Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Girlfriend is an Escort: Their Bad Types: "Once in a while G. comes across top-class idiots." This guy is usually too painful to read - I feel the pain. This is interesting. This reminded myself that I have started a reflection serious to recall interesting moments about the reactions of call girls on me.


H said...


Thanks for your interest :-)

I hope my thoughts are not too depressing: they're not meant to be.
I just want to share this as I think people might go through the same (apparently this reminded you of your own experience, I guess this is a good thing, in some way).

Why do you think this is painful ?
Because you think I am in pain, that my girlfriend is, or because you feel like me that the whole situation - as in "not mine", but this business in general (and somehow its acceptability) - gives a definite dark take on life ?

I am looking forward to read more of your own thoughts too!

The Player said...

It's just that I feel it painful to read for reasons I didn't self analysed.

I will be jealous if my favourite treats other patrons better (even if it's work), so imagine if that's my girl friend.

Even for a rather business like relationship, I have a lot of questions I wish I can ask her. But either it's not my business to ask, or she's likely to lie. So I blogged a lot of questions and possible answers. Maybe I recognize (or miss-recognized) some of the agony in your writings.

H said...

I am not so sure she wouldn't answer your questions or like to you. Lots of escorts apparently like to create a bond with their clients.

But indeed, that's probably none of your business (though it is one, after all), except if you consider her more than just a pay-4-sex object.

Either way, I'd say you're right not to ask: it's the safest way to keep things the way they are.

Regarding my posts, there are moments of pain, but mostly not for me.
I am not happy with her doing this job, but I am not the one to judge and tell her how to live her life. That might change (in a not "radical" way of course) depending on how long we stay together and so far it's going well, so I hope (and so does she) that she'll drop it soon enough.

It's just a matter of priorities.