Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hookers and Monsters

A great beautiful weird half nude sex sequence on the big screen.

Hulu is blocked outside USA. Thanks crista. To bypass, go to, download Hotspot Shield. Install application and launch. After launch, there is a status page to see if the VPN is connected. Once connected, the IP is changed to a US one. Banner ad supported at top, but worth it as it have enough bandwidth to watch a full screen movie.

An ad free version is ultrasurf. Extract and run directly for IE. For FF it's easier to install the optional add-on to set and switch proxy. Awesome. But it is tied to Falun Gong, for use in bypassing censorship in China.

Both are used massively, and in case of ultrasurf, many years. They are not open source, and you should not trust them 100% not to disclose your internet traffic. But for watching movies, they are perfect.

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crista said...

Having difficulty over in UK to access the video library. Apparently can only be streamed in US x Ahh well that'll be that then. I'm away to have a cup of earl grey and a bit shortbread. Greetings from frosty Scotland