Thursday, August 21, 2008

Calling out fake bloggers

I called out College call girl when she was a new blogger, and it wasn't just me. She brought me off. It was easy to leave her alone as I like the blog and the contents. I just felt there were something odd about it. If I were to put it down, I would say she is a writer who researched the subject well, and may have intimate input from male perspectives. Her fans are the myspace crowd who wouldn't know anything about johns and hookers. As for her motives, it's easy to see that she wants to be famous, becoming a paid writer perhaps. That's all good, and I don't care one way or the other. I highly recommend her, who can glorify the glory hole. Not that one silly, the one in adult video/book stores, which I only heard about from reliably sources.

Belle- what can I say? I don't know what's she's talking about recently. I never read her old posts that went into her books. I'm calling her out because I think we shared some of the techniques. If you say you had great sex in the first sentence, and said that you only dreamed in the 20th paragraph, no body will think otherwise. So, on the safe side, I would say she isn't what she says she is.

This guy surely isn't the remorseful sex addict he claims he is. A good con always start with obscure or no motives. Maybe he wants to sell his cult as a kind of therapy. I didn't call him out on his cult, he did. When someone claims that his cult is not a cult, he's usually the minority who claims that, and there's over 50% probability that it is a cult.

If you look at any addict's blog, they obviously need help. Not this guy. He likes to give advice, on hobbying, of all things. If he posts any of this top ten on a "hobbying" board, he will be outcasted or shredded into pieces in no time, giving hobbyist a bad name. Trust me, I'm unbiased on this, I'm not a hobbyist, and I have been banned by the most well known boards.

All I can say on his tips is that he obviously lives in a well somewhere. That's not a bad thing, but that's too bad if Letterman presented his top ten and nobody laughed.

TOFTT - if your trusted agent starts calling you when a new girl arrives on the scene, you should be honored. TOFTT is only relevant to CL and any "hobbyist" message/review boards.

DTFR - you will never have a pleasant surprise if you don't try something just because your agent calls you. Many girls don't like reviews. How can you get enough research all the time?

Your hotel room - is way safer for you than a stranger's flat.

Car dates - you should at least try it sometimes for the fun with someone you already know. You should park your X5 in Newport Beach or Malibu with great scenery. You will be silly if you park at the Bronx, 16th district. The problem is about style. Somebody like short, intense strokes, as in jerking off. Obviously, you can't do Butterfly strokes in there.

Gut instincts and common sense don't help if you don't have enough of it.

There are good and bad agencies as well as independents.

Bring your own protection? You must be joking! That can be used against you for evidence. For all the married men it's a disaster. If an escort doesn't have a condom, you should be alarmed. She ran out? Too "popular" for my taste. My "girlfriend" had good reasons - she sneaked out after lunch from family or boyfriend. Still, she would go to 7/11 if I didn't have left overs from our last pack. Basically, an escort wouldn't trust easily the ones you bring. It could be unreliable or just too wicked. Usually men buy bigger condoms than their size, which is a potential problem for breakage. Now you know, if not already.

Never do outcall in your home, not even in your hotel room. This is too much message board thinking. Depending on where you are, it's a tip for clueless newbies. And for addicts who need a perfect stranger every time. Your home is the perfect place to enjoy if you have someone who have more to lose than you do. I had a friend who was willing to be picked up in a nearby shopping mall, and I drove around the winding neighborhood at night with almost identical houses, then straight into the garage. Break ups can be ugly.


Sarah said...

Most of the time I have a handle on my job, and I get fed up like most people do, and take time off. Other times I wonder if I will become a failed hooker, because in all honesty, the day I finally give up will be the day I regret for the rest of my sorry life...:)

The Player said...

Are you referring to a previous post that I mentioned failed hookers but didn't start anything on it?

Since you started it, my first thought would be someone who hate the job, obviously she hates clients in general. Falling for clients who are obviously sex addicts are next. All of the above are sad. But it's all good if one can get out of bad situations.

You cannot fail too bad if you like the job.

Sarah said...

I took it to mean that you fail if you retire and still want the work/the buzz/the sex........