Friday, August 01, 2008

Notable places that I had paid sex

Someone asked me about the location of a club. I realized that I didn't have mementos of many places that I had meet memorable people. So I thought of remembering them before they are torn down.

This is a resort hotel sharing the same part of town with a major hospital. Maybe because of that, the agency sent me a nurse. Being with professional liars too often, I didn't take much notice of it, the profession and the uniform weren't the most that I fancy - they had teachers and students, so to speak. But she changed my mind about nurses. Now I can tell the difference between a nurse and a civilian.

She was very keen to come back later in the day. We could have dinner, drove her around up the hills and made out in the car. But I just couldn't. I had a window of opportunity to see her again, but I destroyed all evidence after she left, including the only newspaper with her agency's number on it.

This is a world famous club, but affordable, in a world famous area. I could see the club across from my hotel. That's why I can recognize the tiny "dent" at the corner of the street, like that of a CPU. Surprisingly, while most of the civilized world (Brazil, Thailand, etc) are covered by free online digital maps, this country isn't. I could find some, but can't find them again.

This is the top love hotel in a city, all three of them. I saw them grew from one, to building one right next, to building a brand new bigger one, all in a very short time. It could be quite bizarre for the concentration of beautiful women there. However, since the outcall girls charge top dollars, there aren't that much sexy girls walking around the lobby. There are a lot more girls staying in the hotel as incalls. Also the rich locals sneak in and out with their girls in their cars. But I would say you can see an attractive call girl every 30 min calling the taxi for example. Tourists do use the hotels too, because the rooms are very decent, so single girls aren't that odd in small crowds. However, I had the experience of crammed in the small lift with a few couples, each looking at others girls. Civilian couples do use the same hotels to pamper themselves on occasions. Otherwise, it's quite a good opportunity to exchange business cards or phone numbers.

This is a 5 star hotel I suppose, in an off beat location. Once I looked at the room, I had to call that classy woman who could play From Russia with Love with me. Her fashionable leather pants on her 5'10 body didn't disappoint me. It was she who told me about the famous roof top pool. I like this Vegas style old look of the pool, but the new look had old European feel to it.

She didn't want to leave, wanting to come back later when she had done her things. I didn't want to, because I could see her again any time if I wanted.

This is the only place that I did a double. I'm a bit torn between, if only I met them at different times. It's an odd place and odd time because it was a conspiracy to bring them together, and they went for it out of curiosity of who the other were. I fed up with baby sitting, one is tolerable, but two is too much.

I heard someone complain about being shown family pictures :-) xD. I think they are just feeling parental at times. Don't let me start complaining about baby sitting.

The winner took all. I had been to all of the hotels in this area repeatedly with the same one. It was a compromise. I don't like the hotels and I like prepaid. But her driving was so bad that she didn't want to go to different hotels all the time. So we walked in whatever available in the same area.

Once I drove out of one of the hotels with everything getting all blurry. Then I realized that I left my glasses on the night stand. Happy times. Since I left my keys in the room as a form of check out, I had to go to the front desk to get another. The guy looked at my company and laughed. The other time I left my wallet on the bed for hours. Luckily I never checked out of prepaid rooms. But I had to find some excuses to go back all the way to get it and return. Of course I had to get the key from the front desk. My keys were in the room. She seemed to remember me and my company. She also laughed. This is about the only times that I screwed up.

Incidentally, there is a special place in the area that I recognized. That I met a mesmerizing girl in one of the hotels much earlier. I didn't think I'll call her again because it was too much of a good thing (and price). Not until I saw her new photo shoot one year on. Usually I don't see any girls again after a few months. As some club manager would say, "I would die of hunger by then". But with her I knew she likes to see me no matter what - she knew my talent in writing xDD. I called her again after another year or more, when she retired.

This is the restaurant recommended unanimously by all the Japanese hostess that I met in the same club. I had some good times in it with my friend, talking or looking at the unique rock garden. But she broke my heart the last time there. Maybe she wasn't deliberate, but that would be actually worse.

So this is the heart break hotel. Her heart was totally not there even though I booked her well in advance. I kept her on the phone to give her yard by yard driving instructions. But she was talking about the guy in the Ferrari when waiting for left turns. I saw her one more time when she seemed to try making it up for me. I tried not to give in so soon because I thought she changed her mind and would be in it for a while. But when I came back from one of the above places after a month, she didn't return my calls. I gave up calling her a long time ago, even though she didn't change her number. Incidentally, I sent her an email earlier this week. I never did this because it could go to the wrong hands. But I was surprised that she deleted her email account.

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