Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Best of Tom Cruise [religion]

After watching the real thing, the other creepy Tom videos on youtube become much more interesting:

It seems like that the Org's aren't going to take sue the video off from the internet anymore. That's impossible.

The current DDos raid started on 6 pm EST, 3 PST. Before that, the church of scientology moved it's websites to the company Prolexic, who must now realize that it's a PR disaster. The main site is barely putting on a brave face. Most of the time, only the main pages loads very slowly. Many links don't work. And they have to take off the flash part off their main headers to stay alive. The hollywood site isn't working at all.

I think just like last time, the hackers have some help from the public. The BBC's link to the site is reported to have generate large amount of traffic. Apart from youtube, wikipedia and many other sites have interesting information on scientology.

Updates 0800 1/31 UTC:

The main site returned to normal until there appeared to be a regroup of the attack efforts around 0800 UTC. The hollywood celebrity center website never recovered. scientology uk europe au were all down. [as seen from my local ISP] Then recovered, but it's protector went down! which was supposed to be worth 10 million in a recent acquisition.


pete from cal said...

I saw clips of the video and Tom Cruise looked like the freakin devil with his evil laughs and cultish lingos.... he used to be a likeable actor to me but now I can't respect the dude and can't even force myself to watch any of his movies... very sad... Scientology is a cult or am I the one who is nuts? *sigh*

The Player said...

So, that's why they try so hard to suppress the video.