Monday, May 26, 2008


According to the well known, Kinsey's report, 69% of white males had at least one experience with a prostitute. The society is a lot different since 1948. Since we have Internet, I would say that the majority of men has at least some experience with a prostitute.

So when Melissa Farley reported that in her survey 83% of johns admit that they are sex addicts, what do you think? Lying cunt of course. I'm not saying that she made up the answers, but she knew that the results are meaningless.

A news site skillfully stated that they use young woman to do the IRL survey. Now another news site said the johns were give $40 for an hour or so interview. Do you wonder what sort of people they attracts? I can think of the 1st (?) of 12 step - those who want someone to listen to their admission.

According to some reasonable sources, quoting some "experts" as usual, the number of sex addicts in US is estimated to be 16 million, or roughly 5%. Those includes all sexes and all sorts of addicts.

Let's say 50% of men have some john experience, and that all 5% sex addicts are addicted to prostitution. We have 10% johns who are sex addicts. This is nowhere near the 80% in Farley's survey.

To be a successful addict you need the factor of compulsion. Most people go to Vegas regularly for gambling fun, and for other things. And of course there are people in different degrees of compulsive gambling. What's wrong if gamblers spend most of their vacations there? If you take away the hurt(money), it's like playing marathon Monopoly with friends, can you call it addiction? I would think if you can't stop when you can't afford it, it's addiction, right?

If there are so many sex addicts among johns, prostitution should be a recession proof business, right? It is, but not that much proof if you see the degree of specials nowadays.

If you think prostitution is bad, call the addiction something else, like prostitute addiction. This is very true and the psychology is somewhat different than other sex addictions, which are different things on their own. Some addicts must be compulsive cheaters, serial adultery offenders, extraordinary acts, etc. I would think sex itself is good, watching sex (porn) is beautiful. If you pair two 'sex addicts' who fit each other's needs, is it just a long game of Monopoly?

I can't admit it, before trying to cure it, and then to find out if I have a problem. Is that religion?

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Sex Addict and the Lying Cunt

Having found out that I was labeled as a sex addict (again), I am amused. If I put myself on the market, I would not have minded being called a whore, a hooker or a happy hooker.

(Being a considerate person, when I wasn't rude, I did have trouble labeling my blogrolls. I find the label johns or clients too narrow, when the bloggers that I read blog about many other things. 'Guys' is useless because I'm not interested in reading male escort blogs. So some guys are taken on and off when I was struggling with the labels. It is even more confusing for the girl labels. As long as she had done some escorting, she is qualified as 'playmates', even if she quit doing full service. So I apologize for girls who received the wrong sort of calls. I decided not to include sex workers never involved in escorting - otherwise that would be a huge roll, lol. But for historical reasons I don't delete live blog roll entries, but I did a little.)

It's harmless self-congratulating (lol), but why would you give ammunition to lying cunts, such as attack dog in chief Melissa Farley? She skillfully 'designed' a survey in which 83% johns admitted that they are addicts. I'm not sad because these men give other johns a bad name, I feel sorry for these men because they feel that way.

For me if I have to be addicted to somebody they have to pass the happy hooker test. I'm 'buying smile' as some cultures would say. On other occasions I was known to be seemingly being walked all over like a doormat. Am I a closet submissive? Of course I also ran into many other types, but not that something I can be addicted to.

Our Farty is well known for her faulty surveys (section criticism). See what she did for this survey:
To get a better understanding, a group of researchers—most of them young women—invited more than 100 Chicago-area men who frequently use prostitutes to talk about their attitudes and experiences.

They were overwhelmed by the response. More than 200 men answered the ads the researchers placed in local sex-service classifieds and were willing to sit down with strangers to discuss at length their illegal sexual practices.
Of course you will be overwhelmed with sex addicts, who want to be near young women for free, and talk dirty for as long as possible. I would rather have a massage instead even if I have nothing better to do.

By the way, Farty is also anti-porn too. If she has her way porn and prostitution will be obliviated. But porn alone would not be possible.

I'm puzzled why sex is an addiction and that you have something to admit to, and why it's news worthy. Certainly I'm more addicted to coffee, and many to Star Bucks. So I suppose if your addiction doesn't affect you adversely it's OK? Sex is a lot healthier than a cup of sugar and cream coffee, which will make you fat. You get a lot of returns than people who burn money on boats and cars. And many people, rich poor and middle class, can testify that mortgage is modern slavery. Incidentally, many of those men are making decent money, and since they have time on their hands, they are not going down any time soon.

If you look at the numbers and popularity of sex blogs, I feel like I'm a virgin saint.

I cannot be sure if the lying cunt is doing it because of her ideology, or because of fame and fortune (little). If that's her ideology, she is a sad person. The image of a young girl that no guys bother to look at comes up. She would not have been a cheer leader, a slut, stripper or prom queen for that matter.

The less likely case is that she once got funding for doing what she did. So she slipped in the role of the top attack dog to sustain funding, without regarding the consequence on other people.

Either way her tactics is obvious, and doomed to fail in this day and age. She keeps on trying to generate sensational headlines by designing faulty surveys. Either she knows that her surveys are faulty, or she deliberately structure her survey to get answers for her cause. And I won't be surprised if she doesn't appreciate the faultiness of her surveys - she is a physiologist psychologist , not a scientist nor a statistician. Some of these guys are unbelievable, they only know how to do a survey by the book, if not they just do what they can, even if the whole thing become statistically rubbish - they don't know.

If you Google her name her Wikipedia page will turn up near the top. She has the advantage that even if she gets into some small time newspapers, she can add that to support her cause. Many of her opponents cannot be heard that way because private blogs has no credibility to be used as reliable source. Main stream media are also unwilling to give time for sex workers with no PhD's.

And notice that the online papers that publish her reports don't have comment sections, while even many national news sites have. Her strategy is to avoid debates and answering questions. But now she can hardly avoid. She can easily be tagged with unanswered questions and misleading information whenever she goes.

If you Google "Bueno Aires Escorts", I become sort of an expert. "LA Player" becomes sort of a book worm too. All the time I was trying to avoid search engine recognition, going so far as to become just the player. Obviously, someone who's name I can't spell nor pronounce, and can't be found in any dictionary, will be on top of search engines no matter what. It's strange to see that "compartments" monopolized the furniture business, and Livvy is on top (not just of some bodies) if you look for "compartments escorts".

I was wrong before when I said that it's hard to find some nuts who go all out for an anti-prostitution cause, whose life history must be very interesting. Farley is obviously a very vocal one.

If we all throw something at her, it will stick. So excuse my indecent vocab, it's all for a good cause.

We can also pull out the big guns, optimized keywords, Eliot Spitzer. Will men and women tell you the truth in your little surveys? You can't eliminate prostitute altogether, can you? Even your close allies are hypocrites, why bother?

When many men and women try to tell you the truth. You don't listen. The Swedish model is rubbish, why don't you listen to Swedish sex workers, whom you want to save? If you go so far as to label convicted johns sex offenders, you are not helping in the protection of children, and there will till be johns, the worse and worse kind. Those prostitutes who cannot get out would suffer more and more.

Ideology is always dangerous. How many Deborah Jeane Palfreys, and Brandy Brittons you have to sacrifice? What's the risk of prostitution? What's the risk of being homeless in the LA skid row?

Did I say that looking for sex trafficked women from overseas is silly? Wasting all that money when you can just check the ID's of local young women who got a prostitution ticket in the system, you can stop a lot of domestic trafficking.

I'm not trying to seriously research anything. I also least intended to write something too long that nobody read. Short is good. Do you know that we have an American Decency Association, who advice you to get out of many funds because they in invest in, you guess what, Victoria's Secret!

I am just throwing out a little of everything in the hope that Elin Nordegren will turn up under me one day, when you search the Swedish Model.

ps: It's only 16 hours and "Melissa Farley" the lying cunt is number three on Google blog search. Melissa Farley over took Clinton and became the number one "lying cunt" on Google blog search. This piece is pretty useless but it made my day. You guys rock.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

While I was catching up in blogging, trying not to be sacked, discussing my fav body parts, I was horrified that I was tagged again.

The bloody rules:
- Post the rules of the six random things tag on your blog
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I ran out of random things long ago. So I'll start from the beginning.

I was born in a small clinic [1], near a slaughter house [2], on a semi forgotten urban jungle on the wrong side of an airport [3]. My mother always told me that I made scenes frequently if my nanny don't take me to the harbor round the corner to see the animal parade [4]. Little did I know that these animals almost arrive daily marching to the slaughter house. Yes, my father is very pragmatic on money. The flat didn't really cost a lot. There was a power plant there too. The first thing we notice in the morning was the inflation status of a huge natural gas drum right outside the window [5]. We used to watch it as the phase of the moon. Being on an off beat neighborhood had it advantages. It's safe to roam the streets and buildings hunting for treasures such as abandoned shoe polishing kits [6]. As for my father being pragmatic, not only that he could afford to pay some relative with nothing much to do as our nanny, we even have 'cable' TV [bonus]. I still couldn't figure out how the cable company bother to provide the only 'cable' to our neighborhood.

Callie Preston
Callgirl Next Door
Cautiously Optimistic
Experienced Girlfriend
Elsa Caroline
Alexa NY Hottie

Monday, May 12, 2008

Favorite body parts

The face of a woman is most important to me. It seems to me working women with attractive faces have a longer career. They have the advantage of sealing the deal easier by advertising their faces, at lineups or in the form of introduction meetings.

Of course I'm easily blinded by a well dressed well postured woman right in front of me with a nice body. You remember how they dress, what's their cup size, shape of their legs, toe nails, but little about their faces. But after at most a few times, then the same consideration comes in - it cost about the same, I deserve a prettier face.

A few times I almost decided to walk away on a couple of 19, 20 year olds, but stayed out of pity for their disappointment. I got blown away once they got naked. I never saw them much because I thought they are plenty. They were, but not any more when you are looking. For another woman who must be over 30, even for the 2nd time I saw her, I couldn't stop my eyes scanning her rapidly from head to toe, not knowing where to start. She is ultra sexy and treated me very nice. But her face is plain. Far from ugly, very pleasant, but just not outstanding. Indeed I had trouble remember what her face looks like. I decided against seeing her because I didn't want to be addicted to a woman who didn't meet my standards.

My standard isn't high so to speak. But once I met a pretty woman without costing an arm and a leg, that would set my new standard. If I'm horny / on a business or pleasure trip / have time to kill, nothing really matters. But if I'm planing some time off to let off steam near home, the prettier ones get the calls.