Monday, September 15, 2008

Adventure 3

Nancy was born and raised locally, which was where I met her for outcall. She had a job probably in a department store, selling women clothing. Perhaps she worked in the back office, which required more education and having more stability than the front. The job shouldn't be too bad as she kept it all those years. She never skipped work, we always met during lunch, and on one occasion had to turn me down because she had to work later than usual that day.

She has neck length blond hair very smart for work. She is taller than me, has great legs even in pants. At the end of her legs she wear open toe sandals as many other women. I noticed her toes in her pictures and while I chatted with her in my hotel room for a good while before we started. I am always a leg man. I was admiring her legs while she made me feel very much at ease. I went further and further down, until I hit the toes. The rest is history, she was the first one whom I sucked, unpremeditated and uncontrollably. I think I understand oral fixation.

She has a great body too, with shoulders and all that. But her waist is too small and looked unnatural. Her breast is natural which is quite refreshing but needed to be fixed. She got very beautiful pictures, either the photographer worked closely with her or was in love with her. This was why I risked to book her. Everything was unusual about her, outcall only, evenings only, all pictures and no review, as she had all the signs of a ripoff. Being a part-timer explained it all, but rarely anybody else was a true part-timer in the area.

She always invited me for lunch after sex. I never did because I dreaded the attention. She turns head. She is taller and I look skinner with her around. No way I were to eat with her near where I work.

I wished I could see her in the evenings. I heard from reviews that she would wear short skirts and sexy dress for evening outcalls so no one could possibly turn her down at the door. She even had pink hair once, probably a wig or temporary coloring.

True to the part-timer spirit, she liked to please in her own terms, without worrying how many clients she had. I suppose she doesn't kiss. You don't need to ask these things if it wasn't on the menu. If it's YMMV, somehow you will go head to head, face to face, she won't mind kissing on her cheek, on the lips, and then maybe LFK to DFK to DJK. With girls such as her you will never find your head close to her, close enough to smell her hair, unless you deliberately try. Otherwise she seemed to like sex, liked to be eaten, like long blow jobs, which she carried out with a dental dam! It was great to watch too, but wished she just throw away that piece of dam thing. When I was done every time, I think she always needed more to finish the job, because I wasn't that great.

She looked mid to late 20's, but since she had an ora of maturity around her, she might be younger. Or maybe she hit 30 who looked young. I think she is a thinking girl, who didn't want to have a relationship with whoever available at the time. Her career wasn't that exciting and she needed sex. I think the highlight of her adventure is that she was called to a nursing home, did it with an old man, and he died on her. Possibly his buddies fixed him up for his last wish.


Sucre Bebe said...

Oh my. Not only was she a thinker but she was compassionate. Good deal.

The Player said...

Oh my, that's some compassionate. (Or semi-retired players do it a lot at nursing homes nowadays.)