Tuesday, September 09, 2008

"Even though I never considered provider encounters to be 'dates' per se, I was still self-conscious about my appearance and wanted there to be some mutual attraction from the get-go to make the sex more passionate, despite the circumstances of it being a blind encounter."

I just reinstalled the blog this! button and having a good time clearing up my shared list and stared list on my google reader, with comments. It's well written but if you read it carefully, it doesn't make any sense for a player, whatever it means. The stereotype of ugly, old, fat, smelly, unattractive johns are overrated, but it's true. May be they are the minority. May be they are rich and well dressed, but still they can be ugly, old, fat, smelly, creepy, or plainly unattractive. For this reason I've never been to meet and greets, swinger clubs or johns' clubs. I don't need to be reminded of that.

What do you do if you are good looking? Get over it. You are not getting discounts or freebies by sending beautiful cock pictures. And since there are generous johns that are ugly, old, fat, smelly, creepy, or plainly unattractive, I would think call girls are much less sensitive about superficial looks than civilians. I would say it is a waste of time to work out hard to feel attractive to call girls. It would be easy to make a call girl feel at ease if you are clean, and reasonably fit and healthy. If you are that hot you will get attractive freebies, but I think working girls and civilians would have the same standards of giving out freebies, with working girls harder I think.

Even worse, if you are exceptional good looking, better say you are married, or your girl friend is away, or want something harmless that your SO wouldn't do, otherwise they will think that there must be something wrong about you, possibly dangerous.

Good looking has it's advantages though. You are more likely to get dinner dates without paying the full price I suppose. I was even being shown off to other clients. She made an excuse asking her client to drop her off at our meeting place. For some girls creating healthy competitions are healthy.

It's certainly good to feel the mutual attraction with working girls, but I'm saying that if you need to work out hard to stay in reasonable shape, it's not worth it. For many girls, you are just another piece of cock, which they would like to finish early and go home.

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