Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year end updates & Managing your porn collections

I haven't been catching up with things around me, as I have been self absorbing lately, doing things I like, and writing about it.

I did early spring cleaning on my computer, backing things up and securing them. With TrueCrypt, you can encrypt and burn the whole DVD (or the whole operating system for that matter). Decryption is on the fly so you can watch videos, or copy individual files, directly off the DVD. I went on to use the porn paradigm to manage the whole computer.

You need two passwords, a clean one that can be shared with your wife if the situation arises, and an dirty one that is for your eyes only. Normally all secret data need to be backed up, except for those protected by the dirty password. There are two type of porns, expendable and irreplaceable. Expendable porns are commercial porns that are impractical and not worthy to backup, except for your current fav actress/actor. Irreplaceable porns are your own dirty videos for example. Those with your current wife or girlfriend should be protected by the clean password. Those with your ex, or that somehow you attended a gangbang a decade ago should go in the dirty, for your eyes only catagory. In short, two passwords, three types of data. For any other passwords you need, you store them in a list, protected by one of the two master passwords. I actually encrypt the whole Firefox profile so my everything is secret, not only the tens of online passwords, but also history, bookmarks, etc. In case if you are interested, there's the Geek Corner link around the top left.

It's kids time. They are perfect and I wouldn't want them to grow up at all. But if I have more say about it, either they should have been ready to be kicken out to college or get a job soon, or I may keep only one, small enough to be put in a basket to carry around and stuff it in any space available.

My counter passed the 100,000 marked. It's insignificant but since the next notable target will have to be 1 million, I rather give it a mention now. At this rate it's a long wait though I'm not looking forward to it. I remembered I reset the counter before, and I had other blogs and things before this. Also, I had a video released by mistake with no meaningful content, it got a lot more hits in a week than the whole of this blog to date.

To me it has been another walk in the cloud, which lasted for about a decade. I have no complain and little regrets, other than losing Rebecca's phone number and being dumped by the Professional Liar. So let's see what tomorrow has on for me.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Toe curling moments

Female toe curling happens a lot more than I think, for good or bad. The problem is how to catch it.

After the soaking wet massage on her (last post), it was my turn for pleasure. Then I wanted to kiss her somewhere, but after her orgasm, the place she would enjoy was her pussy. I spread her legs and went for it, though I wasn't big on pussies, especially when soaking wet. I gave her buttocks some friendly but passionate bites. Then I spread them apart to check her ass. It was darker pinkish, perfectly symmetric, perfectly radial. It was perfectly tight too, so I was sure I was on the safe side of the door. I wasn't after any taste or smell. It is some uncontrollable urge that I couldn't explain easily, beautiful yet nasty.

In the beginning, my ideal massage on a female is an excuse for a live porn magazine. Instead of just watching where I want to watch, I touch it too, and instead of turning the pages, I turn her around. Instead of appreciating her post, I make her post. Of course it was awkward for her and didn't go far, even paying for it. Of course after lying down on so many massage tables, I know how to give a bit of decent massage with one hand and no eyes. But the massage seldom last over a minute or two, before I want to fuck the looker under me, instead of just rubbing. But now with a challenge in mind, it's easy to complete the mission.

Of course I went for her ass. Maybe it's like having uncontrollable flashbacks while my tongue was working hard, couldn't open my eyes. When I was conscious I bite her bottom carefully, but with big mouthfuls. Then I was completely done with oral. I turned her over to check the damage on her breast. Of course there was none, they were unbreakable. But still I comforted them for a while as if I was licking their wounds. I put a pillow on my back and positioned myself for the blow job.

Instead she turned me over, asked me to try her massage skills, which wasn't outstanding as she was a professional, but not in massage. What she really wanted was to show how open minded she was. She spread my leg brutally. As if I wasn't prepared, she did it again. Then down came her tongue. It is these moments that: "Don't do anything you don't want to" applies. Why would she want to kiss my ass? There are many other ways to please me, but I have no problem with pretty girls kissing my ass. She got a B on that, willing to please but rather mechanical in a good way. Of course I had better, as if she was trying to apply anal voodoo on me, trying to get a rich boy friend or sugar daddy.

I turned over again, rested on some pillows, again ready for my blow job. It was supposed to be long as I was fully erect and didn't want to spend too much time else where. But she took her time (that I paid for). It was slurpy. She played with my balls and kissed them a little, so I knew I could have more if I wanted to. Visually I would put her at 25. She acted more mature than that, not just the sex acts. But she could be a lot younger because of the way she talked. It wasn't stupid but she is a straight shooter, speaking her mind, or just listening.

Finally it was time to relive the tension built up in me. I got down to the edge of the bed, grabbed her legs all of a sudden, pulled and turned her over. She thought it was a standing doggy but I skipped that. I put my hand on her bottom so she couldn't get up. I entered her right there.

It could easily be my favorite position. The lack of willing and trusting partners make it more desirable. I love standing, for the stronger thrust, and particularly nice to stand between her legs, which had to curl backwards up in the air to relieve the pressure. Now her body was all in short reach of my finger tips, from head to toe.

I twisted her head to see her lovely face, parted her hair away on the side to see more. Dangling aimlessly in the air, I squeezed her ankles hard to signal her to get ready for the ride. With a little kiss on her lovely big toe I started thrusting into her as deep as I could, while my two hands were on her pelvis, pulling her away from the bed, and hard into me.

I was pounding her slowly but forcefully like a foundation building machine, one stroke at a time, each went deeper than the last. Usually you can catch toe curling at these moments. But I wasn't watching her toes. I wanted to kiss her but I didn't want to give up the position I was in. I learned from some girls who demanded kisses in similar positions, before they were willing to go further. It was symbolic gestures on their part but I was serious. I twisted her head and body some more, bent down and kissed away. Kissing is difficult in this position, but there are more reasons for tongue kisses, and she was very receptive about it.

She was pretty warmed up, so my finally charges were the cavalry type, total annihilation of the defenseless enemy, short of a massacre. I cummed, watching her toe curled intensely up in the air, which was a reaction to the sudden warmth in her pussy, or equally likely to be the feeling of being fouled up deep inside her. It didn't make any difference to me, as I had to walk away from it all, having no choice because I was standing up.

I cleaned up the mess on me minimally, and collapsed onto the bed, stretching myself as long as I could, feeling great about myself, and closed my eyes. Obviously it was some sort of recuperation but she didn't seem to notice, or she didn't let me. She was instead bubbly and talkative, which was why I called her a straight shooter and could be a lot younger than she looked. She kept on the conversation even with my eyes closed and couldn't manage to have paid much attention to her. I could hear her saying that my legs are so long. I know. At college I met a girl who told me my legs were to die for. She was cute but only 5'3 or less. I was somewhat surprised to hear that again after so many years, though I must admit legs can't change that much over the years.

She insisted on me answering the questions: "am I really feeling so tired after sex?", or something like:" do man usually feel miserably tired?". I thought I said yes to whatever. I thought these things are well understood by everybody, that's why I thought she was a bit new, or pretend to be new, but she did look and feel a bit new, apart from her open-mindedness. Or maybe she wanted me to wake up and go for the second round. If I were to do it I might give her a facial in the first 15 minutes. Now it was too far down the line to wake up the dead cow in short notice. If she didn't know about that she must be a bit new.

So I was thinking she was just trying to be nice, wanting me to come back, and working on her tips. When my mind and body could drive again, I washed myself quickly, dressed back up and gave her the money she deserved. I then asked her private number routinely, but in her case I really wanted to see her again in a more sustainable relationship. She smiled, as if saying "don't be silly", then told me she was going back to the other coast the day after. It's common, and very natural, animals don't eat and shit on the same place if they can. So by then I was sure that she was only working on her tips. And that she had the undercover look, rather than a porn or movie star.

But that didn't mean that she wouldn't miss me. Her toes did curled, didn't she?

If you cannot watch it, video it. Ask your wife, girl friend, or somebody willing to do it with a non-intimidating toy like cam, poor lighting and in well covered positions.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The soaking wet massage

After the breast torture (last post), I decided to go for the soaking wet massage as she was a good spot.

"Don't do that at home" you always hear. In my case I forget to say on the last post that don't try it in the field if you haven't practiced at home first. At passionate moments mrs player did put my hand on her breast and wanted to rip them apart. "Don't do what you don't want to do", which is cliche, but I seriously mean it. There are always other fun things to do.

So I got up from sitting on her butt, got to the side of the bed, and started the massage on her lower body. It was pretty easy and effective to do. Anywhere on the spine, press, down to the tip between the buttocks. Squeeze on the legs until you feel the bones, up to the leg joints in the buttocks.

I gave her feet some attention but she wasn't at ease, and no encouragement was obtained. So I concentrated on other parts, plenty of work to do.

I started the happy ending at her inner tight, squeezing harder and harder, higher and higher. Even mrs player couldn't resist it when she had no mood for intimacy. When I couldn't get higher without touching her sex organs, I used the accidental naughty last fingers. I teased her pussy with my last fingers as if by accident, while keeping up the pressure on her inner thighs. Like mrs player, she didn't resist and I wasn't going to pretend anymore. Finally I just her a pussy rub, the female version of happy ending, until she was soaking wet, had orgasm.

Not long before, on top of the hour, I arrived at which must be one of the Agency's (California Invisible) safe house. As with any safe house, it's one block off the freeway (or main road). Turn right (or left if you drive on the wrong side) off the freeway (motorway), drive one block, 1st house on the right.

I paid for a comprehensive package so I assumed she would do a lot of things, but no specifics beforehand.

I saw her agency picture before hand. Well portioned, looked normal, liking having a real job for undercover, as opposed to looking like a porn star all the time.

Having a driveway leading to the front door, she opened the door semi-naked without worrying about being seen by neighbors. She was just what I expected, except that she was shorter than I expected, 5'3 to at most 5'5. 6' is tall, and 5'1 is very short. It's hard to tell unless you are standing face to face. Height is immaterial unless you are looking for a partner to have big babies.

After a little formalities she led me up the stairs, showing off her tight bottom, with me sniffing it two steps behind her.

I asked for the bathroom and held her hands to it. It's give and take in this world. In return, even some high priced escorts tried to jerk me off half way while washing my equipment. She just washed it. Though I got the hint that she wouldn't want me to move at all, the usual reason being not to get her hair wet, so she don't need to dry it, or she won't look bad.

It's a good sign that she washed my ass thoroughly, just in case. I reciprocated, just in case.

Before that she asked why I was smiling so happily. You can say it's drooling. I told her honestly because I was very happy with her everything. I wasn't thinking too much at the time. I must had realized that her breast is the all natural unbreakable type, somewhat fuller than Zoe's a few posts back.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Secret agent's secret

I offered her a nude massage and she fell for it. After a few strong squeezes on her neck and shoulders, she was totally relaxed, laid flat with bottom side up, and convinced - that I was going to give her a nice massage. Both naked, I moved swiftly to sit on her butt, twisted her arm to her back, in a classic arresting position.

While she couldn't have struggled, I twisted and pulled her arm, lifted her shoulder, and twisted her body sideways and backwards. She couldn't tell if I was doing a legit massage. I couldn't tell either, though I have a lot of flashbacks on similar things performed on me.

I slipped my free hand under her breast, spread my fingers evenly to cover all of it, released her shoulders, allowing her to fall back flat on the bed. As if her life depends on it, I performed CPR on her back with my free hand, using my full body weight.

Since I'm holding her breast in one hand, not willing to let go, I also gave her the elbow grind, allowing me to rest in a more comfortable position not too far from her breast. If you haven't tried it before, it's like using vehicles with huge heavy rollers to compact and flatten the foundation during road building. Now substitute the roller with my elbow, and the road with her back.

Trust me, I know what I'm doing. I have had so many secret missions under my belt that many moves practiced on me are captured in flashbacks, of which I have no problem recalling given any naked visual simulations. She must had feel good because her arm was still twisted on the arresting position, even without me holding it.

Obviously squeezing her breast intensely wasn't massage, so I tried to cover up the sensation by pressing her even harder on her back and shoulders, so much so that the mattress bounces together with the bed and us on it, and I got a good stimulation on my balls at her butt. She might get my whole hand print on her breast, but she wouldn't be thinking about it at the time. To ensure that any hand print would be temporary, and that she wouldn't wake up from the trance, I tried not to pinch, rub, snatch or scratch her breast, or use too much of my finger tips in squeezing, spreading the pressure evenly, but intensely.

I stopped the back CPR before breaking her. I straightened her twisted arm to her side. Now, instead of one, I was holding both of her breast gently, kissing her back, a little suction, a little wet with tip of the tongue, some outright licking and slurping, a little biting, and then harder, but not enough to leave teeth marks. She was surely feeling my intense erection on her butt and between her legs.

As if following the lyrics of a song, I repeated the same on her other breast. I was sure that she was shaken by the CPR, indeed the whole bed was an earthquake zone, but she wasn't stirred or disturbed - she was in a calm trance.

Then on her I released my secret weapon, which wasn't some weapon, but my bare hands, some sort of maneuver ...

On another note, I was looking at some porn cover arts to spice up things while posting, but it proved hard to find something classy, with enough nudity, beauty and glamor. I also like models standing up straight, revealing everything from hair to toes, ready for a lineup, or cattle auction :). So here's just another pretty picture of a popular girl.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Three porn stars

The girl in the middle reminds me of someone. Escorting is not at all about looks and body shape, but for this girl those are what she has, and not much else. The performance of this porn star is laughable in comparison. I can also feel, not seen, that the male studs hesitate when making a move on her, as if she will suddenly stare at him angrily, and get him fired. In any other movies they will try to kill the girl with sex, to make every cent of her paycheck worthwhile.

First of all, my friend is not as hot as that, but her face is somewhat more exotic in the way of Angelina Jolie, and her hair is superior. She has mixed blood, in a way that she can be anything she likes. If the porn star dyes her hair blond and stands between two blonds, you wouldn't associate her with Asian ancestry.

Just before I met her, my mentor that I later hated, told me that she had a nose job and something else. She has boobs just like the porn star, perhaps from the same mold, but smaller, very natural, as if they were there for all 19 years, starting from zero. Still I thought they are fake as they look too good. After knowing her for a while, I doubt if any of her is enhanced. If she did any enhancement that nice and natural, trust me, I know what I have seen, it had to be expensive and she had to do all those at about 18. I don't think she had that sort of money, had no sugar daddy that I know of, and I doubt if she felt the need to do it. Any job will be icing on the cake, so I doubt if she had that sort of determination to go through all that so young.

So I doubted why my ex-mentor told me lies. He did discourage me to see her, spoiling the market because she was asking more than the rest, and more than she once charged. Maybe there were more, as she dislikes him very much too, with no specific reasons. Incidentally, my mentor once told me that she who doesn't allow you to touch her feet are drug addicts, with needle marks on the toes. He wasn't referring to her but that was what I remembered. I thought so for a while because she is always slim, which would be hard to keep for many other girls. Many a porn star balloons after a movie or two.

She is very pale too, never needing anal bleach, hahaha! After my repeated attempts, she did allow me to go down there, but not before well preparations - pedicure and wax bath. I can testify that she didn't have any needle marks. I can also testify that she never treated her skin with laser or any bleach. Indeed her skin is so nice that she never took real care of it. Once she asked me if fake tan looks good on her, making her less like a nocturnal hooker I suppose, and more like a California girl. I objected strongly because many hookers pay top laser dollars to look like her. Luckily she wouldn't bother to go to the nearby beaches, and that the fake tan induced a little allergic reaction on her skin.

She has to be popular. If you met her somehow or saw her pictures, shoulder to shoulder with somebody else, you will ask for her. Agencies will have no problem introducing her, or call you up to sell her, saying that she is new, so they are not liable for her behavior.

Actually Zoe, in the movie two blogs back, reminded me of my friend, who has many rules, or you can say only one, being on top and does what she wants to do. If I tried a little intimacy, I was afraid that she would, instead of turning me down diplomatically, jerks away and stares at me, telling me off with her eyes, "what the fuck are you trying to do?". She did tried to be nice to me, and wanted to see me again, but in her own way.

That comes to the question of how many times you see a particular girl. A study in the last post say 50, 100 times. Certainly it's not surprising, but I doubt it's common. If it's once a month, it's a lot of years. It's it's once a week, it's the sort of utility type of service, or the guy is very rich.

A guy has different needs at different times. Even if he found his ideal hooker he isn't going to get everything all at once, which would be a waste, of other under used talents.

You don't need Alaska wild salmon every day. Indeed the annual wait makes it more rewarding. For a guy who can spend what he wants, I doubt if he wants to keep seeing a hooker for hundreds of times. Sugar babies with some exclusivity is more likely, more like girlfriends than hookers.

As much as I liked my friend, who also satisfied me more and more, I don't see her all the time. It's the money. I'm willing to pay her price, but for that price it have to be intense. It's have to be sort of special occasion rather than a weekly non event. So it's not just money, but time and energy. I would rather not call her when I'm just feeling boring after lunch, or horny after work. But I did see her more than I wanted, because she called me up with good offers.

Sometimes when I found someone more satisfying in bed, which is absolutely not bad looking at all, like the porn stars on the sides, relatively speaking, I decided against seeing them regularly. I can imagine the virtual lineup, shoulder to shoulder. For the same price bracket, I would like someone better looking, like my friend. It cost the same! I think as much as many men want to see the same hooker again and again, there are similar reasons that keep them searching, hoping the next one will be more perfect, or cost less.

I ended up seeing her most, because she has a habit of killing off the competition. If she misses me too much she would call me up and give me offers. You have to sell hotel rooms or groceries, or they are worthless. In her case I think, after working for a while, she doesn't bother to sells herself much, just enough to get by and look good for her friends and family. Her boobs only swell a little from the first time I saw her. They have to be real, or they have to be low mileage, or both.

Even in the last days that I saw her, I couldn't keep my hands off her breast, both hands, in my favorite position with her, grabbing her greedily from behind, doing the spoon thing. I was doubly hard when I could see what I was doing to her in the mirror. I could see that she wasn't happy at all. Indeed I can see the reverse smile in her Angelina lips. But I am sure she was proud of herself, as I was so awesome, pounding her as if there were no tomorrow, or else she would have kicked me out of the bed.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Scientific American Article: why do men buy sex?

Las Vegas Escorts Blog
While catching up on random blocks on my list I came across the article from LV Courtesan.

The article has no surprises, not even that 90% of Thai men had sex with prostitute. Why can't everybody accept that the issue is complex, diverse, and all of the above? We can't be all sex addicts, can we?

The surprise is:
As if to continue their “relationship,” many if not most johns prefer to go back to the same prostitute over and over again. According to Kleiber’s study, more than two thirds of devotees used the services of a particular prostitute more than 50 times. One in four had sex with the same prostitute more than 100 times.

I don't know how they carried out the study. Surely I prefer to, but I don't most of the time. The reason is simple, have to be comfortable to my eyes and to my pocket. Perhaps I should not live in US.