Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Escort agencies

I came across a post about agencies. I remembered that I haven't rant about agencies much. It's time. We don't have decent agencies here, but I used agencies in many places, several continents in fact, and often as locals.

Clients sure like to give advices. If they like you, given half the chance, they want to tell you how to make more money, who to see and what to do, if only to get some brownie points. Except for the well off - they will try to increase their share of you instead of sharing you more. Many sex workers are free agents in the sense that they never listen to anybody since they were born. Others regard any advice from clients as trying to take advantage of them, and quite rightly so. How do I know? Clients call, not a booking, just talking. Girl put phone on speaker and do whatever she had been doing with me. Client gave advice. Client finished. Girl paused, picked up the phone, said thank you and asked when would they meet again. Call ended. Normal activities resumed.

Agencies must at least fill the role of real estate agents. It's useless if you listen to anybody not in your working city. Everything is different even between a big city and it's close suburbs.

Good real estate agents set a fair price based on knowledge on the local market, and the house! Others are more like booking agents who works for you, handling phone calls and appointments. It's unusual for agencies to have more than one or two price brackets, otherwise it's just a listing or booking service.

On the other hand, agencies or not, many will talk you into taking the "going rate". It make economic sense for them, charging a fixed fee or a percentage. If you are good and you are popular, you will get many calls. They are getting the same or more from you anyway, than if you charge more.

Looking at the pictures of other escorts, some girls think that they are not as good and are happy on the same team. It would be funny if they actually meet other girls in person. Me too had a high expectation of escorts at the beginning. Clients with good disposable income, who are good catches, would want better catches, right? But that's economics. Good catches come with a good price too. If you are not on your birthday bash or bachelor party, depending on locations, you are often happy with average attractive persons as seen on the streets, to carry out your fantasies. Though a makeover can work magics.

It's true if you think you are better than the rest, charging more, the demand is very elastic. On the other hand, if you double what the high end going rate is, there are bound to be takers - I'm a happy client but I'm tempted by twice as happy. But if the rate is baseless, you may go down with the whole agency.

Traditional agencies are supposed to look after the girls. Girls call after meeting with the client to say where she is, and call after leaving the client, to say that everything is OK. Jamie thought so too, but the agent must have hanged up everything and went home. She was new, just happened to end up in the agents book somehow, and I called randomly until someone replied at some odd hours (only 10pm!). She ended up secretly calling her bi-sexual boyfriend, who often left her home alone. I supposed this is her story to say that she has someone looking after her, but not to make clients too jealous. He made some walkie talkie sounds typical of London beat cops outside the 'historial' building. Her flat is at the mezzanine level so I could hear that and almost jumped. She is the tall delicate teen model type who can wrap her legs around you without dragging you down, and you can throw her around on top of furniture and kitchen sinks.

Other agencies are controlling, as if they own you. They are not happy if you don't pick up the phone when you are supposed to be available. They even check the traveling time down to a minute. I called for the same girl the second time in a week. We were so happy to see each other, we somehow ended up immediately on the bed, me carrying her from the door, I didn't remember clearly. Our limbs were crossed together, fully clothed, me groping and stripping her a little. The problem was, she somehow forgot to call her agent, 15 minutes late. It was a big deal. She invented something that was more believable, but still that was lame. At the end she encouraged me to see any other girls from the agency next time, to get her off the hook I suppose. She said it would be nice and it was better.

I always think it's a good thing to offer your clients or escorts a custom package deal. It's not so much as to cut off the middleman, but if you are just another customer, you get just the average package. Sometimes girls will offer you their private number or ask for yours. Other times you can call privately to check if they are available, but still you have to make immediate appointments through her agency, at least for a while. Funny that some girls treat me as agency spies, trying to catch them stealing from the agency. Some agencies prevent client stealing by treating me as if their most loyal customer, talking to me as if their buddies or brothers. It would be hard for any girls to make a move, or for me to make a move.

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MetroRendezvous-New York said...

Hello The player.

I would like to reply to your posting if that is ok with you...
We are a Manhattan based agency serving the upper and middle class cleint.
What you have stated is very typical of Manhattan, but necessary by both parties.

-Independents provide more of a value added service that offers a more time wise fee. Most independent providers will provide a bit more than the booked time. Some even go out of their way to make sure you are having a great time. Their schedules and services is what defines them, some maybe avaible all the time while some will be avaiable part-time. The other separation is on their services, if you are looking to obtain or get a particular intimate position they might not offer it, ever. Even if you are a so called regurlar.
-Agencies are more in the service demand and time base market. Most of our models offer services that include certain intimate services that the average independet provider does not offer [ for a higher or set fee ] on the other hand we are open until late ours of the night and at times 24/7. We basically allow the customer to set our hours.

I always advise all the girls to mention discounts for cleint and model referrals. If you have a bud that enjoys this hobby we provide him and you a discount. If you know of an independent who might want extra cash for her services, we offer her a high-end cut and you a dicount.

We are also one of the only agencies catering to the Asian population, one that gets neglected due to our prejudged mind frames. (at times)

If any one is interested or has any comments in regards to our place of service; wether incall / outcall or just a simple comment or questions please feel free to ask me personall.


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