Wednesday, January 02, 2008

who u c at the n of the world?

The question was inspired by a TV episode Cold Case. A lot of people did believe that it was going to be the end of the world - the Martian invasion as broadcasted by Orson Welles in 1938. A girl working in a dance hall, a G-rated version of strip clubs, sneaked off from her husband and kid to see a regular patron of hers for a couple of hours. She wouldn't do anything otherwise.

I only watched this episode recently when my DVR recordings were running low because of the writers' strike. I leave Cold Case to the last because it always comes with a little sadness, and it doesn't go well with the skip button activating every 15 second.

The question isn't who you want to pick on a desert island, or what you want to do. It's who you want to be with, and that have to be mutual. So I think the answer to most will be the person who have been close to you (if you have somebody). But I think I might just have a choice.

It's difficult to love an active working girl knowing everything. Good reasons help, such as supporting family and kids. Exclusive clients, being sugar babies, not too bad. Surely not somebody who lives with her mother for free, wear Chanel shoes, Dior glasses, and drives her boyfriend's tax deductible company car in the form of a large number Beamer.

Popular girls either provide GFE, or being target practice of porn moves. Do I have to elaborate on the visuals? Difficult stuff.

There have to be sparkles. I always like to kiss the girl who dumped me, minutes at a time. Once she called me up and I told her if I saw her I had to kiss her for 15 min. She didn't promise anything but asked me if any other working girl would let me do that? I don't mind kissing my wife too but she wasn't that keen. Maybe so I paid.

Of the girls who I dumped, I don't think they have enough crush on me to see me again, not at the end of the world. So I think I have a chance with Chanel. She knew I am quite fond of her. I don't think she hates me that much. I know I'm available and I'm geneous, but if I'm just another client that she doesn't like, she wouldn't have called me up that much.

I did push the envelope with her, but I always looked for what she was comfortable to do. Once I showed her the Fredrick of Hollywood's costume catalog and asked her to pick. Her first pick was the bride! See, we have a good working relationship. OMG, I should have taken great risk and solved the logistics of getting the mail order received secretly, and kept the costume somewhere secretly. Just before that I gave her a sexy semi-transparent suit that she refused to wear. Later I found out that she didn't hate costumes, but she just didn't want to look bad in it - one size too big. Later, whenever she want to make up to me for something bad she did, she would ask where the suit was, though I told her time and time again I returned it.

When we first met, she might have boyfriend that she liked. You know, the no kissing rule, wooden performance. But I am rather certain she doesn't have anybody now. She told me she doesn't have feelings for her boyfriend and now husband. That couldn't have been a lie. If she liked him more she would have married him and had his kids long ago, without calling me to support her (shopping) all the time. Long before she admitted that she had a rich boyfriend, she would only see me in a narrow time window. And if she was only a sugar baby working on the side for extra money, there's no reason to dump me.

She might want to see somebody else but I doubt if she could forgive any guy who dumped her because she wasn't good enough. And the handsome guy in the Ferrari that she spotted on the road the last time we met, will certainly not interested in seeing a stranger with no bonding at all.

She's so proud of herself whenever she took off her clothes and got close to me, my beautiful instant erection never failed, even when she increased her dress size because of the pill. At first she wouldn't allow me to touch her feet. But she often dangled her feet and showed off her beautiful pedicure once she got the hang of it. She might not enjoy the sensation of being kissed and licked over from head to toe, but sure she enjoyed the symbolism of it. I wasn't doing it to please anybody but me.

We couldn't have given up anything for each other, even if we had thought about it. But the n of the world is a different thing.


Anonymous said...

Player, I feel like I know this girl. I agree she does not love her rich boyfriend/husband - it is more for convenience. She is with him for the security he gives her, as I believe that while outwardly she is confident, on the inside she is very insecure. She bases her security on external things such as $, even you are a part of her security. Knowing that she 'has' you in a way. You do have quite a relationship & she does like control... On another note, have you seen her engagement ring or has she mentioned more about the kid? It doesn't seem she is even interested in that side of things. So now she MUST have stopped working now she is married with kid & wealthy husband. I can't see how/why she or he would allow her to work as he would be giving her an allowance. After marriage it is a different story and now NO REASON why she has to work.

Anonymous said...

Also, she would not be living at home with her mom anymore now she is married they would have moved out together. So she waould have a totally different lifestyle now.

The Player said...

It seems like she has a fan. She is indeed insecure as expected. Actually I don't help her confidence very much. Yes, I put her on the pedestal sometimes. She was proud to comment on my failsafe beautiful erection and my geneous volume a few times. I also get back at her from time to time, such as asking her if she knows the new famous kid in town, or help me to find gorgeous ones who just want under the radar. I even dubbed her into a 3-some with no other purpose than to humble her.

Whatever she told me, I just registered it. I didn't think about it too much as she's a professional liar. Say if she said she was married and had a kid, I would leave her alone if that's what she wanted. It doesn't matter if that's true or not.

Tracy Kwan still worked after marrying a banker. But that is a fiction. Down the rabbit hole in my blogroll is a real example that is closer.

I don't think she would work but it's much more likely than you think. Rich and gold digging is relatively speaking. I actually patroned married gold diggers, who complained not having enough money to spend. For her if she ran up another $20,000 gambling debt, she would likely want to cover it herself rather than telling her husband. Just like she didn't tell her mother.

And if she is bored at home, she would realize that being toe sucked isn't that bad at all.

Anonymous said...

Yes it just means that you aren't a door mat and smart enought to humble her at times. She needs that! And it seems that she does value you in a sense and therefore can be pround of you at times for certain things... I guess The Prof Liar does have a fan in me, somehing about her strikes a chord with me :-Z

The Player said...

Well you can say I can be a door mat, if only to get the best out of her. If I pay her enough, I'm sure she can be submissive.

The other way is to treat her nice. That's free for me. I don't mind let her walk all over because that doesn't cost me. If I gave her up early, I couldn't have practiced my DJK on her that much, which is hard to find a replacement.

I also pity her because she can do a lot better, if only she does it full time, instead of hiding everything from her and her boyfriend's family.

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