cannot see from outside.

I call it frog because it is exactly what you have to do if you want to frog leap straight up, but only for a couple of inches, up to about nine. The more critical movement is when the receiving partner (being penetrated) falls back to the upright, resting frog position.

Apart from the way the hair, the shoulders, the hands, and anything else, move, a lot of agile foot work is involved. Those who master the foot work can perform great blow jobs at any position, with the whole body moving in sync.

While the dancing frog has minimal contact, the spoons is perhaps the most romantic position money can buy. Other than that french kissing will be very difficult, full body contact can be maintained at all times, like two spoons stacking together. I made the mistake of leaving out the 's' because I thought the position was like applying a spoon to the receiving partner.

The other reason I call it sticky is because I like it when all four arms are intertwined together, maximizing the pleasure. Ideally, two hands are for the two breasts, one for the clitoris and one for the g-spot or anus. It all depends on what you are penetrating, and double penetration with a toy is convenient. Hands take turns to do their jobs, or just holding each other during intermission for the romantic illusion.

The butterfly generally refers to a standing missionary, with arms spread, legs spread or resting on the penetrating partner's shoulders. You can do what you do in an ordinary missionary, and a lot more. It's an ideal position for leg and feet lovers, without being too obvious at the start. You can test the touch and smell of the receiving partner's feet without being obvious. You can reject her without hurting her feelings.

The butterfly is the ideal way to experiment with several more difficult positions. You can cross the receiving partner's legs before penetrating. Bending the receiving partner's legs back to her ears, or even cross behind her head, is called the (Vietnamese) oyster.

These include penetration from above (in front and behind), below and the sides.