Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year end updates & Managing your porn collections

I haven't been catching up with things around me, as I have been self absorbing lately, doing things I like, and writing about it.

I did early spring cleaning on my computer, backing things up and securing them. With TrueCrypt, you can encrypt and burn the whole DVD (or the whole operating system for that matter). Decryption is on the fly so you can watch videos, or copy individual files, directly off the DVD. I went on to use the porn paradigm to manage the whole computer.

You need two passwords, a clean one that can be shared with your wife if the situation arises, and an dirty one that is for your eyes only. Normally all secret data need to be backed up, except for those protected by the dirty password. There are two type of porns, expendable and irreplaceable. Expendable porns are commercial porns that are impractical and not worthy to backup, except for your current fav actress/actor. Irreplaceable porns are your own dirty videos for example. Those with your current wife or girlfriend should be protected by the clean password. Those with your ex, or that somehow you attended a gangbang a decade ago should go in the dirty, for your eyes only catagory. In short, two passwords, three types of data. For any other passwords you need, you store them in a list, protected by one of the two master passwords. I actually encrypt the whole Firefox profile so my everything is secret, not only the tens of online passwords, but also history, bookmarks, etc. In case if you are interested, there's the Geek Corner link around the top left.

It's kids time. They are perfect and I wouldn't want them to grow up at all. But if I have more say about it, either they should have been ready to be kicken out to college or get a job soon, or I may keep only one, small enough to be put in a basket to carry around and stuff it in any space available.

My counter passed the 100,000 marked. It's insignificant but since the next notable target will have to be 1 million, I rather give it a mention now. At this rate it's a long wait though I'm not looking forward to it. I remembered I reset the counter before, and I had other blogs and things before this. Also, I had a video released by mistake with no meaningful content, it got a lot more hits in a week than the whole of this blog to date.

To me it has been another walk in the cloud, which lasted for about a decade. I have no complain and little regrets, other than losing Rebecca's phone number and being dumped by the Professional Liar. So let's see what tomorrow has on for me.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Toe curling moments

Female toe curling happens a lot more than I think, for good or bad. The problem is how to catch it.

After the soaking wet massage on her (last post), it was my turn for pleasure. Then I wanted to kiss her somewhere, but after her orgasm, the place she would enjoy was her pussy. I spread her legs and went for it, though I wasn't big on pussies, especially when soaking wet. I gave her buttocks some friendly but passionate bites. Then I spread them apart to check her ass. It was darker pinkish, perfectly symmetric, perfectly radial. It was perfectly tight too, so I was sure I was on the safe side of the door. I wasn't after any taste or smell. It is some uncontrollable urge that I couldn't explain easily, beautiful yet nasty.

In the beginning, my ideal massage on a female is an excuse for a live porn magazine. Instead of just watching where I want to watch, I touch it too, and instead of turning the pages, I turn her around. Instead of appreciating her post, I make her post. Of course it was awkward for her and didn't go far, even paying for it. Of course after lying down on so many massage tables, I know how to give a bit of decent massage with one hand and no eyes. But the massage seldom last over a minute or two, before I want to fuck the looker under me, instead of just rubbing. But now with a challenge in mind, it's easy to complete the mission.

Of course I went for her ass. Maybe it's like having uncontrollable flashbacks while my tongue was working hard, couldn't open my eyes. When I was conscious I bite her bottom carefully, but with big mouthfuls. Then I was completely done with oral. I turned her over to check the damage on her breast. Of course there was none, they were unbreakable. But still I comforted them for a while as if I was licking their wounds. I put a pillow on my back and positioned myself for the blow job.

Instead she turned me over, asked me to try her massage skills, which wasn't outstanding as she was a professional, but not in massage. What she really wanted was to show how open minded she was. She spread my leg brutally. As if I wasn't prepared, she did it again. Then down came her tongue. It is these moments that: "Don't do anything you don't want to" applies. Why would she want to kiss my ass? There are many other ways to please me, but I have no problem with pretty girls kissing my ass. She got a B on that, willing to please but rather mechanical in a good way. Of course I had better, as if she was trying to apply anal voodoo on me, trying to get a rich boy friend or sugar daddy.

I turned over again, rested on some pillows, again ready for my blow job. It was supposed to be long as I was fully erect and didn't want to spend too much time else where. But she took her time (that I paid for). It was slurpy. She played with my balls and kissed them a little, so I knew I could have more if I wanted to. Visually I would put her at 25. She acted more mature than that, not just the sex acts. But she could be a lot younger because of the way she talked. It wasn't stupid but she is a straight shooter, speaking her mind, or just listening.

Finally it was time to relive the tension built up in me. I got down to the edge of the bed, grabbed her legs all of a sudden, pulled and turned her over. She thought it was a standing doggy but I skipped that. I put my hand on her bottom so she couldn't get up. I entered her right there.

It could easily be my favorite position. The lack of willing and trusting partners make it more desirable. I love standing, for the stronger thrust, and particularly nice to stand between her legs, which had to curl backwards up in the air to relieve the pressure. Now her body was all in short reach of my finger tips, from head to toe.

I twisted her head to see her lovely face, parted her hair away on the side to see more. Dangling aimlessly in the air, I squeezed her ankles hard to signal her to get ready for the ride. With a little kiss on her lovely big toe I started thrusting into her as deep as I could, while my two hands were on her pelvis, pulling her away from the bed, and hard into me.

I was pounding her slowly but forcefully like a foundation building machine, one stroke at a time, each went deeper than the last. Usually you can catch toe curling at these moments. But I wasn't watching her toes. I wanted to kiss her but I didn't want to give up the position I was in. I learned from some girls who demanded kisses in similar positions, before they were willing to go further. It was symbolic gestures on their part but I was serious. I twisted her head and body some more, bent down and kissed away. Kissing is difficult in this position, but there are more reasons for tongue kisses, and she was very receptive about it.

She was pretty warmed up, so my finally charges were the cavalry type, total annihilation of the defenseless enemy, short of a massacre. I cummed, watching her toe curled intensely up in the air, which was a reaction to the sudden warmth in her pussy, or equally likely to be the feeling of being fouled up deep inside her. It didn't make any difference to me, as I had to walk away from it all, having no choice because I was standing up.

I cleaned up the mess on me minimally, and collapsed onto the bed, stretching myself as long as I could, feeling great about myself, and closed my eyes. Obviously it was some sort of recuperation but she didn't seem to notice, or she didn't let me. She was instead bubbly and talkative, which was why I called her a straight shooter and could be a lot younger than she looked. She kept on the conversation even with my eyes closed and couldn't manage to have paid much attention to her. I could hear her saying that my legs are so long. I know. At college I met a girl who told me my legs were to die for. She was cute but only 5'3 or less. I was somewhat surprised to hear that again after so many years, though I must admit legs can't change that much over the years.

She insisted on me answering the questions: "am I really feeling so tired after sex?", or something like:" do man usually feel miserably tired?". I thought I said yes to whatever. I thought these things are well understood by everybody, that's why I thought she was a bit new, or pretend to be new, but she did look and feel a bit new, apart from her open-mindedness. Or maybe she wanted me to wake up and go for the second round. If I were to do it I might give her a facial in the first 15 minutes. Now it was too far down the line to wake up the dead cow in short notice. If she didn't know about that she must be a bit new.

So I was thinking she was just trying to be nice, wanting me to come back, and working on her tips. When my mind and body could drive again, I washed myself quickly, dressed back up and gave her the money she deserved. I then asked her private number routinely, but in her case I really wanted to see her again in a more sustainable relationship. She smiled, as if saying "don't be silly", then told me she was going back to the other coast the day after. It's common, and very natural, animals don't eat and shit on the same place if they can. So by then I was sure that she was only working on her tips. And that she had the undercover look, rather than a porn or movie star.

But that didn't mean that she wouldn't miss me. Her toes did curled, didn't she?

If you cannot watch it, video it. Ask your wife, girl friend, or somebody willing to do it with a non-intimidating toy like cam, poor lighting and in well covered positions.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The soaking wet massage

After the breast torture (last post), I decided to go for the soaking wet massage as she was a good spot.

"Don't do that at home" you always hear. In my case I forget to say on the last post that don't try it in the field if you haven't practiced at home first. At passionate moments mrs player did put my hand on her breast and wanted to rip them apart. "Don't do what you don't want to do", which is cliche, but I seriously mean it. There are always other fun things to do.

So I got up from sitting on her butt, got to the side of the bed, and started the massage on her lower body. It was pretty easy and effective to do. Anywhere on the spine, press, down to the tip between the buttocks. Squeeze on the legs until you feel the bones, up to the leg joints in the buttocks.

I gave her feet some attention but she wasn't at ease, and no encouragement was obtained. So I concentrated on other parts, plenty of work to do.

I started the happy ending at her inner tight, squeezing harder and harder, higher and higher. Even mrs player couldn't resist it when she had no mood for intimacy. When I couldn't get higher without touching her sex organs, I used the accidental naughty last fingers. I teased her pussy with my last fingers as if by accident, while keeping up the pressure on her inner thighs. Like mrs player, she didn't resist and I wasn't going to pretend anymore. Finally I just her a pussy rub, the female version of happy ending, until she was soaking wet, had orgasm.

Not long before, on top of the hour, I arrived at which must be one of the Agency's (California Invisible) safe house. As with any safe house, it's one block off the freeway (or main road). Turn right (or left if you drive on the wrong side) off the freeway (motorway), drive one block, 1st house on the right.

I paid for a comprehensive package so I assumed she would do a lot of things, but no specifics beforehand.

I saw her agency picture before hand. Well portioned, looked normal, liking having a real job for undercover, as opposed to looking like a porn star all the time.

Having a driveway leading to the front door, she opened the door semi-naked without worrying about being seen by neighbors. She was just what I expected, except that she was shorter than I expected, 5'3 to at most 5'5. 6' is tall, and 5'1 is very short. It's hard to tell unless you are standing face to face. Height is immaterial unless you are looking for a partner to have big babies.

After a little formalities she led me up the stairs, showing off her tight bottom, with me sniffing it two steps behind her.

I asked for the bathroom and held her hands to it. It's give and take in this world. In return, even some high priced escorts tried to jerk me off half way while washing my equipment. She just washed it. Though I got the hint that she wouldn't want me to move at all, the usual reason being not to get her hair wet, so she don't need to dry it, or she won't look bad.

It's a good sign that she washed my ass thoroughly, just in case. I reciprocated, just in case.

Before that she asked why I was smiling so happily. You can say it's drooling. I told her honestly because I was very happy with her everything. I wasn't thinking too much at the time. I must had realized that her breast is the all natural unbreakable type, somewhat fuller than Zoe's a few posts back.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Secret agent's secret

I offered her a nude massage and she fell for it. After a few strong squeezes on her neck and shoulders, she was totally relaxed, laid flat with bottom side up, and convinced - that I was going to give her a nice massage. Both naked, I moved swiftly to sit on her butt, twisted her arm to her back, in a classic arresting position.

While she couldn't have struggled, I twisted and pulled her arm, lifted her shoulder, and twisted her body sideways and backwards. She couldn't tell if I was doing a legit massage. I couldn't tell either, though I have a lot of flashbacks on similar things performed on me.

I slipped my free hand under her breast, spread my fingers evenly to cover all of it, released her shoulders, allowing her to fall back flat on the bed. As if her life depends on it, I performed CPR on her back with my free hand, using my full body weight.

Since I'm holding her breast in one hand, not willing to let go, I also gave her the elbow grind, allowing me to rest in a more comfortable position not too far from her breast. If you haven't tried it before, it's like using vehicles with huge heavy rollers to compact and flatten the foundation during road building. Now substitute the roller with my elbow, and the road with her back.

Trust me, I know what I'm doing. I have had so many secret missions under my belt that many moves practiced on me are captured in flashbacks, of which I have no problem recalling given any naked visual simulations. She must had feel good because her arm was still twisted on the arresting position, even without me holding it.

Obviously squeezing her breast intensely wasn't massage, so I tried to cover up the sensation by pressing her even harder on her back and shoulders, so much so that the mattress bounces together with the bed and us on it, and I got a good stimulation on my balls at her butt. She might get my whole hand print on her breast, but she wouldn't be thinking about it at the time. To ensure that any hand print would be temporary, and that she wouldn't wake up from the trance, I tried not to pinch, rub, snatch or scratch her breast, or use too much of my finger tips in squeezing, spreading the pressure evenly, but intensely.

I stopped the back CPR before breaking her. I straightened her twisted arm to her side. Now, instead of one, I was holding both of her breast gently, kissing her back, a little suction, a little wet with tip of the tongue, some outright licking and slurping, a little biting, and then harder, but not enough to leave teeth marks. She was surely feeling my intense erection on her butt and between her legs.

As if following the lyrics of a song, I repeated the same on her other breast. I was sure that she was shaken by the CPR, indeed the whole bed was an earthquake zone, but she wasn't stirred or disturbed - she was in a calm trance.

Then on her I released my secret weapon, which wasn't some weapon, but my bare hands, some sort of maneuver ...

On another note, I was looking at some porn cover arts to spice up things while posting, but it proved hard to find something classy, with enough nudity, beauty and glamor. I also like models standing up straight, revealing everything from hair to toes, ready for a lineup, or cattle auction :). So here's just another pretty picture of a popular girl.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Three porn stars

The girl in the middle reminds me of someone. Escorting is not at all about looks and body shape, but for this girl those are what she has, and not much else. The performance of this porn star is laughable in comparison. I can also feel, not seen, that the male studs hesitate when making a move on her, as if she will suddenly stare at him angrily, and get him fired. In any other movies they will try to kill the girl with sex, to make every cent of her paycheck worthwhile.

First of all, my friend is not as hot as that, but her face is somewhat more exotic in the way of Angelina Jolie, and her hair is superior. She has mixed blood, in a way that she can be anything she likes. If the porn star dyes her hair blond and stands between two blonds, you wouldn't associate her with Asian ancestry.

Just before I met her, my mentor that I later hated, told me that she had a nose job and something else. She has boobs just like the porn star, perhaps from the same mold, but smaller, very natural, as if they were there for all 19 years, starting from zero. Still I thought they are fake as they look too good. After knowing her for a while, I doubt if any of her is enhanced. If she did any enhancement that nice and natural, trust me, I know what I have seen, it had to be expensive and she had to do all those at about 18. I don't think she had that sort of money, had no sugar daddy that I know of, and I doubt if she felt the need to do it. Any job will be icing on the cake, so I doubt if she had that sort of determination to go through all that so young.

So I doubted why my ex-mentor told me lies. He did discourage me to see her, spoiling the market because she was asking more than the rest, and more than she once charged. Maybe there were more, as she dislikes him very much too, with no specific reasons. Incidentally, my mentor once told me that she who doesn't allow you to touch her feet are drug addicts, with needle marks on the toes. He wasn't referring to her but that was what I remembered. I thought so for a while because she is always slim, which would be hard to keep for many other girls. Many a porn star balloons after a movie or two.

She is very pale too, never needing anal bleach, hahaha! After my repeated attempts, she did allow me to go down there, but not before well preparations - pedicure and wax bath. I can testify that she didn't have any needle marks. I can also testify that she never treated her skin with laser or any bleach. Indeed her skin is so nice that she never took real care of it. Once she asked me if fake tan looks good on her, making her less like a nocturnal hooker I suppose, and more like a California girl. I objected strongly because many hookers pay top laser dollars to look like her. Luckily she wouldn't bother to go to the nearby beaches, and that the fake tan induced a little allergic reaction on her skin.

She has to be popular. If you met her somehow or saw her pictures, shoulder to shoulder with somebody else, you will ask for her. Agencies will have no problem introducing her, or call you up to sell her, saying that she is new, so they are not liable for her behavior.

Actually Zoe, in the movie two blogs back, reminded me of my friend, who has many rules, or you can say only one, being on top and does what she wants to do. If I tried a little intimacy, I was afraid that she would, instead of turning me down diplomatically, jerks away and stares at me, telling me off with her eyes, "what the fuck are you trying to do?". She did tried to be nice to me, and wanted to see me again, but in her own way.

That comes to the question of how many times you see a particular girl. A study in the last post say 50, 100 times. Certainly it's not surprising, but I doubt it's common. If it's once a month, it's a lot of years. It's it's once a week, it's the sort of utility type of service, or the guy is very rich.

A guy has different needs at different times. Even if he found his ideal hooker he isn't going to get everything all at once, which would be a waste, of other under used talents.

You don't need Alaska wild salmon every day. Indeed the annual wait makes it more rewarding. For a guy who can spend what he wants, I doubt if he wants to keep seeing a hooker for hundreds of times. Sugar babies with some exclusivity is more likely, more like girlfriends than hookers.

As much as I liked my friend, who also satisfied me more and more, I don't see her all the time. It's the money. I'm willing to pay her price, but for that price it have to be intense. It's have to be sort of special occasion rather than a weekly non event. So it's not just money, but time and energy. I would rather not call her when I'm just feeling boring after lunch, or horny after work. But I did see her more than I wanted, because she called me up with good offers.

Sometimes when I found someone more satisfying in bed, which is absolutely not bad looking at all, like the porn stars on the sides, relatively speaking, I decided against seeing them regularly. I can imagine the virtual lineup, shoulder to shoulder. For the same price bracket, I would like someone better looking, like my friend. It cost the same! I think as much as many men want to see the same hooker again and again, there are similar reasons that keep them searching, hoping the next one will be more perfect, or cost less.

I ended up seeing her most, because she has a habit of killing off the competition. If she misses me too much she would call me up and give me offers. You have to sell hotel rooms or groceries, or they are worthless. In her case I think, after working for a while, she doesn't bother to sells herself much, just enough to get by and look good for her friends and family. Her boobs only swell a little from the first time I saw her. They have to be real, or they have to be low mileage, or both.

Even in the last days that I saw her, I couldn't keep my hands off her breast, both hands, in my favorite position with her, grabbing her greedily from behind, doing the spoon thing. I was doubly hard when I could see what I was doing to her in the mirror. I could see that she wasn't happy at all. Indeed I can see the reverse smile in her Angelina lips. But I am sure she was proud of herself, as I was so awesome, pounding her as if there were no tomorrow, or else she would have kicked me out of the bed.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Scientific American Article: why do men buy sex?

Las Vegas Escorts Blog
While catching up on random blocks on my list I came across the article from LV Courtesan.

The article has no surprises, not even that 90% of Thai men had sex with prostitute. Why can't everybody accept that the issue is complex, diverse, and all of the above? We can't be all sex addicts, can we?

The surprise is:
As if to continue their “relationship,” many if not most johns prefer to go back to the same prostitute over and over again. According to Kleiber’s study, more than two thirds of devotees used the services of a particular prostitute more than 50 times. One in four had sex with the same prostitute more than 100 times.

I don't know how they carried out the study. Surely I prefer to, but I don't most of the time. The reason is simple, have to be comfortable to my eyes and to my pocket. Perhaps I should not live in US.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hookers and Monsters

A great beautiful weird half nude sex sequence on the big screen.

Hulu is blocked outside USA. Thanks crista. To bypass, go to, download Hotspot Shield. Install application and launch. After launch, there is a status page to see if the VPN is connected. Once connected, the IP is changed to a US one. Banner ad supported at top, but worth it as it have enough bandwidth to watch a full screen movie.

An ad free version is ultrasurf. Extract and run directly for IE. For FF it's easier to install the optional add-on to set and switch proxy. Awesome. But it is tied to Falun Gong, for use in bypassing censorship in China.

Both are used massively, and in case of ultrasurf, many years. They are not open source, and you should not trust them 100% not to disclose your internet traffic. But for watching movies, they are perfect.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


I was asking for the girl who preferred me not to wear my dark "scary" glasses. Because of another girl with a similar name, I thought she quit from the agency. That's a good thing because I broke no rules in tracking down her private number. A hotel staff (of sort) told me she had her number, but she wasn't answering her phone. I wasn't surprised, either she was sleeping, clubbing, or working.

After a few hours I told the hotel staff that I wasn't waiting for her anymore. Of course she told me she had just what I needed. The hotel staff wasn't an agent, and the girl wasn't a real professional. But they all like to try if the price is right, don't they?

I was a bit shocked when the girl arrived. T-shirt, jeans, sneakers and no makeup. That's not what I needed, and not what I expected. I think the hotel staff thought that I was safe enough to introduce to this girl. She was cute though.

The first thing I did was to put her on my lap, and she felt rather relaxed about it, though she said she didn't kiss. It's always fun to perform a strip tease - on her. But when I slipped my hands under her T-shirt, she asked to go to the bathroom to take a shower. There went the strip tease, but I didn't really mind a shower instead. Maybe she really needed it, as she might not had well prepared for the occasion - being non-pro and all that.

She didn't invite me so I waited, then took my turn as I was in no rush. When I got out of the bathroom I went undercover. I went under the blanket that was covering her naked body and cuddled her. She was like a magnet. When I was close enough to her she wrapped her arms around my neck (literally necking). We stuck together while I was holding her tight.

It was very unusual but I didn't realize at the time. It's kid stuff - what kids will do when you lift them up. It's also very GFE, and even Mrs Player has known to do that on a few occasions. I can't think of any professionals who did that. It is a totally vulnerable position.

You got to hold something with your hands though, otherwise it feels like a dead fish. Some hold my waist, more ready to push than anything else. Most hold my back, with the immediate option to push rather than hold. Wrapping one's arm around the neck is indefensible.

She wasn't afraid that I would rape her without a condom. When I needed to do something lower down, she would release my neck, but would hold on to it like a magnet when I got up again.

She wasn't afraid, but I could feel a bit of nerve from her, because of the pressure on my neck at times. So I decided to go in, sooner than usual, to break the ice. She let go of my neck, I got a fancy condom from her tiny purse, put it on, part her legs slightly, and let her hold my neck again.

I was surprised as her passage was completely blocked. I checked her with my fingers, only to find that she was completely dry. I didn't know that because of her bushy bush - I left that alone. I decided, while she was holding my neck, then tighter than ever, to stimulate her slowly with my probe, guided by my hand.

I estimated that she hadn't had sex for days, weeks or even months. But soon she was moist and then wet. Once I was totally inside, I could feel her relaxed arms around my neck, and see her relived smile on her face.

I had to bang her slowly and gently, otherwise I was afraid that my neck would bruise. Though the final charge more than compensated for it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

(continued) The problem with reviews is, you can't keep secrets. I had an eye on a girl's picture but didn't make the decision. I got a tip that she may kiss for regulars. That's the tie breaker.

When she opened the door, it was better than expectation. I did what I planned to do, I grabbed her GWTW style, and kissed her, GWTW style too. She was surprised as nobody else would do something like that, 3 sec into the first meeting. She submitted, hesitatingly at first, but I could read her mind - she thought what the heck - and then finished the kiss with flying colors.

Of course I was taking advantage of her too. If she refused, I might just ran out of the door. Nothing important would be lost.

I could tell she's rather new too, at least new to the agency. Her dress was somewhat sexy, but probably not because of the dress, but because of her body. She got high heels on, but cheap, not streetwalker cheap, but bargains. This reinforced what I read from her pictures. That was what I liked about her.

Very soon, everything about her was well done, hair, nails that I didn't notice before, shoes, dress, skin and all that. She looked a couple of years younger, still well above teens, and so I think we can stand each other for an hour or so.

I knew patrons showered her with gifts, because she didn't mind accepting it, and model it for you. This is not that common. For what she had been wearing you really want to give her something instead. Usually, cash is the best gift, giving her most freedom and you get absolutely nothing in return.

More than that, she modeled the merchandises for everybody. I didn't know whether if she didn't have the chance to change, if she liked to look her best for me, or if she wanted to invite competition. Once she wore a gorgeous below-knee dress , with matching heels, proper heels. I don't like long dress but that did look good on her, and must be expensive too, for the material and complication. But she did take good care of her gifts. I had to wait VERY patiently for her to take off her dress in several pieces, fold them neatly and put on a chair.

As time went on, she was less keen on kissing upstairs, but compensated on kissing downstairs instead. I have a theory that they rather do something else to compensate than deliver a bad kiss when they are not in the mood to.

When she was new to the agency, she was rather accessible. So I booked her in the morning. She told me I was her first - of the day. And obviously she was in a good mood too. I was rather rough on her and she seemed to be enjoying it. Not that she was orgasmic that sort of thing, but she wasn't holding back anything, I was free to roam, and she was encouraging.

When I pulled out and asked her to turn around, she had a wicked smile on her face. "Doggie?" she asked. When I nodded, she said, "I liked doggieeee", and was like jump at the chance, and fall into position.

I tried my best to meet her expectations. I poked her harder and harder and she was cheering me on all the way. Then I ejaculated, prematurely. May be it was all a trick - so she could throw me out early. But it wouldn't matter. I didn't want to disappoint anyone, who asked for it, even though I know my risk.

That was the last time I saw her. On the phone, I could sense that she wasn't that keen to see me. She quit the agency, and if not, I was trying to talk her into private outcalls anyway. The problem was she lived quite far from me, and at the time I didn't have the luxury to drive far. She didn't really needed me. However, I think the premature thing had something to do with it.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Fantasy pretty woman

Do you play fantasy football? Do you think you can handle a current/ex callgirl as a girl friend? What will affect your selection? This is pure fantasy and any facts are only pure coincidence. But I do probably have sex with more hookers than you do.

I had a mentor (that I hate), whose holy grail is to find some attractive hookers that like sex, and like to hang out off the clock. Although it's unthinkable to some, but it's not that rare. But I'm not talking about just freebies, it has to be something deeper, otherwise who really cares anything about her?

I had an agent (that I also hate), who always call me buddy, that had been very protective of me. His first rule is not to hook up with hookers other than on the clock. Because it's very easy to be bleed dry. It's unthinkable to some, but being bleed dry is not that rare and many patrons consider it as fair game. If you play with fire you have to suffer any consequences. Of course, he just didn't want me to bypass his service and go independent :). Later, he added rule zero secretly, any hooker with home area code close to me will not be introduced.

What sort of sex will you expect? I'm sure many many civilians will feel left out if they don't have enough sex, particularly good sex. There must be also many civilians who aren't interested one way or the other. It must be the same for hookers, but of course there could be additional advantages or problems.

I had a callgirl who made me feel that I was in a bad porn movie. Everything is great except that she is too dramatic and vocal. It feels like bad acting in porn movies. But after a while I felt that she was quite genuine, though she could benefit by toning down a little. We played dress up, chasing around her house, she liked screaming and moaning. We did have lots of harmless extra curriculum activities off the clock, as she was having fun, and she had been also looking for dates around the time. My internal alarm went off when she tried not to be compensated. It could be a conspiracy and I didn't have time to play boyfriend, so I disappeared.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are the genophobes, who would minimize skin contact if possible. I had been seeing this girl for a while, one of the prettiest, hoping she would do her job better. One day she agreed to take a shower with me, but once she saw the bathroom, she changed her mind, blaming the dirty bathroom. It wasn't a 5 star hotel so I let her off, giving up what I had in mind doing to her. Another day, when I was doing doggy, she made sure that the condom stayed in position by holding it with two fingers. I lol'ed later when I saw the same thing appearing on a TER review, not on her but her buddy. Maybe after knowing me enough, she didn't hid her genophobia anymore. May be she was playing mind games with me. I knew she wanted to bleed me dry but she was totally incapable of it. She gave me deep discount for overnight but I knew it would be a waste of money.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Back to pretty woman from Prop K diversion.

Remember a while ago a self proclaimed attractive woman asked in public about why it's so difficult to find husband in the above 500K income bracket, when many of these men have plain janes as wives?

Nobody wants to be loved because what he earned. It's related: if one only aims at 500K, he will take it easy once he get there waiting for retirement, he's not likely to be given that position or get his business there in the first place. Plain jane isn't that bad. Everybody can be glam up a few notches, like stock escort pictures and porn stars on DVD labels. Knowing somebody for a long time has it's advantages, like childhood friends and high school sweethearts. Attraction is a strange thing. I had a slightly painful erection, skins being pulled too hard by the pressure, when I saw a woman who wasn't even on the top of my "conquer" list. How about Prince Charles?

I don't want to be some hooker's only way out. It helps if she is doing well herself, and have a lot of rich suitors. I don't want to be somebody's stiff toy only, there's plenty around.

Similarly, I don't think hookers would want to have boyfriends that are only after free sex. Or, they expect that (ex)hooker girlfriends are willing to offer more sex and more kinky sex than others. Or, hookers don't want to be just trophy wives. I mean beauty is skin deep and can vaporize at any moment.

A rich man wants Anna Nichole to be his wife, that's perfectly OK for me. But I mean both parties will usually want more than that, because there aren't that many Mr Smith. Also, a mail order type bride will be less risky?

What a hooker wants from a relationship? It really isn't different from anybody else, depends on individuals. Often people who suffer more hardship early in life works a lot harder and achieves more. If they are not getting anywhere they want more security from others. I once had a crush on a girl (she isn't a hooker and that was ancient history) who is poorer to start with. She worked very hard in a summer job for spending money. The joint went burst and didn't pay her a cent. She never took risk even before that, including me, and her choice of boyfriend is totally predictable - middle middle class parent, has a stable boring job and qualifications when her peers are only starting. Plain, boring, but sent her flowers. (Oh yes, maybe I'm jealous.)

I had a hooker that obviously had some abandonment complex. She actually joked that now I a nice house, nice car, nice job, and what do I do? Play hooking. I think somebody dumped her before and I'm sure the last thing she wanted is a rich playboy friend.

Another hooker told me that she wanted somebody who she can talk to (among many other things!). I'm not sure that she enjoyed all the gambling, drinking and smoking. I think she just like to be surrounded by friends, and often talked through the night with a few of her closest. As a man with few words, I was very alarmed that we spent a couple of hours in the hotel room, mostly post sex talking. Then we went to the restaurant for a couple more. I'm sure she likes to talk to someone who knows her job and respects her. It could be a trap, or nothing, but it's trouble anyway. I didn't see her for a couple of months.

Looks really doesn't matter much, and if you don't believe me watch more porn (with fat ugly studs). But there should be some minimum standards. I had a barely legal girl who avoided walking along side with me, staying a few yards in front of me always. That is unusual ;) One day she took down my sun glasses, told me I looked better, and the sun glasses were terrible, reminded her of some scary discipline masters. She must be a trouble maker back at school! I am so proud of her because another one told me that I needed some eye bag removal. At the same period, yet another one grabbed my arm tight, walking together on the streets. She asked me if we looked like lovers. I tried hard to duck away, at last saying that we needed a mirror. I know she wanted to see me again (as a client), but she could have found less awkward things to use. I blame my genes. I'm not going to get love handles, and I have to wait a few more decades than others to get my salt and pepper. Believe me, it isn't good at work.
Prop K: Since I can't vote there, I wasn't going to subject myself to painful spins. However, because of the interesting subject, and the exposure, I read a little more.

It's painful to read and watch DA Harris to spin off the subject. There are also subjects that the proponents touched lightly. There should be voter submitted questions made into FAQ section.

I would think getting it to the ballot box is an achievement. It can be a landslide as up to 70% (substitute your own figure) of men will have some experience with prostitutes. For current patrons the price will come down, for future patrons, they will not be prosecuted if they dare to try.

I very much agree that it's a human rights issue - should you be prosecuted by attending a wine tasting party? It happened before, you know. Human trafficking still doesn't make sense. The international trafficking excuse was shot down, now they bring out the domestic ones. Did someone said that the fear of prosecution because of prostitution is the main reason these victims didn't try to run to the authorities?

If someone setup a sex slave brothel in downtown SF for half the price, it might have a long line and everybody knows about it, and it will be busted very soon. The price will be more or less the same. It takes a moron client not to notice the difference, and most will avoid that sort of thing. Most clients are not eligible anyway because of the risk. So far someone said international trafficking is zero in SF and I say domestic trafficking is a rare event not in big cities like SF. What happened in the news is that they imprison victims in the middle of nowhere, the small number of clients (if any) are willing to keep the secret because of no real alternatives.

Good luck with the zoning issues. I don't know how it works. Prop K isn't legislation, just to tell LE stop wasting time with prostitutes. How to deal with street walkers? They are much more mobile than a illegal hot dog stand. How to deal with a high traffic brothel in a residential area? Or commercial area? US laws is quite lax on prostitutes. You get warning and then tickets a few times before you get jail time (varies greatly for locations). It's a lot more difficult to clean up the streets by charging them with something like selling hot dogs illegally. It's also difficult to get rid of incalls with lots of visiting friends all day long. The threat is more of harassment, the biggest being outing you when you try to keep it a secret. LE can (?) threaten your assets and custody of your children.

Since EU relax immigration laws and adopted the US cheap labor model, Europeans got a glimpse of what will happen if US prostitutes become not so illegal. Targeting prostitution such as in Amsterdam seems to be the natural reaction. SF would be really in the fore front to show the world something.

The rights of minorities (occupation) and the pursuit of harmless pleasure should triumph everything else. Let's see how it goes.

But it will be happy times, I would go to SF rather than LV. I'll do careful screening and then do it at upper floors at Grand Hyatt,, on the floor at the glass walls, or a little bit tricky, on the thick walls at the glass windows.

Trafficking wouldn't make any difference as it's a rare even if any. Victim can go to LE without fear.

There won't be more brothels as all exiting strip clubs will be brothels. Income will be down because of competition, and some strippers will be forced out. Some previous brothels, now empty properties, will be reopened. It will be like good old times when the numbers in SF are near saturation, so there won't be noticeably more.

There are always secret flats in the most desirable areas. People feel safe there and you can charge more. I know one private apartment in a small complex that you can only get to via toll road. The toll cam's have your plate numbers if anything happens. The high rent also favors sharing, for people with connections who have streams of girls visiting from overseas or from the other coast. (The same principle that pets don't shit where they eat.) After prop K they will tighten up the schedules and less worrying about people getting lost and press the wrong doorbells.

There are happy ending factories in almost all desirable locations already. Many are now clinically clean in medical plazas. Again there won't need to be more, just more places will allow happy endings and more. There will be winners and losers, like strippers, depending on what how far they are willing to go.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's amusing to be philosophical about porn. But do you think lesser of the girl if she is covered with cum after a burakke party? She has lots of money, can't sing, can't act, too pretty to be a waitress, and don't know much to do anything else.

I was visiting a massage therapist for about a year, who is pretty enough to join the 1st wife club, that is, you don't mind seeing her everyday. Never tried to ask her out because of her metabolic rate, she can never be a thin model (she told me she consulted doctors). She isn't fat or thick, just no point to show her off, rather stay in her massage room instead. She wouldn't do anything sexual, she made it clear on day one. No foot massage, may be a little thigh massage not too high up. I never pushed, it's complicated on both sides. But certainly, it's not because she was watched by her boss. She hid me in the most private room available, just short of any underground boiler room. She liked to be stared at while doing the chest massage on me.

There are those who tease you with everything within the law, until you submit to do it yourself, sort of pro dom in massage. And then there are those who do happy endings with no hesitation, as someone new said here that it's the easiest money ever. Some pride on getting you off without you touching them at all. As much I love the massage and the good feeling of a happy ending, I rather have two back to back sessions, which cover all my needs.

It's hard to refuse those massage girls who need money, but not a lot. They don't go all the way because they are totally young and beautiful, and they get enough money for that. Many of them are too delicate to handle clients on their own if they take in/out calls. Once you start grabbing and sucking, it's hard to save yourself for another appointment, and it would become economically uneconomic.

I was so paranoid that she would run away with the money while I was taking a shower she asked, Chanel walked in the bathtub after finishing her call, grabbed my dick causally like it is a innocent toy, washed it, and suck away. It seemed like the most natural thing to do. Later I found out that she wasn't good at it because she doesn't like it. She later put on the cover because she thought that she shouldn't give away too much for the bargain. And later she would give me enough BBBJ to please me, but no pretense about it. Unlike, Emma, who seemed to have a field day every time, blow it, cool it down, repeat, until I couldn't last any more.

Do you sometimes it's like bribing a kid with candies to do chores? I know the size of the bribe and the chores are very different, but that's just something to get use to - the porn philosophy? In the beginning I can't stand hard core porn, prefer soft and censored porn where in your face cocks are blurred. Now it's the opposite, call it progress, just as anybody else. I also hated ugly fat guys, but now I can appreciate the dramatic effect. Also, I can overlook it and concentrate on other things.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pretty Woman?

I don't see how a woman politician can comment on the subject. Has she been a hooker herself? Or not that far by being a politician? Thinking about it, I am as qualified as many others, who see hookers who enjoy client sex, and who hate it, who think they are doing something wrong, and who think they are just doing a job like any others.

Can you love a hooker? You can easily make your conclusion by watching lots of porn with angelic stars doing XXXXX stuffs with ugly fat studs. You don't want your woman to do that sort of things often? How often is often? I knew a girl who told me she experimented by the book with her ex-boyfriend before she became a part time hooker. I would think sugar babies of older gentlemen are pretty easy work. Where to draw the frequency line?

Some hookers draw the line on kissing, etc. It's bullshit saying it's reserved for boyfriends. Though sometimes it's stupid rules set by boyfriends. Anyway, where do you draw the line? In some cultures, you have to be killed if you are not a virgin at wedding. In others, virgins are sought after and expected. But if these guys spend a couple of months or years in the West, they don't care any more.

There are many reasons for not kissing, simply don't like it. One reason is that you can't fake passion as in real DFK. So some girls simply don't try. However, those tongue-tongue DJK's (not F) seems good for all party involved, and don't need much passion on both sides. It's simply some service that make the client feel good.

Down the line, tea bags, cock to mouth, CIM, CI anything, doesn't seem so unacceptable to boy friends. Does it matter where your girl friend uses her lips or tongue? Does it matter what's being put in her mouth? (All risk being equal or safe.)

I know some girls hate many things. But a few like to suck any stiff cocks, naturally they are not afraid of pre cums and cums. And after in the job long enough, girls are pretty insensitive what the tasks are. At least they can talk about anything like routine tricks of the circus, while some clients are too shy to ask.

Sure many hookers do not enjoy client sex. But to some, perhaps newer ones, it's just natural reaction. They can't stop juice flowing, nipples stiffening, moaning, back scratching, neck holding, and of course the big O. Some girls actually try hard to fight it, so they don't give away too much for the price agreed upon. And they don't want to give some clients the wrong ideas.

Having said that, a retired hooker is preferrable. I'm so jealous when my fav hooker leaves my hotel room to see her next client.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

San Francisco Prop K

Sex sells. If you want public attention, I would suggest to hold a sexy street party and parade, that sort of thing. Give it a Halloween theme so sex workers can hide their face and ID, so hopefully more attractive people may come forward. A masquerade street party maybe? Handing out mask on site so patrons or potential patrons may just join in for the fun.

As for the prop itself, I'm not so sure. Say I would let them investigate, so they will concentrate on trafficking if they can find any. If there's no checks and balances, SF, being in America, has the potential to make it as in your face as Amsterdam, but with the scale of London.

SF is lined with pretty historical buildings (relatively speaking) everywhere. There are many small apartments with huge windows close to street levels.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bipolar 3G

Wow, imagine that, picking up three generations of bipolar's to deal with. I was watching some saved TV on my DVR - I think there was something about bipolar in it, but not a documentary but drama. Of course I vaguely know about bipolar before, but it dawned on me that I could be dealing with it, three generations.

Certainly I'm not trying to diagnose anything via a TV drama, nor I'm going to read everything of it on the web. Obviously something fits (what doesn't), and many don't. It doesn't matter. For your benefit you can imagine that at times I'm dealing with something like that. Imagine at home you see at play sometimes bipolar vs bipolar, or bipolar vs ADHD (which could be a misdiagnosed bipolar).

Maybe I should join some victim support group, because the whole family is the victim, not just the patient. Maybe the wrong group, at least I may learn something to deal with - "spending spree", "irrational behavior". (That's my theory - there's always some disorder that fits some of you.)

But there are other ways - like seeing callgirls (I sort of prefer hooker if that doesn't offend anyone). Really I don't see how a game of golf is more fun than spanking something beautiful or playing illegal games that you can't even tell others. An hour of theraputic massage is theraputic - going blank for an hour is enough to recharge for another day or week.

ps. spell check is off for some reason, get over it

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Inspired to Blog: The Comfort Zone

Inspired to Blog: The Comfort Zone: "Someone ( a man of course) sent me this today and it made me laugh a lot. It kind of takes the piss out of this industry too, and I think we can all get too serious at times so here goes..." Never thought of it this way.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

First they came for the street workers... | Sex In The Public Square

First they came for the street workers... | Sex In The Public Square
Well said.

Instead of replying to comments, I can just as well add to the post. This usual "First they came ... then ..." got me thinking. Do we all have trouble drawing the line between sex workers all the time? When everybody have a blog, I had to limit my blog rolls to penetration sex, while keeping entries on my old blog rolls. Some ex call girls who turned into something else caused more confusions because I listed them as ex call girls. My thinking was, why bother too much about the line? Seriously they are coming for you all anyway, even porn.

I feel that a lot of sex worker activists are strippers (maybe I'm totally wrong). And in my area, and I would think most areas, strippers do not provide sex. A lot of clubs do not allow touching, and you may at most get your pants wet in many others. I found it puzzling that they identify themselves along side with escorts.

Can I support street walkers? I am always against prostitution in residential areas, if practical everybody should be limited to do it in hotels. So I can't support SW's around residential areas and can't support residential incalls. I have seen over the world less desirable buildings being taken over by sex workers, when underprivileged families have to rub shoulders with patrons. Now I heard in the news a short while ago that desirable trendy flats in London are at risk too.

That's my principle. But I have no trouble going to incalls in nice quiet neighborhoods, and that neighbors aren't staring at you. Because making laws exactly what you wanted without loophole is difficult.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Failed pickups

I saw a very sexy young woman walking alone on the sidewalk. She looked like a young housewife who ventured outdoors for something, didn't bother to change, and hoped to get away with it because not much people was around. She was in shorts, not tight but brief, long legs on comfortable slippers.

I was in a rather new sporty car, casual suit for work. Instinctively I decided to try picking her up because of her legs. I did something like this, but not from a car, and the last time was a million years ago. It was a quiet neighborhood, nobody else was walking and the traffic was sparse. I don't know anybody there for a million miles.

So I stopped a few foot-steps in front of her, waiting for her to come to my passenger side window. She came up politely, straighten her legs and bent down so her head was closer to the window. I wished I was at her back side so much. Then I asked, "Do you need a ride?".

For the background, offering rides to strangers there happen all the time. I have seen that some girls do take up on the offers, but usually in pairs or groups.

She was surprised a bit. But what she did surprised me too. Find out at the end.
xxxxx -----

I saw two young girls dressed for a night out, waiting at the bus stop. There were few people around and few traffic. I thought it was a sure thing they would take up my offer for a ride. Then it hit on me that I wasn't driving my own car. But I did it anyway. I have seen girls getting into barely working cars. But this car was different. The girls laughed cheerfully while shaking their heads a little. They aren't really laughing at me, but found the situation quite hilarious.

Find out here.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Worse is worse than bad. Finally, I know someone, who has a few kids, whose husband has just been deployed for many months. Most likely he is just a reservist. She couldn't avoid crying when breaking the news to us.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Confessions of a College Callgirl: "I guess that's why I made a lousy John, I really can't
be myself with strangers - I'm a shy movie geek with a
bad boy complex."

That would be a lousy date too, and a lousy first date because that have to be with relative strangers.
My Girlfriend is an Escort: Their Bad Types: "Once in a while G. comes across top-class idiots." This guy is usually too painful to read - I feel the pain. This is interesting. This reminded myself that I have started a reflection serious to recall interesting moments about the reactions of call girls on me.
Sex scams |SEXhobbyist: "”Clip Joints” (not to be confused with legitimate strip clubs however pricey they may be) are evil establishments set up for the sole purpose of swindling their customers out of money through high pressure sales techniques" I know nothing about that! I would think a clueless tourist would just get into any strip clubs, very American institutions as seen on TV the world over.
Ptr Leeds in Wonder Land: Recommended reading : Listen to Sex Workers.: "She clearly cites serious, government sponsored, research that shows that the industry is NOT saturated with underage and trafficked people. She then argues why it should not be pushed underground or criminalized." I think Spitzer is well qualified to understand this. Bringing him back will be great for the industry - those never paid for a prostitute nor being a prostitute will continue to make silly laws.
The Diary Of An English Courtesan
Ha, fake cockpit, big red button, green widget, do they turn you on?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Adventure 3

Nancy was born and raised locally, which was where I met her for outcall. She had a job probably in a department store, selling women clothing. Perhaps she worked in the back office, which required more education and having more stability than the front. The job shouldn't be too bad as she kept it all those years. She never skipped work, we always met during lunch, and on one occasion had to turn me down because she had to work later than usual that day.

She has neck length blond hair very smart for work. She is taller than me, has great legs even in pants. At the end of her legs she wear open toe sandals as many other women. I noticed her toes in her pictures and while I chatted with her in my hotel room for a good while before we started. I am always a leg man. I was admiring her legs while she made me feel very much at ease. I went further and further down, until I hit the toes. The rest is history, she was the first one whom I sucked, unpremeditated and uncontrollably. I think I understand oral fixation.

She has a great body too, with shoulders and all that. But her waist is too small and looked unnatural. Her breast is natural which is quite refreshing but needed to be fixed. She got very beautiful pictures, either the photographer worked closely with her or was in love with her. This was why I risked to book her. Everything was unusual about her, outcall only, evenings only, all pictures and no review, as she had all the signs of a ripoff. Being a part-timer explained it all, but rarely anybody else was a true part-timer in the area.

She always invited me for lunch after sex. I never did because I dreaded the attention. She turns head. She is taller and I look skinner with her around. No way I were to eat with her near where I work.

I wished I could see her in the evenings. I heard from reviews that she would wear short skirts and sexy dress for evening outcalls so no one could possibly turn her down at the door. She even had pink hair once, probably a wig or temporary coloring.

True to the part-timer spirit, she liked to please in her own terms, without worrying how many clients she had. I suppose she doesn't kiss. You don't need to ask these things if it wasn't on the menu. If it's YMMV, somehow you will go head to head, face to face, she won't mind kissing on her cheek, on the lips, and then maybe LFK to DFK to DJK. With girls such as her you will never find your head close to her, close enough to smell her hair, unless you deliberately try. Otherwise she seemed to like sex, liked to be eaten, like long blow jobs, which she carried out with a dental dam! It was great to watch too, but wished she just throw away that piece of dam thing. When I was done every time, I think she always needed more to finish the job, because I wasn't that great.

She looked mid to late 20's, but since she had an ora of maturity around her, she might be younger. Or maybe she hit 30 who looked young. I think she is a thinking girl, who didn't want to have a relationship with whoever available at the time. Her career wasn't that exciting and she needed sex. I think the highlight of her adventure is that she was called to a nursing home, did it with an old man, and he died on her. Possibly his buddies fixed him up for his last wish.

Adventures 2

Risking to sound like a broken record, I'll be talking about some of my other old friends again, though this time is about why they do it. ( Should broken record be taken out of the language? It's still commonly used I suppose, but who have a turn table anymore? Kids never see it. A CD can be broken but the effect is very different. Soon CD will be a thing of the past too.)

Emma was born and raised in America, until 16. It was a big deal when her family refused to trust her with a car. They sent her back to their family homeland instead. I think she might have a degree there. I don't know how long she had been a flight attendant, may be just a tmp job, but that was her last job when I met her. I think she was doing rather well. She might have quit her job or she got laid off.

Anyhow she had a brand new town house costing at least 300K or much more at the time. Maybe her family helped. Her family and siblings are doing well - she sent me a family photo. (Everything has a first time.) Maybe she got the down payment while escorting briefly in US. Maybe she had been escorting part-time for a while before she came here, plus her own savings. Maybe she was a mistress - she told me she had a boyfriend who took care of her, when she started to refuse my money. But it's hard to be a conventional mistress when she was a flight attendant. So it may just be a boyfriend with benefits.

As a side story it's complicated. She was hinting me to step up, but to what? To be a sugar daddy type I might end up paying her much more than hourly sessions. And since my wife was away I told her I was single. To be a real boyfriend I cannot keep it up for long. So I just kept paying her each time but tried to hang out as much as possible.

Her body is great and well kept. She has worldwide gym membership before she turned her 2nd bedroom into a gym. But she wasn't at all muscular, tall and slender, but not as skinny and delicate as other smaller girls. I never know how exactly her face looked like even though she sent me lots of her pictures showing her face. She always has makeup on, not thick, but she is hiding something that she is not confident of. Maybe she has one eye slightly larger than the other, that nobody will notice and nobody will care, but she feel obvious and has the compulsion to hide it from anybody else. Either it is this sort of imperfection, or she doesn't think she is pretty enough with her raw face. But she looks OK to me, and with the rest of her body it's a show off going out with her.

I felt most at ease with her going in and out of hotels. We do it a lot because we usually do something before or after sex. She is usually in smart casuals daytime, spending efforts to look good and individual, but not rely on expensive labels. Many girls do not look like hookers but the mismatch between us at the hotel lobby make it obvious - for example, too young, too small, too pretty, body too exaggerated. We look like a couple. Once we were at an upscale hotel with lots of people for a company Christmas party. In the lift all the couples were looking at us, yes including me, but in particular she in her cute jacket with her casual suit.

She did cam dating, high resolution, not 320 x 240 thumbnail types. She does look good on camera and she knows how to show her best. She once called me, fired up her webcam to show me her tight hot pants and tight T-shirts. She knows which side of her face is best so perhaps this is why she avoids less good looking angles of her even in real life. At some angles she does look like a movie and porn star. She told me she met a few guys via cam dating but obviously nothing came out of it, otherwise she wouldn't have that much time for me.

She likes sex, with other patrons too, in particular stiff cocks, and she knows how to prolong the stiffness without bursting. But she is too dramatic at times, like the sound track in a bad porn movie.

It's odd that I never kissed her. She once emailed me everyday to say good morning or every week to remind me of her. When I mentioned DFK she went silence. I didn't even kissed on her cheeks or lips. Her makeup isn't that thick, but there always seem to be some oil based (it shouldn't be but that's the look of it) moisturizer protecting her cheek. I don't think she likes to be seen with her makeup messed up, so we seldom have face to face time.

So it's very odd that she refused to take my money in the last days. Yes, we do have lip kisses for goodbye, but they are way too tame compared to her cock sucking. She's easy to be with, though she isn't much older than those that are difficult. We went places, fansy restaurants but not expensive. I dropped by her house for free lunch, and after work at her neighborhood starbuck. She never asked me to go shopping with her, which could cost a lot. Her house was cosy. I chased her in it, had sex, napped a little and watch barebone cable TV package together. I did feel the loneliness in her house if I were not there.

I don't know why she did it. Most likely because she knew a few other attendants who did it, and tried. If she did it for the down payment of her house, she shouldn't be able to get a mortage on her own - she wasn't doing much at the time we went out. If she managed to pay off the house, she wouldn't need to do it for the brief time I saw her. She has a modest car, but a new house, which set her apart from others I know.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Escorting is all about money. But I forgot from my own experience that very often money isn't the main driver. I can't find better words to put it but the sense of adventure. Obviously they are not desperate for money. They are bored and instead of settling into a seemingly boring or uncertain life, they choose to "see the world" for sure with escorting as the "ticket". (I mean physical traveling is a small or irrelevant part of "see the world".)

Shortie may be about 5'3. She is well traveled with her parents, have lived in a few parts of the world like army brats, but in big constructions or something like that. She is 19, in college, which not much of her classmates attended classes. I don't think she excels in academics because of her nomadic background. Her face is actually below average, and there's not much to look at when she's wearing clothes. Her body is outstanding - not in the proportion department, but in the touch and feel department. Overall, I grew to like her very soon. She is quite picky about her clients (some restrictions). But for those who manage to see her, she would do a lot of things, even gave me pleasant surprises. It seems that her escort odometer has little mileage on it, but I think she listens and learns a lot. After the 1st shot, she would shower, come back, hold me, and patiently wait for the 2nd even if I fell asleep.

I don't think she has big plans for herself, just to finish college, not thinking that it will do her any good or any worse. I don't think she would settle for average Joe because she did actually see the world a bit - multi-lingual, even know a little arabic. I don't think exciting bad boys will go after her - she is a bit plain. I think she can't give up handsome young men (relatively speaking) yet at 19, and settle for mature men as boyfriends. So she is a bit of limbo on dating (who isn't?).

In her case it's easy to become a call girl. If she expresses interest or asks around a little, somebody will get to her, she will be given the chance to try it out, and that she can be a little picky about clients if she doesn't worry about the money. I think her clients are more exciting than having average joes as boyfriends. She likes sex. I've been told (not her) that it's a thrill when some total stranger is at the other side of the door, ready to have sex with you. And her clients have money.

Chanel and a few of her friends, I suppose they want rich boyfriends that they actually like - they are too pretty for average joes. Chanel's face could pass as the trophy 1st wife club, but her body isn't near model types, but outstanding for a young hooker, for a while. She can get back to great shape any time but she didn't bother. Some of her friends appeared in printed soft porns briefly, and can be counted as internet models as they have websites. Don't know how much they get from it at all, but certainly having a porn site inflate their escort rates. (unlike real porn stars who actually have videos out.) Looking back, their body is great, but I was never tempted because they aren't that pretty in the face, so it isn't worth it when I can have Chanel without costing an arm and a leg. Chanel cannot show her face in public so she settled for less.

So they don't have everything, either just rich boyfriends, or just boyfriends that they like, or none. In Chanel's case, she kept her rich boyfriend as an option. Once in a blue moon, she told me that she would be satisfied if she has someone to talk to, meaning not only that she didn't like her boyfriend much, but she also found it hard to talk to him. It's not that they don't talk to each other. It's the sort of talk with your best friend, you open your heart, and feel good. I also think that they were being played before, or seen someone else being played, making them less hopeful for Mr Right to turn up soon.

It's interesting how their adventures ended, or moving on to their next stage. If she is telling the truth for once, Chanel married and had a kid. Her boyfriend hanged on for too long, pressured her to get married or else he had to replace her. What I heard from the others were decreasing specials by word of mouth or via agents, while still maintaining their expensive high profile in their public websites. One had a kid, still worked, with very much revised rates, but still not popular, appeared briefly in 2nd rate internet porns. One worked in a totally different industry that can make use of her personal skills. On her work website, she had her pictures on which looked very professional. But she also had to very subtly stated that she had been an escort. She sure knows that many people will still remember her.

Joan, Chanel's buddy, was still working and seemed to be doing well. Joan used to look up to Chanel but seemed that the fortune was reversed. Joan is not as pretty but can easily replace Chanel when first I met them, indeed I did them both on separate occasions. The difference is, Joan doesn't seem to have problems with the job, while I doubt if Chanel ever has regulars. She never did it full time. She came out to work when she needed money, and then disappeared until next time. Then she worked even less and changed her strategy. Before she married she should have at most a few regulars that she could put up with, but only barely I suppose.

Last time I heard from Joan (via Chanel), her boyfriend finished college, got a decent entry level job. Obviously she was still working. They were going to get a brand new Z3. Maybe I may still run into her, she is still a long way from 30.

More adventures to come if I remember somebody else.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's so sweet. I refused to pay a cell phone company early termination fee. I changed to another carrier one month early by mistake. My old carrier refused to let me pay one more month, instead they want the termination fee. Or I have to rejoin them, being penalized by my new carrier. Actually I wouldn't lost any money but I didn't keep my cool - it was so illegal. I wanted to sort of picket them but I was busy. The hassled me for more than a year and fucked with my credit history. I didn't settle out of principle and rage. I saw the practice disappeared from the industry. Now I know why - it's really illegal and I'm going to share the class action settlement. Now they have to pay me a little and I may sue them back for hassling me.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

To be or not to be - an escort

Recently, there have been a few posts directly and indirectly about this topic, and some more will be coming too. This happens to be appropriate if I continue on the handbook (or escort 101) series - the beginning of it all. Not that I'm going to write a lot more, just that I don't want to do other things much today.

The so called prom-mis-cure-us (the spell checker can't help me here), is a good quality. Morally, you don't feel guilty about the job, that's quite necessary. With all the experience, you are not afraid of being hurt easily, and you know how to please. Experience is the same thing, but one needs time to acquire experience. If you are 19 and you have seen and done it all, I would say it's more of prom-mis-cure-us than experience.

If you are well qualified, you may not know that some newer girls are quite funny, regardless of age. You know some experienced and more delicate girls can lock you with their limbs and bodies so you couldn't charge much and couldn't do much damage. They will only open up when they feel that you are not too rough. This is the first things that newer girls learn, together with the overuse of lubrications, directly related to the size of your penis. They would rather do quickies, don't care if you come back or not.

I had a good girl Nikki, 19 year old, very juicy on a good day, but she preferred anal, and she charges extra for it of course. But I think she likes it, perhaps not with every (or all) patron(s). And of course Emma who have an oral fixation, which is not an urban legend, I can vouch for it. They like the job, at least while I'm in there.

Then you need a reason, which is of course the money. No matter how much you like sex, you don't need to be an escort to get a lot of it. We are talking about having a choice here. The saddest thing I heard is that mothers or daughters want to keep the whole family together. That is, to avoid social services taking away they children or siblings. It can be terrible in some areas, children are lost in the system, and at least one died. And of course the usual foster stories, for profit, for cheap domestic labour, for abuse and all of the above.

On the other extreme, I read somewhere recently, that I can't recall the origin, that someone dressed and accessarized like they have a trust fund, or ivory league graduates. Instead of having a trust fund, or graduated from ivory leagues, some went into escorting to get the same things. Personally I don't think it's worth it to sell sex in order to be somebody you are not. But then there's little difference than some poor girls, when they are 19, decide that they don't want to suffer any more, want to buy, say, an ipod, iphone or a working car, when they want to, like all their other peers. Who am I to judge?

In between, there's the usual keeping up with medical bills, mortgages, etc. Basically, moving down the social scale can be terrifying, because of the unknown, and that you are likely to loose your friends on the current scale. But I would think bankruptcy, moving to a small house, or renting isn't the end of the world. You can always make a comeback, probably easier than if you try to hang on to it no matter what, losing more on the way. And if you can't, get use to it, there's a whole new world down there. Of course if you are close to homeless or need food kitchens, that's a different story.

It's useless to say "don't do drugs". Many are driven into prostitution because of it in the first place. For social users, if you think there's such a thing, I pray for you. I hope to be a social smoker too. But either I chain smoke myself to death, or I don't touch it at all. Genetically, I will fall asleep before I get drunk.

For any reason, I hope you are on the top of it. Naturally, patrons buy happiness, or smile, if they can afford it, if only temporarily. If you are miserable to start with, it will likely be a fast downward spiral.

It's refreshing to see that exit strategies are often discussed. Ideally you have a career job and a side job to supplement your income. When you want to or forced to retire you have something to fall back on. But often it doesn't make sense when you work a lot less hours and earn a lot more on your side job. Earning your way through college is similar. Your 1st graduated job may be a lot worse money wise than your escort job. It's temping to go full time instead.

The happy situations I come across are summer jobs, in safer and/or a lot richer places other than your own. Or waiting for the occasional call after your day job, mostly out of town business travellers (without their wife). And of course some flight attendants, not that there are many escorts among them, but their job fits part-time escorting well.

If you escort full time, I would think when you have enough to retire, it's easier to go into personal investment or start your own business. You don't need somebody to employ you but still you need time to learn, and prepare for the risk, such as extra money to lose. Nowadays, a few years (in escorting) is a long time that your exit plans have to adapt. You don't want to unretire.

Of course looking for someone to support your retirement, like marriage. But well, you have read about difficult relationships. And gold digging for example, is best when you are at your prime, which is also the time you can earn the most - contradicting.

A main risk is addiction to money, or some would say lifestyle. You buy what you like. This is worse than credit card addiction, which I bet most people suffers. This addiction is what drive some from part time into full time, from with an exit strategy to without.

How long will you last? With modern technology, easily a decade or two physically. If you want to stay all natural, not even laser skin enhancement, you need to watch your window of opportunity. Catwalk models start younger and younger, because some girls look their best (slim model wise) at 16, some 12. Their prime time is short lived, if they start their escort job at legal age. On the other hand, some skinny girls for example, looks sexier after 30 with some meat on the bone.

I'm sure there are a lot more that could be said, but they are not in my head now.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

$pread Blog � When Sex Workers Go Bad
Just to show that people in the sex industry can be ignorant about something in the sex industry. I don' t know the author but this is a classic rip-off technique started well before the internet and continues with the internet. I tried, all the ads in the phone books and printed classifed ads in major US cities are like this, spreading to Asia even. And before review sites, majority of online advertisement. Now a significant number of online advertisements. There is a book for girls on how to do it. There are some famous murder cases as a result of it, in my own county.
Trafficking Chevalier: "A newspaper series of articles about a trafficking/prostitution case in small town Eastern Iowa."

Finally a real case of trafficking, domestic. It reinforced my earlier post that fighting trafficking is like finding needle in a hay stack. All people in the case have quite unique circumstances, so you can say every case is unique and how many unique cases you can have? Or you can say all cases are similar, bad guys, and runaways. Anyway, you need rural places (urban no go areas) to lock up people without people noticing. And you need clients that are having nothing to lose types that cannot afford better things, less riskier things, and wouldn't want to lose the joints by keeping them secrets.
"Even though I never considered provider encounters to be 'dates' per se, I was still self-conscious about my appearance and wanted there to be some mutual attraction from the get-go to make the sex more passionate, despite the circumstances of it being a blind encounter."

I just reinstalled the blog this! button and having a good time clearing up my shared list and stared list on my google reader, with comments. It's well written but if you read it carefully, it doesn't make any sense for a player, whatever it means. The stereotype of ugly, old, fat, smelly, unattractive johns are overrated, but it's true. May be they are the minority. May be they are rich and well dressed, but still they can be ugly, old, fat, smelly, creepy, or plainly unattractive. For this reason I've never been to meet and greets, swinger clubs or johns' clubs. I don't need to be reminded of that.

What do you do if you are good looking? Get over it. You are not getting discounts or freebies by sending beautiful cock pictures. And since there are generous johns that are ugly, old, fat, smelly, creepy, or plainly unattractive, I would think call girls are much less sensitive about superficial looks than civilians. I would say it is a waste of time to work out hard to feel attractive to call girls. It would be easy to make a call girl feel at ease if you are clean, and reasonably fit and healthy. If you are that hot you will get attractive freebies, but I think working girls and civilians would have the same standards of giving out freebies, with working girls harder I think.

Even worse, if you are exceptional good looking, better say you are married, or your girl friend is away, or want something harmless that your SO wouldn't do, otherwise they will think that there must be something wrong about you, possibly dangerous.

Good looking has it's advantages though. You are more likely to get dinner dates without paying the full price I suppose. I was even being shown off to other clients. She made an excuse asking her client to drop her off at our meeting place. For some girls creating healthy competitions are healthy.

It's certainly good to feel the mutual attraction with working girls, but I'm saying that if you need to work out hard to stay in reasonable shape, it's not worth it. For many girls, you are just another piece of cock, which they would like to finish early and go home.
If we’re happy, we’re just the exceptions � Bound, Not Gagged: "The author speaks with Sven-Axel Mansson, a man who “had spent many years studying prostitutes in Sweden and argued that the desire of men for prostitutes had nothing to do with sexual “needs.” Rather, the drive is socially ordained: because men need to project their own sexual feelings onto a “dirty whore,” or because powerful men like Spitzer want to give up power for an hour or two.”"

I agree partially, that isn't just sex. How can you have sexual addition then? At least it's oversimplification. For some it includes maxing credit card additcion, which many of us also have.
Inspired to Blog: The glory of the out call: "A lot of girls would instantly say they would not stay, but when you have travelled thirty miles plus, and have to travel back the same mileage, you sometimes go through with it rather than cut your losses and retain your dignity"

This have to be classic, noticed by Nia too. But it goes both ways, and here this is the reason that fake pictures are so popular, LOL. I must admit that I didn't retain my dignity a few times ( at least ).
Inspired to Blog: What's all the fuss about?: "The old car? Gone to a new owner who will love it, just like I still do......"

Unusually sentimental for an escort, what do you think? When I was little, we moved for the first time. All the brothers went back to the old empty flat to camp for the last night. I don't know what happened to my wife, since our roots weren't that different. She didn't like to see my old pictures at tough times, with hairs like a rock star, or the young Blair, when I was proud of it. She also wanted to erase the memory of our 1st rental flat, with holes in the wall. For me it wasn't sad, we only stayed for less than a year I think before moving to a brand new house. Once in a blue moon when I was sentimental, and say something like the above, without appearing sentimental, she would ask, "what are you trying to say?".
Inspired to Blog: The Modus Operandi of the working girl: "If the punter becomes a regular and starts crossing boundaries then you do have the ultimate choice of saying NO next time he tries to make an appointment. What a shame when you have built up a rapport of sorts and feel safe with him.

Sometimes you may see a guy, who has a really good time, and those feelings extend both ways, simply for him to end the session abruptly to the point of rudeness, only asking questions such as 'can I use the bathroom', and then he is gone without so much as a thank you."

Crossing boundaries - I do try to ask for more if I'm regular, otherwise why would I keep seeing the same woman, not that I know her well anyway. Some girls kiss or do something else once you see her the 2nd time. Some are YMMV but I can't stand it if my mileage are less than the others, knowing that there's nothing particularly wrong about me. Ah, you can say we want more mileages as regulars. But I'm not thinking about crossing boundaries, whatever it means. I tried to probe Chanel as to what she didn't mind to do. If she doesn't like something we can find something else. Initially she didn't seem to understand. Instinctively, she rejects anything other than straight sex (multiple positions). Or wasting my time telling me that she would do it some other time, hoping that I forgot about it. We had a lot of miss-communications. I brought her sexy clothes she didn't wear just because it didn't fit and looked good on her. She didn't want me to touch her toes because it wasn't done (and cleaned) professional. She did enjoy it eventually. Good for her, and I doubt if anybody ever wanted to suck her toes again. For some reasons she didn't want me to suck her fingers, which would be kinky. I did it once and forgot about trying it again. She promised me to do toys, proper toys, but I still didn't know if she really meant it or trying to waste my time again.

Rude departure? - I didn't know that we have high expectation on us ;) I would think a quick premature exit is always welcomed? Really I would think going 10 min early is about 17% tips? Rolling over right after, asking for the bathroom, dress up fast and get out of the door without coming back to the bedroom to say goodbye - wouldn't that be fantastic? Normally I would stay in bed resting. Some would cuddle. Some would retire into the bathroom and I know that's it. When she cleaned up it may not be a good idea to hug or kiss goodbye - her dress may be delicate and so may be her lipsticks or make up.

Once a girl watched me putting back my clothes on. She asked if I always button up that quick. (not always) I LOL because I didn't realize that. Call that "professional" sickness. I don't spend time on routine non-pleasure things. The less time I spent away, the less is the suspicion.

Another time I regret that I had no choice but to say to the girl naked next to me in bed, "you can go now". I was late, got no time. I was trying to say it in a way that I was doing her a favor, by telling her that she could go early. It could well be the most romantic session, with a stranger that is. She got the message and get up to put on her clothes. She wasn't happy. Maybe because she asked for later dates in the same evening, subtly and then unmistakably. I had commitments, couldn't go whatever the price was, and ducked. I let her believed that I would be there for the week, but actually I would be flying the day after, with no more play time. Now she was certain that she got no dates, but not because I was leaving town. I felt she felt rejected. I gave her a good tip and she didn't response. But then again it may just be a trick. If she DFKed me goodbye I might have saved myself the tip if she was convincing. And I wouldn't double the good tip just to get her smile and feel good myself.
La Libertine's Salon: Article of Note: A Defense of Sex Tourism in Thailand: "It explodes assumptions about sex tourism, Thai women and Thai sex workers, mostly the female one, through Chanelle's work with Empower."

That's why I felt uncomfortable before getting there, flying long haul to BKK (only once). I have no problem flying long haul through Asian international gateways though. But thanks to my authentic LA outfit, sometimes I get those slipper welding sex tourist kids, or grumpy dirty old man, sitting next to me. Sorry that the ground crew didn't recognize my designer slippers. Though I heard that an American with designer slippers threatened to sue a 5 star restaurant, in Paris?! Terrible, the American.

If you really hate the authentic LA outfits, as one fellow blogger does, don't ever fly into LA from Asia and anywhere in summer.

It's interesting that people's idea about a nation seldom change, me included. If you don't at least look at the current GDP tables you will be surprised. Sex addiction: A disorder or pseudoscience?
Worth reading, if you haven't. Don't want to quote who found this. Sorry, I meant I don't want to be seen as attacking someone else.
All back to, or going to, school now. All sort of ellite, semi ellite, or special classes, and not the money can buy types. It's the usual time for some perfect family appearance. Back in summer, we had some perfect family trips too.

May be finally my wife know how to treasure the things she has. A little late but still. This is related to call girls, but I will get to that in later posts. We had been to exotic islands, and exotic hotels within the islands that can only be reached via private boats. No, we didn't stay right there but we are the types that are welcomed everywhere. They pour enough fine sand to cover a whole bay, which I discovered has chest high clear water wherever you walk. It was a perfect beach but it meant nothing to me. I just went along. If now I could bring my kids there it would be memory of a life time for them. But kids are easy, it would be memory for a lifetime too if we went to the high Sierras. (Though they all have passports have frequent flyer accounts, not much point in it though.) We went to a picture perfect place for honeymoon too, but all she worried was her excursions. Imagine that? Excursions during honeymoon?

Whenever I hug my kids I want them never to grow up, time stands still. (I'm not thinking about me stop aging though.) On the other hand I wish they turn 18 tomorrow and can fend for themselves.

My thought is very different when my 1st kid was less than a month old. When I was changing diapers, I though sadly, "there goes my next 18 years". I was thinking my happy timing table of going out for side dishes would be greatly disrupted, and that I would be financially slaved to school fees and college funds and all that. I was so silly that I was thinking coming back to active player life after 18 years, not thinking that I would be too old by then. See? Everything is hooker related. Not that I wanted to retire from playering by then, but I was way more active at the time with multiple regulars.

Before kids I hoped my wife changed gradually, either changed from a part-time wife to a full-time wife, or quit altogether. By part-time wife I don' t mean that she cheats or something. It's not bad enough for me to quit - like some call girls, when she is good she is an angel. And I didn't want to lose half of the house. After kids, anything would be much more difficult. It's only a little sacrifice on my part to have a perfect family for them, if only for the short term.

If I can do it all over again, I would have kids when I'm fully ready, that means I would be financially sound for the next 20 years. No matter many couples have kids when they are so old, have no kids, or just adopt. The alternative is to have kids as young as possible. I have posted about the hot young single mother applying her lotions too close to me for my comfort. Both partners have more choices. And when your kids turn 18, you are still only in your 40's. Before that, you could at least able to feed them no matter what happens.

Funny my late father, in his 80's, still regret that he couldn't help out because of his health. Help out like getting a job. Some of his children aren't doing as well as the others, but all are old enough not needing the help of him in his 80's.

Thanks to my wife, we are a half way house, none of the above. She didn't want to have kids when she was young, and spent a lot of money on things like cars and travels. She just wanted kids when it's a good time go have one, and if she still didn't want kids, she felt she had to find something else to do, like getting a job.

On the bright side, I met a very attractive woman in her early 50's. (We all can have high hopes!) She can wear tight shirts and short skirts with her slim body. I looked at her legs! Her face didn't seem like it too, apart from the few wrinkles. I thought she is late 30's who looks old, or 40's who looked young. If she use more botox on her face nobody can tell. And I don't mean she is using botox. She has little make up on. She did say that she feel way better now than when she was in her 30's, raising three kids. Why would I hear all these, of course she was trying to do the couger thing - on me of course :-). Just to let me know so there would be no surprises later. Little did she knows I'm also approaching (slowly though ;) her so called half old club. I am hot for her anytime but it's not my nature to call her up and try the rest. I would rather call my "friends" to have a non complicted get together when the need arises. But if she contacts me I would say yes or anything she likes to hear.

My wife is even more brillant. A helper in the park asked my little kid, "where's your big sister?". My kid told the guy that she was his mother. If she started to have kids younger, I bet she would like to do the matching sister outfits, double dating, etc.

Once I told my favorite call girl (Chanel the professional lier) that her mother might be perfect for me. Seriously, as LV courtesan would say, why anyone want to be with some girls for the whole day? Chanel can be difficult, and I can imagine how hard it would be dating her, or anyone in their 20's for that matter. I though her mother will be perfect for dating if we can somehow start off on a fresh white sheet. She should be as attractive as Chanel if not more, and I had little problem being with older woman (30+) for any length of time. Her older sisters would be more than perfect but I would have no chance. When Chanel told me her mother was over 50, I was disappointed. But now I have different ideas. Of course it's not possible, as Chanel will not and can not introduce me to her mother. Just thinking how attractive she could be.