Thursday, November 27, 2008


I was asking for the girl who preferred me not to wear my dark "scary" glasses. Because of another girl with a similar name, I thought she quit from the agency. That's a good thing because I broke no rules in tracking down her private number. A hotel staff (of sort) told me she had her number, but she wasn't answering her phone. I wasn't surprised, either she was sleeping, clubbing, or working.

After a few hours I told the hotel staff that I wasn't waiting for her anymore. Of course she told me she had just what I needed. The hotel staff wasn't an agent, and the girl wasn't a real professional. But they all like to try if the price is right, don't they?

I was a bit shocked when the girl arrived. T-shirt, jeans, sneakers and no makeup. That's not what I needed, and not what I expected. I think the hotel staff thought that I was safe enough to introduce to this girl. She was cute though.

The first thing I did was to put her on my lap, and she felt rather relaxed about it, though she said she didn't kiss. It's always fun to perform a strip tease - on her. But when I slipped my hands under her T-shirt, she asked to go to the bathroom to take a shower. There went the strip tease, but I didn't really mind a shower instead. Maybe she really needed it, as she might not had well prepared for the occasion - being non-pro and all that.

She didn't invite me so I waited, then took my turn as I was in no rush. When I got out of the bathroom I went undercover. I went under the blanket that was covering her naked body and cuddled her. She was like a magnet. When I was close enough to her she wrapped her arms around my neck (literally necking). We stuck together while I was holding her tight.

It was very unusual but I didn't realize at the time. It's kid stuff - what kids will do when you lift them up. It's also very GFE, and even Mrs Player has known to do that on a few occasions. I can't think of any professionals who did that. It is a totally vulnerable position.

You got to hold something with your hands though, otherwise it feels like a dead fish. Some hold my waist, more ready to push than anything else. Most hold my back, with the immediate option to push rather than hold. Wrapping one's arm around the neck is indefensible.

She wasn't afraid that I would rape her without a condom. When I needed to do something lower down, she would release my neck, but would hold on to it like a magnet when I got up again.

She wasn't afraid, but I could feel a bit of nerve from her, because of the pressure on my neck at times. So I decided to go in, sooner than usual, to break the ice. She let go of my neck, I got a fancy condom from her tiny purse, put it on, part her legs slightly, and let her hold my neck again.

I was surprised as her passage was completely blocked. I checked her with my fingers, only to find that she was completely dry. I didn't know that because of her bushy bush - I left that alone. I decided, while she was holding my neck, then tighter than ever, to stimulate her slowly with my probe, guided by my hand.

I estimated that she hadn't had sex for days, weeks or even months. But soon she was moist and then wet. Once I was totally inside, I could feel her relaxed arms around my neck, and see her relived smile on her face.

I had to bang her slowly and gently, otherwise I was afraid that my neck would bruise. Though the final charge more than compensated for it.


Sucre Bebe said...

Vulnerable, open and just a bit raunchy. Great post.

Would you see her again?

The Player said...

I would. But good things cum all at once.

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