Sunday, December 23, 2007

The road to hell

"He is so going to hell for this, I thought, and I'll undoubtedly see him there." - Mistress Matisse.

I was left alone in the house for weeks, feeling lonely. I like motels, and American hotels designed like motels. Even for a $300 Hilton resort, you can drive almost right to your door with little exposure after check-in. And I always leave the key in the room and walk out - I prepay if possible. But this time, I was thinking, what if my best experiences were at my own home? Will I be thinking of her orgasm when I am sleeping on my stomach? Will I remember her clinging onto me whenever I am having a shower? So I decided to bring somebody home.

I needed somebody that I knew I would have a good time with. There's no point to risk someone new, and very few would come to my part of town. They don't live and work here. The first candidate was Chanel. The last time, 4th, I saw her, I tried to send her away with half the money for doing nothing. I hoped she learned to be a little wiser so I gave her another chance. She asked for more compensation because it's an hour's round trip for her. I dropped her not because of money, but her attitude, and that I wouldn't think she would feel at ease coming to my home.

Why? When I mentioned home, she would be thinking about somebody secretly taking her pictures when she arrived and left. (But really she should be thinking about her naked video on youtube.) When I mentioned picking her up in my car and try to be invisible at the presence of neighbors, she would be thinking of serial killers.

The next candidate was Emma, who lived 20 min away without going into the freeway. No problem at all, even if she lived an hour away I think. She is hot, her body is great, so is her attitude, but if I were a billionaire, I don't think her face is stimulating enough to live with everyday. But as a whore, she is first class with a little makeup on.

I don't think any working girl will mind about what they see at my home. But I didn't want them to have the "we belong to hell" feeling the moment they come in. I was trying to make things memorable. So I got it covered. One option was to remove excess furnishings in a corner of the living room to look like a bachelor's pad. Once she got in from the garage, her movement would have to be restricted within the utility room, the restroom, and the carpet by the fireplace. But it would be difficult to move the pictures and toys elsewhere.

So my cover story was that I was house and pet sitting for my close relative, who lived close to me. His neighbor was also mine, so she had to be discrete when coming in. But still, I had to hide every picture with my face on it. Even if I didn't lie, I would have to put away my wedding photo, hanging right above the bed in the master bedroom! Amen. Also, my wife looks pretty hot, so I didn't want to affect Emma's performance.

I did a lot of hard laundry - provided clean fresh bedsheets and the largest beach towels I could find.

So I picked her up in the nearby shopping mall. They all know where the malls are. That saved me a lot of trouble giving directions. Try telling her to turn North! Then I smuggled her into the garage in my SUV. I should have tinted all the glasses like most Californians, using the darkest tint legally permits, or just outright illegal as many people do. Once into the house, I escorted her straight up into the master bedroom.

She was a little reserved than in hotels, where she would suck the hell out of anything stiff. Probably she had the feeling of trying not to mess up other woman's show home. Maybe she was a little distracted, wondering if the home was mine or not. Maybe she was distracted by my wife's solo pictures. You just can't erase all the Pharaoh's names from the pyramid. Was it every little girl's dream to be in that beautiful white gown, a little house with green lawns, a big fluffy dog? Though a lot grow up to be gold diggers instead.

Some good did come out of it. I got invited to her brand new town house. It felt cozy with low or normal ceiling rather than cathedral style ceiling. She got a jacuzzi the size of an outdoor hot tub in her small bathroom. The length of the room is just enough to put a bed and a TV cabinet. Watching TV is a good way to relax after sex, when you don't want to move, and can't think of anything to talk about. Eventually she didn't accept money from me. Eventually I dumped her before allowing that to happen.

After I dropped her back at the mall, putting back everything together again was a challenge. The laundry was easy, but I couldn't put the spare sheets and towels back in exactly the same way. Some picture frames were nailed or glued to the wall. Some frames were broken while handled. I never thought I would go through the trouble again, but I did once more. Amen.

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Pete from Cal said...

Freaking funny post. I can totally imagine you trying to hide all the personal pictures and stuff before Emma came over. So, did you dumped Emma before or after you invited her to your house? I wasn't too clear on that. Merry Xams dude!

The Player said...

I started to see her a little more often after she came to my home. I dumped her a couple of months later, at Christmas.