Thursday, February 14, 2008

Punching Angel

I wanted to tell Angel that her advertisement doesn't do anything for me. But probably she knew it. Everything about her is OK, good, but not outstanding.

Her hair can be any color you fancy, any style you like. She is a make up artist, carrying a mobile painting studio with her. She uses a lot of makeup, but she looks great in it. The makeup becomes part of her, not going to fall off any time soon.

She is rumored to be an ex-stripper, because of a tattoo on her. She is a bit small for typical strippers, 5'5, thin but not too skinny. Nice to look at but no outstandingly large breast or super long legs. But she can fit in anything, perhaps better with clothes on.

She is twenty something, may be up to thirty. She looks young but she has an mature aura around her. She is old enough to have a protege, 19 year old barbie doll Nikki whom I blogged, who followed her around.

There didn't seem to be sparkles between Angel and me, perhaps because I met Nikki first. Being the master and protege, they are alike but Nikki stands out more in every department. Their blond hair turns head but Nikki's is much longer, almost ass length at one point. Nikki learned all the makeup skills from the master, but Nikki has better facial features to start with. She is cuter at 19 too. I like Angel's pedicure but I prefer Nikki's totally organic feet - it's hard to look appetizing without the help of artificial nails and polish.

I did saw Angel when Nikki was away. She is eager to please. When I complimented her nails she asked me to pick my favorite color from a hand held box full of colors. Being more mature, she is much easier to deal with, and friendly. But to my surprise she refused to do a doggy when I first met her.

I saw her again when I broke up with Nikki, who up sold me a couple of times. Angel is indeed eager to please. When I asked her to do a strip tease and lap dance, she did it. When I asked her why she blew me with a condom when I knew she did it bare with others. She said just ask, because some prefers that way.

That's a problem with me. I still find it offensive to ask for something unless I know they do it as reported in their reviews. I look and behave too decently that some massage girls wanted to be respected rather than wanting extra money. Even for girls who doesn't do anything extra, they can deal with guys groping them. They will block the advance, but still flirt with them rather than losing business for sure. But for me, they behave as if they are virgins, as if I can't go any further unless I become a boy friend. It's not just me saying that. They do behave differently for different clients.

Once I pre booked a hotel room before booking a girl, because I know I have enough options to avoid going home empty handed. That's seldom the case for out call in my area. I ended up calling Angel, my 2nd choice.

Now Angel broke up with Nikki too because of her unethical behavior. Now Angel became a bit Nikki too. Angel was never a brand worshiper, always causal, never tried to look anything other than her age. Today she was totally different. As far as I can she was wearing BeBe all over, with a big label on her chest. With her small and slim frame, she looked more like a teenager than Nikki. She toned down her blond hair color a bit, and her make up, to look the part.

It was a present surprise. I didn't care what she wore but it was the aura that came with it. She knew how much I was paying Nikki. She up sold me too, but in a good way. She sold me a comprehensive package up front, and she wanted to kiss me too. She had no idea what she was getting into yet.

She asked for it and I had no mercy on her. It wasn't electrifying. It was like I paid for it and I got my money back type of kiss. I did enjoy it. Usually if I feel any sign of rejection, I won't continue. But for her it was fair game to me. Of course if she pushed me off, I wouldn't force it. I kept asking for more.

She is a spinner. I like skinny girls who can take some punch. With some experience, she can, or at least I thought she could. With a lot of foreplay, that I paid enough for, I was in top form. She didn't refuse any position, so as not to lose me again. But I finally settled on missionary, because I could kiss her as I screw her.

She really had no idea what she got into. I kissed her so much, while screwing her, that she had to turn her head away and refuse any more. I wasn't disappointed nor offended. At the time, I already lasted a lot longer than I saw her last time, and it seemed that I could go on forever.

"Are you done yet?", she asked. I was really surprised, considering she was the more mature, eager to please type. In my time, I had come across a few girls with nick names the same as her question. But they never did that to me, because I treated them well, not to mention that I gave them enough incentive.

Certainly I wasn't offended by Angel. I wasn't thinking anyway because I had no blood left in my brain. I just felt cute about it. Perhaps that was her true color. Perhaps she is one of those who can't be intimate with males. She learned to suppress her feelings, but not for so long, being held so tight chest to chest. Perhaps she wanted to get rid of me before she cum. Some girls just doesn't want to admit that they enjoy it, as if they have to offer an discount next time, or become girlfriends.

My reflex action was to ask her to hang on just a little longer. I wanted to help, to end her suffering, to cum. So I screwed her as if she was not a person. I could imagine that I shook her and screedw her like a blow up doll. Before that I had rhythm, now it was just bursts of vibrations.

Instead of cumming, I kept going and got rougher. I even helped with dirty talk. Those words that can be written down includes, "You are sooo tiny. I'm soooo comfortable. " She didn't do anything or say anything further to discourage me. She laid there without any resistance. She just wanted me to cum. I did, but I could have been a lot faster if she didn't ask.

We didn't have any hard feelings. She knew that I was a very happy customer. I knew that she wasn't repulsed by me. She begged to come back later to see me that evening. I knew it was pure business, even if she cum and enjoyed it very much. If I was alone on business, I might. But I live there, and I believe in diminishing returns.

So, Angel is the punch bag type after all, one of the types I mentioned recently.


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