Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pretty Woman?

I don't see how a woman politician can comment on the subject. Has she been a hooker herself? Or not that far by being a politician? Thinking about it, I am as qualified as many others, who see hookers who enjoy client sex, and who hate it, who think they are doing something wrong, and who think they are just doing a job like any others.

Can you love a hooker? You can easily make your conclusion by watching lots of porn with angelic stars doing XXXXX stuffs with ugly fat studs. You don't want your woman to do that sort of things often? How often is often? I knew a girl who told me she experimented by the book with her ex-boyfriend before she became a part time hooker. I would think sugar babies of older gentlemen are pretty easy work. Where to draw the frequency line?

Some hookers draw the line on kissing, etc. It's bullshit saying it's reserved for boyfriends. Though sometimes it's stupid rules set by boyfriends. Anyway, where do you draw the line? In some cultures, you have to be killed if you are not a virgin at wedding. In others, virgins are sought after and expected. But if these guys spend a couple of months or years in the West, they don't care any more.

There are many reasons for not kissing, simply don't like it. One reason is that you can't fake passion as in real DFK. So some girls simply don't try. However, those tongue-tongue DJK's (not F) seems good for all party involved, and don't need much passion on both sides. It's simply some service that make the client feel good.

Down the line, tea bags, cock to mouth, CIM, CI anything, doesn't seem so unacceptable to boy friends. Does it matter where your girl friend uses her lips or tongue? Does it matter what's being put in her mouth? (All risk being equal or safe.)

I know some girls hate many things. But a few like to suck any stiff cocks, naturally they are not afraid of pre cums and cums. And after in the job long enough, girls are pretty insensitive what the tasks are. At least they can talk about anything like routine tricks of the circus, while some clients are too shy to ask.

Sure many hookers do not enjoy client sex. But to some, perhaps newer ones, it's just natural reaction. They can't stop juice flowing, nipples stiffening, moaning, back scratching, neck holding, and of course the big O. Some girls actually try hard to fight it, so they don't give away too much for the price agreed upon. And they don't want to give some clients the wrong ideas.

Having said that, a retired hooker is preferrable. I'm so jealous when my fav hooker leaves my hotel room to see her next client.

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