Monday, September 15, 2008

Adventures 2

Risking to sound like a broken record, I'll be talking about some of my other old friends again, though this time is about why they do it. ( Should broken record be taken out of the language? It's still commonly used I suppose, but who have a turn table anymore? Kids never see it. A CD can be broken but the effect is very different. Soon CD will be a thing of the past too.)

Emma was born and raised in America, until 16. It was a big deal when her family refused to trust her with a car. They sent her back to their family homeland instead. I think she might have a degree there. I don't know how long she had been a flight attendant, may be just a tmp job, but that was her last job when I met her. I think she was doing rather well. She might have quit her job or she got laid off.

Anyhow she had a brand new town house costing at least 300K or much more at the time. Maybe her family helped. Her family and siblings are doing well - she sent me a family photo. (Everything has a first time.) Maybe she got the down payment while escorting briefly in US. Maybe she had been escorting part-time for a while before she came here, plus her own savings. Maybe she was a mistress - she told me she had a boyfriend who took care of her, when she started to refuse my money. But it's hard to be a conventional mistress when she was a flight attendant. So it may just be a boyfriend with benefits.

As a side story it's complicated. She was hinting me to step up, but to what? To be a sugar daddy type I might end up paying her much more than hourly sessions. And since my wife was away I told her I was single. To be a real boyfriend I cannot keep it up for long. So I just kept paying her each time but tried to hang out as much as possible.

Her body is great and well kept. She has worldwide gym membership before she turned her 2nd bedroom into a gym. But she wasn't at all muscular, tall and slender, but not as skinny and delicate as other smaller girls. I never know how exactly her face looked like even though she sent me lots of her pictures showing her face. She always has makeup on, not thick, but she is hiding something that she is not confident of. Maybe she has one eye slightly larger than the other, that nobody will notice and nobody will care, but she feel obvious and has the compulsion to hide it from anybody else. Either it is this sort of imperfection, or she doesn't think she is pretty enough with her raw face. But she looks OK to me, and with the rest of her body it's a show off going out with her.

I felt most at ease with her going in and out of hotels. We do it a lot because we usually do something before or after sex. She is usually in smart casuals daytime, spending efforts to look good and individual, but not rely on expensive labels. Many girls do not look like hookers but the mismatch between us at the hotel lobby make it obvious - for example, too young, too small, too pretty, body too exaggerated. We look like a couple. Once we were at an upscale hotel with lots of people for a company Christmas party. In the lift all the couples were looking at us, yes including me, but in particular she in her cute jacket with her casual suit.

She did cam dating, high resolution, not 320 x 240 thumbnail types. She does look good on camera and she knows how to show her best. She once called me, fired up her webcam to show me her tight hot pants and tight T-shirts. She knows which side of her face is best so perhaps this is why she avoids less good looking angles of her even in real life. At some angles she does look like a movie and porn star. She told me she met a few guys via cam dating but obviously nothing came out of it, otherwise she wouldn't have that much time for me.

She likes sex, with other patrons too, in particular stiff cocks, and she knows how to prolong the stiffness without bursting. But she is too dramatic at times, like the sound track in a bad porn movie.

It's odd that I never kissed her. She once emailed me everyday to say good morning or every week to remind me of her. When I mentioned DFK she went silence. I didn't even kissed on her cheeks or lips. Her makeup isn't that thick, but there always seem to be some oil based (it shouldn't be but that's the look of it) moisturizer protecting her cheek. I don't think she likes to be seen with her makeup messed up, so we seldom have face to face time.

So it's very odd that she refused to take my money in the last days. Yes, we do have lip kisses for goodbye, but they are way too tame compared to her cock sucking. She's easy to be with, though she isn't much older than those that are difficult. We went places, fansy restaurants but not expensive. I dropped by her house for free lunch, and after work at her neighborhood starbuck. She never asked me to go shopping with her, which could cost a lot. Her house was cosy. I chased her in it, had sex, napped a little and watch barebone cable TV package together. I did feel the loneliness in her house if I were not there.

I don't know why she did it. Most likely because she knew a few other attendants who did it, and tried. If she did it for the down payment of her house, she shouldn't be able to get a mortage on her own - she wasn't doing much at the time we went out. If she managed to pay off the house, she wouldn't need to do it for the brief time I saw her. She has a modest car, but a new house, which set her apart from others I know.


The Player said...

Answer to failed pickups:

1. She stood up tall so everybody who can see her can see clearly what she was doing. She pointed to some arbitrary directions as if I was asking for directions. She was hiding the fact that I was trying to pick her up because she was too sexy. I went along with it, said thank you (for her directions) and drove off.

2. I was driving a mini. It can seat very comfortably 4 adults, but getting into the back is a little inconvenience.

Sucre Bebe said...

You are full of surprises.