Saturday, March 08, 2008

The other contributions of sex workers

Isn't she cute? No, I've never tried her. She is just a soft porn star that I stumbled upon. Off topic.

It came to my attention that some sex workers (in my domain, that means prostitute, whores, escorts, etc) do not think they provide a useful service. I can hardly agree, even for those who nicknamed "are you done yet?".

A world without sex workers and gold diggers is a world of barter sex. We all know bartering is primitive. Money allows people otherwise aren't that good a catch to level the playing field. Capitalism will certainly fail if society lacks motivation. Sex drive can't be underestimated.

Maybe what I'm just trying to say is, if you are being paid, you are providing some useful service.

Sex work is not just sex. Some john may want to objectify women for a change, writing mean degrading reviews. For others it may be the only attitude they have for women, and so they don't get laid otherwise. Some may want to satisfy their pimp fantasy, testing the goods and writing down their opinion. They paid for it and for them, expressing their opinions are included in the price.

Yet others only write about and socialize with "the best". They found a new 5 star restaurant and have to brag about it - part of the "service" that they pay for.

On the bright side, it's not easy being a discussion/review board. The more successful ones, other than the grandfathers, have to be highly inflammable social networks. They need moderators on duty even on Sunday nights to keep the flames down. They have to be volunteers as nobody want to do this kind of shitty jobs.

Interestingly, this kind of I flame you, you ban me games are blown up to a much grander scale on the Internet. Craigslist use ghosting so that you don't know if your post is published, or rejected by bots. And recently they even need to resort to telephone verification in some sections. Youtube and Google have a hard time banning spams and copyright materials. The outcome may be the elimination of some popular features, just as they killed the discussion boards in TER. This already happened in youtube. You can no longer list videos by number of hits.

To me being invited to a golf game is torture. I rather do some exercise in a hotel. I was never a sportive person. In my youth, ball games that I was ever invited to are snookers and mixed basketballs. And thanks to Mrs Player, along with away from home exercises usually I have a good show of volume on the rubber container. My regular friend often checked before disposing of it if she was in a good mood.

Usually I leave the hotel room with a clear mind, recharged, and relaxed. Any bad experience just left me wanting more, plus perhaps a good story to tell.

Another off topic idea. Phone sex stories are just so much more interesting than webcams. I am thinking of editing a favorite porn movie with video only. Watch together with a phone sex worker. And then make up the sound track along the way. Phone sex with quality visuals. Will that work?


Ptr_leeds said...

Sorry to read your last post man.
Hope you're OK.

On this post: Nice angle on the "pay" and the "Service". Very True. I've got some links waiting on "economics of sex" along the same lines. L8r.

Now for the Off-Topic thing:
TAG - You're it!

Blame Chevalier who did the same to me.
Bloody kids - grow up is what I'd say!.

Alexa Hampton Stone said...

Brilliant Post! Volunteer work indeed. Mod's should be paid for the hell they are put through. ;)

Alexa hampton Stone

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