Saturday, December 27, 2008

Toe curling moments

Female toe curling happens a lot more than I think, for good or bad. The problem is how to catch it.

After the soaking wet massage on her (last post), it was my turn for pleasure. Then I wanted to kiss her somewhere, but after her orgasm, the place she would enjoy was her pussy. I spread her legs and went for it, though I wasn't big on pussies, especially when soaking wet. I gave her buttocks some friendly but passionate bites. Then I spread them apart to check her ass. It was darker pinkish, perfectly symmetric, perfectly radial. It was perfectly tight too, so I was sure I was on the safe side of the door. I wasn't after any taste or smell. It is some uncontrollable urge that I couldn't explain easily, beautiful yet nasty.

In the beginning, my ideal massage on a female is an excuse for a live porn magazine. Instead of just watching where I want to watch, I touch it too, and instead of turning the pages, I turn her around. Instead of appreciating her post, I make her post. Of course it was awkward for her and didn't go far, even paying for it. Of course after lying down on so many massage tables, I know how to give a bit of decent massage with one hand and no eyes. But the massage seldom last over a minute or two, before I want to fuck the looker under me, instead of just rubbing. But now with a challenge in mind, it's easy to complete the mission.

Of course I went for her ass. Maybe it's like having uncontrollable flashbacks while my tongue was working hard, couldn't open my eyes. When I was conscious I bite her bottom carefully, but with big mouthfuls. Then I was completely done with oral. I turned her over to check the damage on her breast. Of course there was none, they were unbreakable. But still I comforted them for a while as if I was licking their wounds. I put a pillow on my back and positioned myself for the blow job.

Instead she turned me over, asked me to try her massage skills, which wasn't outstanding as she was a professional, but not in massage. What she really wanted was to show how open minded she was. She spread my leg brutally. As if I wasn't prepared, she did it again. Then down came her tongue. It is these moments that: "Don't do anything you don't want to" applies. Why would she want to kiss my ass? There are many other ways to please me, but I have no problem with pretty girls kissing my ass. She got a B on that, willing to please but rather mechanical in a good way. Of course I had better, as if she was trying to apply anal voodoo on me, trying to get a rich boy friend or sugar daddy.

I turned over again, rested on some pillows, again ready for my blow job. It was supposed to be long as I was fully erect and didn't want to spend too much time else where. But she took her time (that I paid for). It was slurpy. She played with my balls and kissed them a little, so I knew I could have more if I wanted to. Visually I would put her at 25. She acted more mature than that, not just the sex acts. But she could be a lot younger because of the way she talked. It wasn't stupid but she is a straight shooter, speaking her mind, or just listening.

Finally it was time to relive the tension built up in me. I got down to the edge of the bed, grabbed her legs all of a sudden, pulled and turned her over. She thought it was a standing doggy but I skipped that. I put my hand on her bottom so she couldn't get up. I entered her right there.

It could easily be my favorite position. The lack of willing and trusting partners make it more desirable. I love standing, for the stronger thrust, and particularly nice to stand between her legs, which had to curl backwards up in the air to relieve the pressure. Now her body was all in short reach of my finger tips, from head to toe.

I twisted her head to see her lovely face, parted her hair away on the side to see more. Dangling aimlessly in the air, I squeezed her ankles hard to signal her to get ready for the ride. With a little kiss on her lovely big toe I started thrusting into her as deep as I could, while my two hands were on her pelvis, pulling her away from the bed, and hard into me.

I was pounding her slowly but forcefully like a foundation building machine, one stroke at a time, each went deeper than the last. Usually you can catch toe curling at these moments. But I wasn't watching her toes. I wanted to kiss her but I didn't want to give up the position I was in. I learned from some girls who demanded kisses in similar positions, before they were willing to go further. It was symbolic gestures on their part but I was serious. I twisted her head and body some more, bent down and kissed away. Kissing is difficult in this position, but there are more reasons for tongue kisses, and she was very receptive about it.

She was pretty warmed up, so my finally charges were the cavalry type, total annihilation of the defenseless enemy, short of a massacre. I cummed, watching her toe curled intensely up in the air, which was a reaction to the sudden warmth in her pussy, or equally likely to be the feeling of being fouled up deep inside her. It didn't make any difference to me, as I had to walk away from it all, having no choice because I was standing up.

I cleaned up the mess on me minimally, and collapsed onto the bed, stretching myself as long as I could, feeling great about myself, and closed my eyes. Obviously it was some sort of recuperation but she didn't seem to notice, or she didn't let me. She was instead bubbly and talkative, which was why I called her a straight shooter and could be a lot younger than she looked. She kept on the conversation even with my eyes closed and couldn't manage to have paid much attention to her. I could hear her saying that my legs are so long. I know. At college I met a girl who told me my legs were to die for. She was cute but only 5'3 or less. I was somewhat surprised to hear that again after so many years, though I must admit legs can't change that much over the years.

She insisted on me answering the questions: "am I really feeling so tired after sex?", or something like:" do man usually feel miserably tired?". I thought I said yes to whatever. I thought these things are well understood by everybody, that's why I thought she was a bit new, or pretend to be new, but she did look and feel a bit new, apart from her open-mindedness. Or maybe she wanted me to wake up and go for the second round. If I were to do it I might give her a facial in the first 15 minutes. Now it was too far down the line to wake up the dead cow in short notice. If she didn't know about that she must be a bit new.

So I was thinking she was just trying to be nice, wanting me to come back, and working on her tips. When my mind and body could drive again, I washed myself quickly, dressed back up and gave her the money she deserved. I then asked her private number routinely, but in her case I really wanted to see her again in a more sustainable relationship. She smiled, as if saying "don't be silly", then told me she was going back to the other coast the day after. It's common, and very natural, animals don't eat and shit on the same place if they can. So by then I was sure that she was only working on her tips. And that she had the undercover look, rather than a porn or movie star.

But that didn't mean that she wouldn't miss me. Her toes did curled, didn't she?

If you cannot watch it, video it. Ask your wife, girl friend, or somebody willing to do it with a non-intimidating toy like cam, poor lighting and in well covered positions.


Aneris said...

Now that was interesting.

Anal voodoo? hahahaaaaa

The Player said...

Wana try? ;)

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