Thursday, December 06, 2007

The world's facination with tiny videos

The world's fascination with tiny videos is beyond me. I have a number of collectible sex "tapes" with me in it. I decided against releasing it online because the resolutions of free hosting sites are two low. Youtube is one of those low resolution hosting sites that I considered and rejected. The founders went on to become billionaires, while my sex "tapes" are still scattered around my PC and in my own DVD's.

Now it's the era of HiDef. Blue Ray and HD DVD are hoping porn to drive sales, just as they did for VHS and Beta. But tiny videos are ever so popular. Anyway, this is the kind of video that I liked, though I prefer flesh and blood. I hope readers coming from that porn site weren't too disappointed for once.

I'll be back. I know I started a lot of topics that I didn't finish, and I have accumulated a few more stories and confessions. But I don't have the energy to engage something that will take me an hour to write, such as the worst play day. Baby steps are what I learned.

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