Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Peter tagged AH, who both tagged me. OMG, I don't ever want a 3-way to turn out like this!

Destined for greatness
Not bothered

Because of the word limits, "sucks" is overloaded for bad times, and good times, both in the past and what lies ahead. This is the best part, I tag:

Ebony Tales
Adult Star
Confessions English Gentleman


Aneris said...

I did not expect my 3-way to turn into a 5-way.

The more the merrier, I guess! lol

The English Courtesan said...

Wahahaha, love it, love it, love it, LA Player! Hmmm...thinks...will the above do as my six word memoir? Mine is due on a post later tonight and for once the garrulous English Courtesan really is lost for words...

Livvy xxx

The Player said...

aneris, you are right, where's the party?

Livvy, come to think of it, my six words may be more you than me. At least you won't be mistaken of liking your own kind. May be we should sucks together sometime. Then I can appreciate your six words memoir. You can't stand an imperfect sentence, can you?

Aneris said... at your place maybe, Player?

The Player said...

Hmmmmm .... Don't know you are on the West Coast? I pass rule no. 23 & 24, does it qualify me for 17 or 18? :-)