Saturday, August 23, 2008

Anywhere but Nevada (Brothels)

When I was getting used to the illegal status of prostitution in US, (while legal or semi-legal in most of the world) I thought if it would be better in the legal brothels. I'm a thinking consumer so I did what I do with almost any other purchase - research, but not too much as to spoil the fun of buying. It's not only bang for the buck, I'm a Fair Deal coffee drinker too, if available. I couldn't resist to write reviews on Amazon, and any other sites that allow reviews. Before that it was, and before that I subscribe to Which and Consumer Reports. It was very natural for me to write reviews on TER and the like, but very soon I was at odds with all of them, as they weren't really for fair reviews.

First of all, Nevada brothels are legacies, when cowboys cannot get laid because of too few women in frontier towns. So they are still allowed to exist in relatively remote areas. In principle, they are to address the imbalance of male vs female population, and the few number of females. With that in mind, what do you expect from Nevada brothels? (I could be wrong, but mostly right.) The only other state that allows prostitution is tiny Rhode Island, which is a progressive statement rather than legacy I suppose.

Then there are something wrong with brothel websites. Pictures aren't that great and not that revealing. There's little incentive to go that far instead of staying at home in, say LA, or vacationing in Las Vegas strip.

The answer lies in message boards about brothels. The official moderated ones brag about how classy the brothels were and how many thousands were spent on each "party". The local boards review that there are two prices, one for the locals and one for tourists. In some brothels, and I would say most, locals are the bread and butter. Since they live so remote than most of us, how much do you think they can afford on average? Not much. When the occasional tourist comes in, of course the girls will ask for a grand, or something like that. If he can only afford a hundred, she can always find a local instead. If you are not too easily fall for hypes, you won't be interested in visiting Nevada brothels. So you can estimate the number of clueless tourists who go there.

Years later, HBO verified my viewpoint. I saw Air Force Amy's pictures on the net before, and now I could see her in action on TV. She isn't my cup of tea, and maybe it just me. But certainly, say, LA has endless choice of the sort. Why would one want to go there? Did you notice a few of the patrons on TV wear cowboy hats?

I came across a black guy on a message board, who had difficulty getting accepted by escorts, in US or other countries. He was a truck driver and was going to burn at least a few grand of his hard earned money in Nevada. I told him anywhere but Nevada. Initially he listened but then he turned on me along with others, because they couldn't believe that Nevada brothers are so bad.

If you open your eyes and mind, you don't need to go there to believe it. I told you so. Now, I must admit that it's worse than I thought.

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