Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bluray Porn Cracked

This is a screen capture of a bluray disc recompressed to 1280x720p. Perhaps it's time to upgrade everything. A good reason to get a larger monitor for 1080p.

The movie itself is OK, but I'm a little disappointed by the actresses. Normally they are not beautiful enough for me to watch(I don't watch that much porn, remember?), but I'm doing it to test if my PC is able to handle it - barely. Also, usually actresses in uncensored movies are not as pretty as those in censored movies (penis and pussy blurred). Uncensored movies are illegal in Japan so the market is a lot smaller.

A few things make sense to me now. The death of HD-DVD format is perhaps because it was already cracked, while Bluray wasn't. Just when BR won the format war, it was announced in March that the encryption was cracked, followed by free BR movies on the net. Though more can be done on the encryption system but there is a limit as the player hardware is fixed. Let's see what the next round turns out.

The 99bb Japanese porn site has been declining, from almost pure Japanese porn to a mixture of everything, then "merged" with just another porn site on Jan this year. It's hard to compete with cheap DVD's, bit torrent (1/3 of internet traffic before BR), and now it's impossible to compete with HD.

The popularity of Japanese porn is probably because the Japanese don't go after free down loaders who are outside of Japan.

The movie title is Cum Inside World EXCITE.XXX.Blu-ray.BDre.720p.x264-NsC.mkv Someone may comment on where to find it.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Peter tagged AH, who both tagged me. OMG, I don't ever want a 3-way to turn out like this!

Destined for greatness
Not bothered

Because of the word limits, "sucks" is overloaded for bad times, and good times, both in the past and what lies ahead. This is the best part, I tag:

Ebony Tales
Adult Star
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