Friday, December 14, 2007

The rise and fall of a stalker

When I came back from paradise, I was hoping Chanel would count the days and called me, like old times. She knew I would forget about her and everything when I was there. I would rather stay home while the good memories still lingers. But she would call me as soon as I came back, to get me back on track and forget the rest. Sometimes she would even threaten me that I must see her before disappearing for a month or so.

If she called I would ask her to buy me lunch to make up. But after a few weeks had passed, I missed the DJK on demand, just a phone call away. I lost my cell in paradise, no surprise here, and dropped other things too, including my wallet, though somebody returned it. You can call it fucked my brains out. I was waiting to port my old number to the new phone. She wouldn't know who's calling, so I called her on Skype for convenience.

I told her unemotionally that I was back and if she could go out today. She wasn't excited obviously. "How about tomorrow?", she asked. As usual I wouldn't promise her anything, most likely I would call someone else. But I told her it wasn't up to me, it depended on my wife's schedule too, if she could be watching me. After a few words of polite conversation, she winded down the conversation. I pushed the hangup button. The strange thing was that I could hear my hangup signal, but I could still hear her. And I think she heard my hangup signal too, but she was late to hangup her phone for a few seconds. I could hear that she was explaining to somebody next to her, in a plain tone, "Oh, it was an international call." It was as if she needed a reason to pick up the phone. I was back, so it wasn't an international call, but in fact the Skype calls had no caller ID just as international calls.

I didn't call her the next day because I called someone else. I didn't like being fitted into her unfilled schedules. When she got the "boy friend", usually she would be available when I called her. She didn't have a full time job, not early in the day anyway. She didn't see her boy friend that much, not everyday, not day time anyway. Her mother couldn't be in the hospital the 3rd time. She shouldn't have that much clients. She never told me another client booked her already, that she came right after another appointment, or she was going to see another client right after. So really she shouldn't have anything more important than seeing me. I was used to expecting explanations from her if she could not come. I didn't demand it. She just told me some reasons, but never good enough that I would wait for her. Perhaps it was just jealousy. But other times I just took the chance to remind her by action that I didn't know how long I would be around. There are plenty of girls able and willing, just a phone call away.

Strange things happened when I called her again when I ported my old number to my new carrier. Her phone was on but all I got through was her voice mail box. Every time I went out to play I couldn't get her on the phone, neither did she returned my calls. I remembered the strange Skype call, so I tried called her blocking my caller ID.

Once a girl picked up the phone. I didn't know what to say because we were nameless to each other. If I asked this girl, "where's Chanel", she would know Chanel was using a fake name, and this girl could be anybody, her civilian friend or her boy friend's sister. So I verified the number without mentioning names. She politely told me that she, that is, Chanel (she didn't mention any names either), left the phone when she left.

That's hard to believe. Even if Chanel left her cell phone, in her case she would go back to get it at once no matter what. You don't pick up other people's phone unless you know them very well. I was just thinking that she might be trying some new agencies. She left her cell while she was on the clock so her helper could answer important calls for her. Or she just forgot her cell when she was in a great rush to meet clients. Once another girl answered her phone when I used my secret number to call her instead of my usual number. That girl didn't say anything after I said hello.

Then I knew what could be happening. She wasn't answering my calls, but with some help she could be screening unknown callers with or without caller ID blocked. I was angry. Obviously she was lying when I called via Skype. She wasn't really asking me to call her the day after, but it was a lie to get me off the phone.

If she retired she could have just told me not to call her, said goodbye and gave me some closure. She did told me she was trying to pass some realtor examine to do something related but not a realtor. But she told me very likely she would fail too.

Now it seemed that she would answer everybody's call except me! For whatever reasons it hurt. It could be that she was then working for some agencies and the usual rule was not to have private clients. May be she knew she drove me mad and avoided me in case I made trouble. But I think she knows enough that if she buy me lunch, I will forget about everything after some DJK. The worst day ever was bad, but did you remember the time that she told me she had to watch the ball game on TV while having paid sex? Even if she told me she was a online casino host, that wasn't enough reason. But I never minded that much.

Last time I couldn't have hurt her pride so much that she hated me. I had gone through months without calling her. I lured her to a double with a younger, fitter girl, to punish her misbehavior. But I know how small a client is in a call girl's heart. It's all about money. One client's money is as good as any other's, except for the really heavy, can't cum, the smelly or something keep falling out. It doesn't matter even if you pay more. What's the difference of 1.2 clients or 1.0 client to get the same money? It doesn't matter for 2.0 if they are close at hand, back to back or just easy. If business is slow or she wants money quick, she can offer herself cheap to some new clients or pick her least favorite clients, those paying her least already. She will certainly not calling up her favorite VIP client and offer her deep discount, or any discount. Of course it all depends on keeping secrets. And I think she always kept something from me.

I couldn't accept that. Even when she had the chance, she chose to lie instead of giving me some closure. I told another call girl that Chanel disappeared on me without a word. I told her a little just because I wanted to skip giving her references. This girl agree with me that usually there must be something wrong in Chanel's life all of a sudden. I would not mind at all if she's sick, taking care of sick family member, didn't earn enough to stay here, ballooned. If she doesn't want to tell me the truth I can understand, but tell me something.

And if you want to "get the girl" you have to be persistent. When she advertised online she couldn't wait to give me her private number. She told me her family got it for her. Her family didn't live in the area code and I bet she wasn't a student then. She wasn't living up to her price so I only called her a few times and cut my lost. When she worked agencies I ran into her by accident. She avoided me in a spectacular way, maybe she thought I may consider that she overcharged me in the past. Maybe just as anybody she wasn't proud going downhill. She didn't return my calls. But since she was open for business, I managed to get hold of her via the agency. I gave her incentive and she gave me her new private number, in a different area code. Probably she wasn't going to go through any trouble of fitting me in, if I was just another client. Her rates were more reasonable so I gave her some more chances.

But I was paying her more than the agency for nothing. Once she came late, blaming everybody and was very impatient. I sent her away right away giving her half the money. She refused to go, sitting on the bed even when I really pushed her out of it. So you guessed what happened and she took all the money. I wasn't keen to call her again but I did call her from time to time to see if she changed her ways. That was sort of persistent.

Later she was surprised that I kept calling her against all odds. She treated me very nicely for a change and began to expect me to call her often. I did. One day she told me she would be going under the radar and gave me her real private number, with an area code that was where she lived with her family. Whenever I called her, I checked her old number anonymously. For all I knew she could be still working agencies, but lied to me so as to keep me paying more than her agencies. Eventually the number went straight to voicemail, disconnected maybe, and then reused by the carrier.

Now she didn't change her number, her phone always on, but she wouldn't talk to me or couldn't. I couldn't let go. I wanted to text her, email her, or leave her voice messages. She needed not reply but I just wanted to get something out of my chest for some closure. But I decided against anything because it could fall to the wrong hands, considering her circumstances. That's the reason we didn't leave voice messages in the past. She didn't asked me to avoid leaving messages, but she never did, and wasn't keen. So I kept calling her, making sure that she knew who was calling by using my cell unblocked. I called her at our usual times, every time I went out to play. She never answered, sometimes sending me straight to voicemail. It was intriguing as to why she didn't bother or couldn't change her phone number.

I was sort of stalking her, but soon I called her only once a couple of months, hanging up after a few rings, long enough to leave a missed call log.

Then one day out of the blue she picked up the phone right away. A year had passed since I last talked to her. A couple of months had passed since I though of her and called her.

ps the video is reposted from Lazy Geisa who is a collector of DJK videos. Though the vids are girl girl only, when the porn versions are more appropriate, most of the time the female are half wanting and half rejecting. The good thing is that, with girl-girl, you don't need to imagine me in that.

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