Friday, October 31, 2008

Prop K: Since I can't vote there, I wasn't going to subject myself to painful spins. However, because of the interesting subject, and the exposure, I read a little more.

It's painful to read and watch DA Harris to spin off the subject. There are also subjects that the proponents touched lightly. There should be voter submitted questions made into FAQ section.

I would think getting it to the ballot box is an achievement. It can be a landslide as up to 70% (substitute your own figure) of men will have some experience with prostitutes. For current patrons the price will come down, for future patrons, they will not be prosecuted if they dare to try.

I very much agree that it's a human rights issue - should you be prosecuted by attending a wine tasting party? It happened before, you know. Human trafficking still doesn't make sense. The international trafficking excuse was shot down, now they bring out the domestic ones. Did someone said that the fear of prosecution because of prostitution is the main reason these victims didn't try to run to the authorities?

If someone setup a sex slave brothel in downtown SF for half the price, it might have a long line and everybody knows about it, and it will be busted very soon. The price will be more or less the same. It takes a moron client not to notice the difference, and most will avoid that sort of thing. Most clients are not eligible anyway because of the risk. So far someone said international trafficking is zero in SF and I say domestic trafficking is a rare event not in big cities like SF. What happened in the news is that they imprison victims in the middle of nowhere, the small number of clients (if any) are willing to keep the secret because of no real alternatives.

Good luck with the zoning issues. I don't know how it works. Prop K isn't legislation, just to tell LE stop wasting time with prostitutes. How to deal with street walkers? They are much more mobile than a illegal hot dog stand. How to deal with a high traffic brothel in a residential area? Or commercial area? US laws is quite lax on prostitutes. You get warning and then tickets a few times before you get jail time (varies greatly for locations). It's a lot more difficult to clean up the streets by charging them with something like selling hot dogs illegally. It's also difficult to get rid of incalls with lots of visiting friends all day long. The threat is more of harassment, the biggest being outing you when you try to keep it a secret. LE can (?) threaten your assets and custody of your children.

Since EU relax immigration laws and adopted the US cheap labor model, Europeans got a glimpse of what will happen if US prostitutes become not so illegal. Targeting prostitution such as in Amsterdam seems to be the natural reaction. SF would be really in the fore front to show the world something.

The rights of minorities (occupation) and the pursuit of harmless pleasure should triumph everything else. Let's see how it goes.

But it will be happy times, I would go to SF rather than LV. I'll do careful screening and then do it at upper floors at Grand Hyatt,, on the floor at the glass walls, or a little bit tricky, on the thick walls at the glass windows.

Trafficking wouldn't make any difference as it's a rare even if any. Victim can go to LE without fear.

There won't be more brothels as all exiting strip clubs will be brothels. Income will be down because of competition, and some strippers will be forced out. Some previous brothels, now empty properties, will be reopened. It will be like good old times when the numbers in SF are near saturation, so there won't be noticeably more.

There are always secret flats in the most desirable areas. People feel safe there and you can charge more. I know one private apartment in a small complex that you can only get to via toll road. The toll cam's have your plate numbers if anything happens. The high rent also favors sharing, for people with connections who have streams of girls visiting from overseas or from the other coast. (The same principle that pets don't shit where they eat.) After prop K they will tighten up the schedules and less worrying about people getting lost and press the wrong doorbells.

There are happy ending factories in almost all desirable locations already. Many are now clinically clean in medical plazas. Again there won't need to be more, just more places will allow happy endings and more. There will be winners and losers, like strippers, depending on what how far they are willing to go.


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