Monday, February 23, 2009

Porn vs real life - I don't think it will cause problems for most people, except for the addicts, and everything has addicts, and all addictions are serious problems sooner or later when the media reports on it. For me porn, escorts and real life do not mix. Looking at escort pictures with the intention to commit sex has very different effect on me than porn. An escort with a "must see" picture probably will not attract any attention from me if it is only porn. I don't expect an escort to do what a porn star does, and what an escort does vs what I get at home. You can say I have realistic expectations and the right sort of expectations. Of course an escort can be a porn star, a slut, a causal affair and what you want her to be, as long as you pay enough and wear a condom.

Chuck seems to have found it's winning formula, repeating the theme over and over again, up to several times in each episode. Both parties are so certain that nothing is possible but they kept crossing the line unconsciously. I am of course thinking of my ex professional girl friend. It was impossible from day one - she an escort, a "popular" one at that, and I'm not rich enough for her standards. But I'm way better than her rich boy friend in all departments expect for the one thing. And I enjoyed being with her (except the times when I was really crossed). Though anything more than an hour or overnight will be a different thing.

Instead of complaining about Princess Syndrome in previous posts, I could do something constructive instead - the science of dating or something like it. Dating agencies are bound to fail because people have no reason to be honest, and they really cannot teach people how to get better matches or they will go out of business very soon. There's no secret about dating. People are not honest or don't know about themselves well. Similarly, managers have a hard time dealing with new arrogant recruits.

Will dating agencies tell you this: if you have different outlooks in life than your date, you may be OK for years but end up fighting over how to raise your kids. Planners are valued in corporations as well as being dates, or you will end up with little saving and pension. And meet your potential in-laws ASAP. You can see if your date's breasts are likely to be real, resistance to overweight, real temperament when the honeymoon is over...

The really important criteria but never to be mentioned must be "must like sex". Wet and dripping wet and flowing like a river are very different things. Oral fixation is a good thing but can you keep "up" to her standard every time, and the risk of her going after anything stiff.

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Valentine

A couple of days ago, Mrs Player was finishing her makeup when I spotted her tiny red panty below her short jacket. As if just to match her makeup with her jacket, she wasn't wearing anything else below. Causally I went closer to her, before I knelt swiftly behind her, who was standing up straight. I managed to sniff and squeeze her a little before she kicked me away. I wanted to have a quickie but it wasn't in her plan before her shopping trip. I kidnapped her and threw her onto the bed, but it didn't work. I was only a little curious about where she would be going. I was more concerned when she would be back so I could have a go again. In the end I forgot all about it.

When I was finishing something before saying goodnight to the computer, Mrs Player came up to me in a little black dress, and black high heels. It didn't take long for me to find out that she was wearing a red bra and the same tiny red panty underneath. My professional girlfriend did ask me what's the difference between my homework and field work. So here it goes...

I call my girlfriend whenever I feel like it. But for Mrs Player I have to wait until she is in her mood. Not only the wait, but I also have the burden to make her happy, or else the next time will be further and further away. My girlfriend will just be happy to see me. It's good if I can get her wet, but I also enjoy applying lubrication. That's another story.

No kissing on the mouth - that's Mrs Player's current rule (except when she's semi-conscious). I know my breath isn't perfect but I doubt very much if that is the excuse. I can do hardcore porn positions, but as long as they are the missionary variations.

Nowadays it always end up in the spoon, making me feeling like a blowup doll with a big dildo, providing reliable slow deep screwing action. It is also a dildo with a clitoral vibrator attached. Usually I would start the vibration with my fingers. When I want my hand in other places I would put her hand on her pussy to take over. And in the final moments she wouldn't have it any other way. She would be vibrating with her fingers while both of my hands would be busy massaging her breast. She likes it strong.

The next day she bugs me all day to take her to a fancy restaurant. It dawned on me that it was Valentine's Day. With a sad face I submitted, not because of the occasion, but because of the little black dress last night.

The owner we know gave us one of the few tables-for-two by the glass wall, complete with fresh roses and candle light. Although it's illegal to drink it all and then drive, Mrs Player convinced me to order a bottle of red instead of a glass each. She has known to have been caught driving without headlights on at the same plaza. All that and the big glasses reminded me of good old Paris.

I was drooling at the lobsters that the servers had been walking around busily with, showing the patrons before killing it. At times I thought I were in a Greek seaside restaurant, the servers gliding on sand spilled on concrete instead of marble. Luckily the owner made a deliberate decision not to stock standard 3 pound lobsters so it's a good excuse not to eat too much meat.

In bed I was ready to call it a day when all the food and wine had their effect on me. I didn't remember what I did but ended up in spoon again, with the dildo, and the clitoral vibrators. She was fingering herself while shivering slightly, when I got a new idea. My right hand handed over her right breast to my left hand, now handling both breasts. Then I fingered her anus.

I couldn't have thought of it because it is not a natural position. Caught between my little belly and her ass was my hand, which also got in the way of my penis pumping her pussy hard to orgasm. It was an anal version of acupressure as she had got out of bed before when I tried to insert my finger. The funny thing is that I get closer to ejection every time when I am merely fingering her ass. I don't know if I can hang on any longer if my finger goes all the way.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I accidentally got into the history book (again). This time a geeky version but not really about technology that much. I can't tell you anyway for now. Just busy.

A while ago I recall reading a guy ranting about Princess Syndrome. That it can happen to any woman at any time and may never come out of it. From that I can see that it's everywhere and cross-cultural. I would say it's unfair to woman but of all places USA has plenty of woman proud to be stay at home moms while the working moms with kids in the same classes avoid them like plague, and I can understand why.

I would generalize that given half the chance, people deviate into their own parallel reality and don't want to get out. Women do have more chance to be shielded from the reality, avoiding to deal with it. Some salesmen managed to sell swimming pools to many houses in the neighborhood not long ago. If Mrs Player could put it in the credit card, we would already have built one. Over my dead body.

From shop keepers, it's very typical that the wives look a lot for nice things, but the husbands immediately look at the price tag.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Club Black Picture

Kim's night picture of Club Black (no s) at Buenos Aires, contrasting with the day view from my hotel. No, I wasn't there but my readers were.