Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bring your own sin to Las Vegas

Since I have already bad mouthed Nevada (brothels), I should just as well bad mouth Las Vegas too. Yes, bring your own escort to Vegas if you need to. Since I don't think I can make a dent in the tourism industry, I don't care what I have to say.

I'm sorry, if I have the time (and of course the ticket), I'll sure fly to Macau if I like to gamble. Illegal prostitution certainly cannot compete against free market.

For international or domestic jet-setters like Lara, if they need a home, it's OK to be in Vegas as most people there are tourist anyway. So it makes little difference when you are at home or travelling. Some working girls are not suitable for main stream work, and they are wise to work in Vegas.

How bad is Vegas? If you count the number of advertisement of, say, independents in Vegas, it's a fraction of other metropolitan areas. You may say Vegas operate differently to cater for tourists. Precisely, the worst thing you can do is to be a tourist in US. You don't expect your client to see you again ever, a year, or a couple of months, right? There's no incentive to give service beyond the normal duty. In other parts of the world, you can do what the locals do, and you can't get too far off. Clubs and agencies have reputations, and perhaps escorts have local reviews. In contrast, what is normal in Vegas can be regarded as rip-off in other metropolitan areas.

I'm trying to make more sense here. Think about this. Many if not most johns in Vegas are tourist, never dared to do anything in their home town. They are easy, or trouble. Many girls are transients, themselves tourists, because there are lots of people and lots of opportunity to solicit - say, just walking around in the casinos and hotels. They are not there to provide outstanding service hoping to get a reputation or to get you to see them again. If you work in Vegas, you are likely to be working full time, going after the tourists.

So in some circles, and for example in LA, girls have a price menu for going with you to Vegas. It's a wise option unless you get a lot of thrills just by being with compete strangers every time, and couldn't care less how they response. Of course there is the understanding that you don't lock them in the room and go at it 24 hours. And of course working girls get bored at home too. Weekends are slow and it doesn't hurt to have fun for a day or two, with the benefit of making some money too. Of course it have to be some specials for regular patrons. If they charge by the hour we would be better off flying across the globe, several times.

I love the adrenaline rush by doing over 100 all the way. Surprisingly I never got caught on the way, though I had several near misses, and I'm nearly banned because of speeding points back home. With all the adrenal still within your system, you really need somebody to be there with you when you check-in. Picking up the phone is too late and a waste of the adrenaline built-up.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's official, the Trafficking Act failed

From Mel: the New York Times admitted that the Federal Trafficking Act failed. Somebody owns up, but I wonder if there are any decent journalists left on the printed presses, and online versions of them. The article blamed everything usually blamed by the anti-prostitution camp, but did not address the obvious. If the attitude remains, asking for more legislation to fix the failure will result in a bigger cock up. Did they understand this simple fact? Initially they think that the anti-prostitution laws are not enough to beat prostitution, so they cook up anti-trafficking laws, and became a cock up. If you try to add domestic trafficking legislation, what makes you think that it won't be a bigger cock up? Making the target bigger so you get more hits? But you need more ammunition too, which is hard to come by.

Firstly, the editorial doesn't address the estimation of victims, which is highly controversial as exposed by other journalists. Revising it down to 17,000 doesn't make it more believable. The article blamed many other things but this. The number of California prisoners is 170,000 in 2007. Did looking for needle in a hay stack come to your mind? With the looming state cuts, the number of prisoners could be easily be reduced by 17,000 any time.

To give you some idea how small 17,000 is. That would spread in a country of 300 mil people, mostly in cities over 10 mil, and some in isolated places as rumored in some Nevada brothels, which is again likely to be inaccurate. With that sort of small numbers, the pimps don't need to advertise, and the general public (johns and other prostitutes) can't tell the difference.

More importantly, prostitution is divided amongst ethnic groups. Just as Americans dominate the sex tourist message boards, many 2nd tier prostitutes or part-timers come to US for short rewarding trips on tourists visas. They don't bother with you if you can't speak the language. In addition, language is often used as the major screening process. To be successful, LE has to have the perfect accents for all the ethnic groups, which is damn impossible.

Now they want to extent the legislation to "domestic" trafficking victims, as identified by people on the ground. I doubt if the victims are identified as a side effect of the efforts bring about by Trafficking Act - just look at the Craig List pictures. If you don't know that "domestic" victims are more visible than foreign victims, you fail. You don't need to discover that after lots of Federal funding.

I agree that it's hard to prosecute pimps and traffickers. It's easiest to catch the prostitutes, then maybe the pimps, who would be silly for them to bring you to the traffickers behind the scenes. I don't know LE can do much because even with the full support of the public (johns and hookers), they are pretty useless. Someone dreamed that trafficked victims satisfy the demand for rape fantasy. But if these public know anything, that even moderate GFE has a price, how long the line will be if someone advertise for role playing rape for cheap?

There is something that is easy to do which doesn't cost much. Some girls are particularly easy to catch because they are new, and not prepared because they are not planing to be in it for long. You really don't want to punish many of these girls for having fun for a while, with the money they earn. As it stands, they are like having traffic tickets for first few offenses, until the fines or jail time do not justify their work anymore. Then they move on to other states to have a fresh start if they want to continue. All you have to do is to have a centralized database for these offenses. The current ID scheme is a mess. You need to check finger prints. Now is that easy to identify domestic trafficking victims from girls who just want to have a bit of fun?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Anywhere but Nevada (Brothels)

When I was getting used to the illegal status of prostitution in US, (while legal or semi-legal in most of the world) I thought if it would be better in the legal brothels. I'm a thinking consumer so I did what I do with almost any other purchase - research, but not too much as to spoil the fun of buying. It's not only bang for the buck, I'm a Fair Deal coffee drinker too, if available. I couldn't resist to write reviews on Amazon, and any other sites that allow reviews. Before that it was epinion.com, and before that I subscribe to Which and Consumer Reports. It was very natural for me to write reviews on TER and the like, but very soon I was at odds with all of them, as they weren't really for fair reviews.

First of all, Nevada brothels are legacies, when cowboys cannot get laid because of too few women in frontier towns. So they are still allowed to exist in relatively remote areas. In principle, they are to address the imbalance of male vs female population, and the few number of females. With that in mind, what do you expect from Nevada brothels? (I could be wrong, but mostly right.) The only other state that allows prostitution is tiny Rhode Island, which is a progressive statement rather than legacy I suppose.

Then there are something wrong with brothel websites. Pictures aren't that great and not that revealing. There's little incentive to go that far instead of staying at home in, say LA, or vacationing in Las Vegas strip.

The answer lies in message boards about brothels. The official moderated ones brag about how classy the brothels were and how many thousands were spent on each "party". The local boards review that there are two prices, one for the locals and one for tourists. In some brothels, and I would say most, locals are the bread and butter. Since they live so remote than most of us, how much do you think they can afford on average? Not much. When the occasional tourist comes in, of course the girls will ask for a grand, or something like that. If he can only afford a hundred, she can always find a local instead. If you are not too easily fall for hypes, you won't be interested in visiting Nevada brothels. So you can estimate the number of clueless tourists who go there.

Years later, HBO verified my viewpoint. I saw Air Force Amy's pictures on the net before, and now I could see her in action on TV. She isn't my cup of tea, and maybe it just me. But certainly, say, LA has endless choice of the sort. Why would one want to go there? Did you notice a few of the patrons on TV wear cowboy hats?

I came across a black guy on a message board, who had difficulty getting accepted by escorts, in US or other countries. He was a truck driver and was going to burn at least a few grand of his hard earned money in Nevada. I told him anywhere but Nevada. Initially he listened but then he turned on me along with others, because they couldn't believe that Nevada brothers are so bad.

If you open your eyes and mind, you don't need to go there to believe it. I told you so. Now, I must admit that it's worse than I thought.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Calling out fake bloggers

I called out College call girl when she was a new blogger, and it wasn't just me. She brought me off. It was easy to leave her alone as I like the blog and the contents. I just felt there were something odd about it. If I were to put it down, I would say she is a writer who researched the subject well, and may have intimate input from male perspectives. Her fans are the myspace crowd who wouldn't know anything about johns and hookers. As for her motives, it's easy to see that she wants to be famous, becoming a paid writer perhaps. That's all good, and I don't care one way or the other. I highly recommend her, who can glorify the glory hole. Not that one silly, the one in adult video/book stores, which I only heard about from reliably sources.

Belle- what can I say? I don't know what's she's talking about recently. I never read her old posts that went into her books. I'm calling her out because I think we shared some of the techniques. If you say you had great sex in the first sentence, and said that you only dreamed in the 20th paragraph, no body will think otherwise. So, on the safe side, I would say she isn't what she says she is.

This guy surely isn't the remorseful sex addict he claims he is. A good con always start with obscure or no motives. Maybe he wants to sell his cult as a kind of therapy. I didn't call him out on his cult, he did. When someone claims that his cult is not a cult, he's usually the minority who claims that, and there's over 50% probability that it is a cult.

If you look at any addict's blog, they obviously need help. Not this guy. He likes to give advice, on hobbying, of all things. If he posts any of this top ten on a "hobbying" board, he will be outcasted or shredded into pieces in no time, giving hobbyist a bad name. Trust me, I'm unbiased on this, I'm not a hobbyist, and I have been banned by the most well known boards.

All I can say on his tips is that he obviously lives in a well somewhere. That's not a bad thing, but that's too bad if Letterman presented his top ten and nobody laughed.

TOFTT - if your trusted agent starts calling you when a new girl arrives on the scene, you should be honored. TOFTT is only relevant to CL and any "hobbyist" message/review boards.

DTFR - you will never have a pleasant surprise if you don't try something just because your agent calls you. Many girls don't like reviews. How can you get enough research all the time?

Your hotel room - is way safer for you than a stranger's flat.

Car dates - you should at least try it sometimes for the fun with someone you already know. You should park your X5 in Newport Beach or Malibu with great scenery. You will be silly if you park at the Bronx, 16th district. The problem is about style. Somebody like short, intense strokes, as in jerking off. Obviously, you can't do Butterfly strokes in there.

Gut instincts and common sense don't help if you don't have enough of it.

There are good and bad agencies as well as independents.

Bring your own protection? You must be joking! That can be used against you for evidence. For all the married men it's a disaster. If an escort doesn't have a condom, you should be alarmed. She ran out? Too "popular" for my taste. My "girlfriend" had good reasons - she sneaked out after lunch from family or boyfriend. Still, she would go to 7/11 if I didn't have left overs from our last pack. Basically, an escort wouldn't trust easily the ones you bring. It could be unreliable or just too wicked. Usually men buy bigger condoms than their size, which is a potential problem for breakage. Now you know, if not already.

Never do outcall in your home, not even in your hotel room. This is too much message board thinking. Depending on where you are, it's a tip for clueless newbies. And for addicts who need a perfect stranger every time. Your home is the perfect place to enjoy if you have someone who have more to lose than you do. I had a friend who was willing to be picked up in a nearby shopping mall, and I drove around the winding neighborhood at night with almost identical houses, then straight into the garage. Break ups can be ugly.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Olympic Cheerleaders Coverage by Sports llustrated

More cheerleaders, nice pictures from SI, best viewed at Vimeo with full screen 1280x720:

Cheerleaders by SI from The Player on Vimeo.
Alternative hosting at Youtube:

But SI is doing a pretty bad job. Technique is of course OK but subject matter is poor. Compare with my previous post. Do they have no budget for decent tickets, or are they being offered free tickets for 2nd class stadiums and events?

As a general rule, when watching pretty pictures, you don't want users/readers/watchers to engage one hand on the mouse clicking, while the other hand, well, say, holding a bottle of beer. The SI picture gallery is therefore miserable. (They do have pretty vids, but small.)

Fail addicts

An alcoholic is a fail drinker, I have to say it.

It's not supposed to be offensive nor negative, just calling a spade a spade. Most people drink and most people are not alcoholics. Scientifically, by statistics, it's failure. I'm sympathetic that they got the short straw for whatever reasons, but there's no excuse to blame alcohol. Thou should not touch alcohol ever again, and it's evil. But keep it to yourself. Moderate drinking have health benefits. Another Prohibition?

When people cannot handle Tequila, they get a Margarita.

A compulsive gambler addict is a fail gambler.

If one haven't lose enough, one is probably not a self confessed addict yet. Gambler do have techniques. If you can't handle poker, try black jack instead. You can even win if you have memory like a computer. You can blame anything but gambling itself. Tell that to the many Las Vegas and Macau visitors. People are having fun, it's just a game. Lottery gives people hope.

Fail hookers ... let's not start this

Fail johns see things differently. He's clueless about internet hookups, that's understandable, but he manage to interpret the article in a fail way, that's typical throughout his blog. Writers and Cops in insignificant papers and places (no offense, just generally speaking) are expected to fail. If you trust them too much you fail more. If you misinterpret in the opposite direction you are epic fail.

This is good circle jerking material from the blog but totally off the mark:
Granted, if someone were to take this matter to the ACLU or Supreme Court, or argue against the act on a civil level, they wouldn't get too far. There's a quantum difference between surveillance used to track law-breakers vs. using it to eavesdrop on the suspected terrorist activities of your Aunt Bertha from Fargo. But what is confirmed yet again here is that if you're going to engage in random hunting or soliciting online, you might as well either be standing on a street corner in broad daylight or cruising the boulevard with the windows down. The risk appears to be close to equal these days.
Basically the article is reporting that hookers advertising from Craig's List is busted by the good old conventional method, hook up via phone calls, video tape the transaction on site IRL. If you fail to see this you fail, easily falling for propaganda.

The cops is quoted as saying that most hookers use proxies on Craig's List, making IP tracking useless. If you need warrants you have no authority in foreign countries, which most proxies bounces off from. This is not even true. You know, insignificant cops are fail. Actually in significant places, you can't even post via proxies from foreign countries. Craig can't handle that. If some unusual IP's are detected, say from Russia, you are required to do an autometic telephone verification before you can post. If this experiment fails, I still own them.

If you know how far pimps are willing to go to spam CL, any hope of you remaining in CL will be gone. And you will never be busted.

On top of that the reporter is clueless. Even that the facts and the cops do not support this, she have to add that:
Clinton County Sheriff's deputies used a computer that analyzes hard drives to find IP addresses for the suspects, and obtained search warrants through Internet carriers like AOL to seek out the solicitors.
That's not what the bust is about and the cops is saying that's basically useless. Maybe she is omitting some top secrets but it's most likely she doesn't know what she's talking about. Maybe she's the only one still using AOL. And since she's female she's qualified to be a feminist, which explains why she had to add something even though she's clueless.

Scheduled reporting on cheer leaders in a couple of hours.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympic Cheerleaders

Most sports reporting don't cover cheer leaders, but here they are, before and at the Olympics. Better to watch at Vimeo in full screen mode (1280x720).
Cheerleaders from The Player on Vimeo.

Lower resolution backup at Youtube:

I must have been watching too little Olympics in the past (see? you don't really need tense), before I discovered DVR - VCR, DVD recorder and even TiVo not integrated with your box are just too much hassle to use. I'm not aware that they have cheerleaders in Olympics. One source says that it's newly introduced. But I might have seen it somewhere in the Winter Olympics?? At least they used dancers in beach volleyball in the past, probably trying to sell less popular tickets.
What prompted my interest is that they lined up the whole 91,000 capacity stadium with good looking cheerleaders, shoulder to shoulder. I wondered how many they needed (with skirts). I thought it must be thousands but it turns out that 400 to 500 may do it. But I'm not surprised if they are over a thousand.

Just when I had the urge to count individual heads, I discovered this picture that they double it up with hostesses in elegant gowns on the outer edge, though not as dense. I give up. There are 203 countries? These hostesses held the country name signs so there are enough of them to do it for one country only. Again 203 hostess may just be enough to line the outer circle, with about 400 cheerleaders for the inner one.

Commentators have been worrying about the girls in go-go boots, having to cheer energetically for hours in the heat, equipped with just one bottle of water held at the waist. My experience is that you don't have to worry. Middle aged men and women can do it easily without being fit. When the time comes, you can wave and jump around non-stop at 90F even outdoors, wearing suits or gowns. All you need is adrenalin. The side effect is that when the excitement ends, you can't just settle for a sleep, a bath, or something like that. You want intense sex. Looking at the numbers in the picture, I hope I won't miss another event like this.

Most affluent Asian cities have cheerleaders in high school, except for China I think. I never thought they have any. Some more digging shows that they participate in international competitions, but I think it's more acrobatic than sexy. As for the Olympics, there are 1.5 to 2 million volunteers, of which 200,000 applied for cheer leading. (You really don't want cheer leading to be an Olympic sport!) Sources say they held national competitions to select 200 to 600 to appear in the games. They invited the Patriots(?) to help train their own, and invited teams from other countries to cheer too.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Pushing the envelope

I'm telling you probably you will hear less and less of me unless I find something to push here. A decade ago it may be fun to write about reviews and blogs about it - before it was called blogging. Now for sure they are not going to prosecute cyber johns no matter how well they confess their crimes. Blogging within brothels? That's a good idea.

Maybe I would finally write some more about escort 101. But you know what to expect. For example, get a hair done that is impossible to go to civilian work and impossible to see two clients a day. To top it off, invite your client to inseminate your hair, making sure that you have to wash it and go home. That's a lot more convincing to say that you are classy, or see few selective clients occasionally. And if you are the short of time type, obviously you can just do the opposite, having a short cut that can't be messed up and even dry in 5 minutes.

Maybe to push the lame duck 2257 off the cliff? I'm fed up with these sneaky legislation that borrowed a good cause for their own hidden agenda, as in trafficking. I'm fed up because people who know nothing about it buy it, including myself.

So I'm calling all retired citizens of the united states, who have plenty of times at their hands, flood the net with explicit sex videos, which include genital to genital actions, or at least display your own genitals in a big offensive way. Keep a file of your ID at home, which should not include anything else, even your prescription records may get you 5 years of jail time. Then put your home address in every video and image you upload to whoever willing to host it. If the FBI don't visit you every month to check your records and your age, tip yourself or your friends off with whatever excuse you can find.

Haven't you see the openings of the Olympics? It's worth watching even if you are in the torch snatching camp. It's a coming out party of the technology of lights - LED's. As the commentators said, it's unlike anything else - dancing and painting at the same time, on the world's largest LED screen. Dancing and kung fu simultaneously, dancing and flying around simultaneously ... But I find it a little awkward that the commentators are too enthusiastic to read what PR have given them - the history of paper, the press, and giant fleets much earlier and bigger than Columbus.

What impressed me most is that they lineup the whole 91,000 stadium with energetic, good looking cheer leaders. It's not much but in any televised American ball games you only get to see them for a split second. Now there's no way you can't see them on camera. I can overlook the boots as I can imagine the effort to produce so many. I don't remember any other time that I watched the whole parade of nations from begin to end, with pleasure, learning the history and population of many countries.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Notable places that I had paid sex

Someone asked me about the location of a club. I realized that I didn't have mementos of many places that I had meet memorable people. So I thought of remembering them before they are torn down.

This is a resort hotel sharing the same part of town with a major hospital. Maybe because of that, the agency sent me a nurse. Being with professional liars too often, I didn't take much notice of it, the profession and the uniform weren't the most that I fancy - they had teachers and students, so to speak. But she changed my mind about nurses. Now I can tell the difference between a nurse and a civilian.

She was very keen to come back later in the day. We could have dinner, drove her around up the hills and made out in the car. But I just couldn't. I had a window of opportunity to see her again, but I destroyed all evidence after she left, including the only newspaper with her agency's number on it.

This is a world famous club, but affordable, in a world famous area. I could see the club across from my hotel. That's why I can recognize the tiny "dent" at the corner of the street, like that of a CPU. Surprisingly, while most of the civilized world (Brazil, Thailand, etc) are covered by free online digital maps, this country isn't. I could find some, but can't find them again.

This is the top love hotel in a city, all three of them. I saw them grew from one, to building one right next, to building a brand new bigger one, all in a very short time. It could be quite bizarre for the concentration of beautiful women there. However, since the outcall girls charge top dollars, there aren't that much sexy girls walking around the lobby. There are a lot more girls staying in the hotel as incalls. Also the rich locals sneak in and out with their girls in their cars. But I would say you can see an attractive call girl every 30 min calling the taxi for example. Tourists do use the hotels too, because the rooms are very decent, so single girls aren't that odd in small crowds. However, I had the experience of crammed in the small lift with a few couples, each looking at others girls. Civilian couples do use the same hotels to pamper themselves on occasions. Otherwise, it's quite a good opportunity to exchange business cards or phone numbers.

This is a 5 star hotel I suppose, in an off beat location. Once I looked at the room, I had to call that classy woman who could play From Russia with Love with me. Her fashionable leather pants on her 5'10 body didn't disappoint me. It was she who told me about the famous roof top pool. I like this Vegas style old look of the pool, but the new look had old European feel to it.

She didn't want to leave, wanting to come back later when she had done her things. I didn't want to, because I could see her again any time if I wanted.

This is the only place that I did a double. I'm a bit torn between, if only I met them at different times. It's an odd place and odd time because it was a conspiracy to bring them together, and they went for it out of curiosity of who the other were. I fed up with baby sitting, one is tolerable, but two is too much.

I heard someone complain about being shown family pictures :-) xD. I think they are just feeling parental at times. Don't let me start complaining about baby sitting.

The winner took all. I had been to all of the hotels in this area repeatedly with the same one. It was a compromise. I don't like the hotels and I like prepaid. But her driving was so bad that she didn't want to go to different hotels all the time. So we walked in whatever available in the same area.

Once I drove out of one of the hotels with everything getting all blurry. Then I realized that I left my glasses on the night stand. Happy times. Since I left my keys in the room as a form of check out, I had to go to the front desk to get another. The guy looked at my company and laughed. The other time I left my wallet on the bed for hours. Luckily I never checked out of prepaid rooms. But I had to find some excuses to go back all the way to get it and return. Of course I had to get the key from the front desk. My keys were in the room. She seemed to remember me and my company. She also laughed. This is about the only times that I screwed up.

Incidentally, there is a special place in the area that I recognized. That I met a mesmerizing girl in one of the hotels much earlier. I didn't think I'll call her again because it was too much of a good thing (and price). Not until I saw her new photo shoot one year on. Usually I don't see any girls again after a few months. As some club manager would say, "I would die of hunger by then". But with her I knew she likes to see me no matter what - she knew my talent in writing xDD. I called her again after another year or more, when she retired.

This is the restaurant recommended unanimously by all the Japanese hostess that I met in the same club. I had some good times in it with my friend, talking or looking at the unique rock garden. But she broke my heart the last time there. Maybe she wasn't deliberate, but that would be actually worse.

So this is the heart break hotel. Her heart was totally not there even though I booked her well in advance. I kept her on the phone to give her yard by yard driving instructions. But she was talking about the guy in the Ferrari when waiting for left turns. I saw her one more time when she seemed to try making it up for me. I tried not to give in so soon because I thought she changed her mind and would be in it for a while. But when I came back from one of the above places after a month, she didn't return my calls. I gave up calling her a long time ago, even though she didn't change her number. Incidentally, I sent her an email earlier this week. I never did this because it could go to the wrong hands. But I was surprised that she deleted her email account.