Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The rise and fall of a stalker 2

Chanel picked up the phone right away after a year had passed. I said hello and it didn't seem that she was going to hang up. I asked if she remembered me. She did recognize my voice just as I got so used to her voice. I asked because we don't call each other meaningless fake names that changes all the time.

It was totally unexpected. I was hoping that, after the last unanswered call a couple of months ago, her number would be finally be disconnected, giving me a closure.

Immediately she told me to see her at the end of the month, when she came back from a trip. That was a very pleasant surprise. That answered a lot of questions in my mind, but I had a lot more new questions. She was alive and well, but didn't want to talk to me for some reasons. That was real bad. I supposed now she needed money so she answered her former clients' calls again. I didn't want to blame her yet nor ask any questions. I didn't want her to change her mind.

There was the chance that I heard her incorrectly. But she confirmed that she had my new number, meaning that she would keep in touch. And I told her that my old number still worked.

"How are you?", she asked in her obedience girl friend mode. I told her I missed her, though I doubt if I wanted to see her again. One year could have a drastic effect on her looks. But for her I didn't mind wasting time once more.

I asked her some polite questions, not making it difficult for her. But she told me she married and had a kid! Now my brain was overloaded. The timing was right, which explained her disappearance. Why she came out to work again? Why would I want to see her? I wanted very much to ask a lot of things, but I knew she wouldn't like to answer. But as long as she came out to see me, I could wait for the chance to ask.

Diplomatically I asked her who she married. She told me the same old boy friend. I was really surprised that she married, and to her old boy friend. She told me all along that she didn't want to marry, because she had to have kids right away as a condition. That's part of the reason she broke up with her boy friend. She told me her friends told her that she wasn't ready too.

It was me who told her to get married as long as there's no prenuptial agreement. She didn't believe there would be. I wasn't thinking but in my mind at the time that was much better than juggling several clients. I didn't think about the fact that she would have to retire from me. In my mind she would be still working. After all, a pair of Louboutin is a pair of Louboutin. (Or should I say half a pair?) I do know that some small time gold diggers aren't getting enough pocket money from their husbands after marriage. So they continue to work. Even if their husband is rich enough, they may still complain about Louboutin. But if Chanel brought it with her own money, most likely he wouldn't notice.

When I was advising her, in my mind it was a twisted perfect scenario. She got more pay and retirement plan. Most likely she wouldn't be satisfied or just bored. But I didn't think she would get any better husband, who would ignore or miss the signals that her past was dubious at best. He treated her good and she wasn't sensitive to looks. She would still be saving up her own money while young, for extra security. Or, given the right circumstances, I didn't think she would refuse a pair of Louboutin or half.

Then I realized that she changed her mind after I left for two months, got her boyfriend back, got married immediately and got pregnant right after. I didn't believe all that, but I didn't want to interrogate her over the phone. After some harmless conversation, she decided my time was up. I knew her too well. So I winded up by saying that I trusted her to turn up and hanged up.

It was a bit of a dilemma. I was horny. But I had no interest to see somebody else. It was too long to wait a couple of weeks. So I decided to pave a foot path at the side of the house, in search of some hard labor.

I called her a little earlier than the end of month. She didn't pick up as usual. The phone was on but I only got through to her voicemail. Sometimes she pressed the ignore button and put me straight to voicemail. My new number and my old number didn't matter. I was really crossed. Definitely I knew she didn't want to talk to me for some reasons I couldn't figure out. For the few minute last time, she could have told me that she was retired and said goodbye. Instead she chose to lie, gave me false hope so I wouldn't say anything, and she didn't need to say anything.

For the best scenario, she avoided telling me directly that she was retired, afraid that I would be mad? But I knew she simply picked the easier way out. That means it's better for her not to say anything than saying that she was retired. One possible reason is that she isn't really retired. She doesn't want to see me to punish me for saying something wrong, or didn't want me to find out that she's still working. I was her walking resume - I knew her salary history and her agencies. Or she felt ashamed to see me again. I told her I heard that one of her friends was still working at a very low profile, at a very deep discount from her just above a pair of Louboutin days. She explained that her friend had a baby.

I hated her for not giving me the chance to say goodbye. I hated her for lying right into my face, giving me false hope. Now I realized that the reason she picked up the phone was that I was using a new number. It was a free Grand Central number so I could call her from the comfort of my own home phone. So I decided to spoof her into picking up the phone again, if only to say goodbye.

For years you can pick any number to appear as your caller ID, using some spoofing service. At the beginning of the year, a bill to outlaw spoofing caller ID was in an advanced stage of becoming law. The days are numbered. So there were free promotions around the net for two free minutes. Otherwise, the charge were cheap, comparable to prepaid wireless. You can have voice changer too, for a guy to sound like a girl for example.

The other reason I spoofed was because I wanted to find out what sort of number she would pick up the phone for. How she managed not to give up her number, when it would look so suspicious if she decided not to answer the phone. I had the number of her client that she hated (knew too much and talked too much), her best friend that I should have done a double with (I fucked her though), a few of her agencies, her fav restaurant, and of course Johnny.

After a few attempts, it was surprising simple as to what numbers she would pick up. When I registered for Grand Central, I picked, say, a Beverly Hills number for free. I think she moved there or I knew her pretty sisters lived around there. So she might be compelled to pick up the phone for some reasons. Friendly neighbors? Or some neighbors that she could have an affair with, digging more gold? I knew she wasn't aware of the spoofing services.

I also think that she may be using a call screening service on her cell just as some home answering machines. She could be listening to people while leaving voicemail. But I didn't think she is that technologically advanced. Maybe she ported her cell number to an extra VOIP line at home, so she could screen when possible. Either way, it would be very suspicious while she is married! It is beyond me that she is still using her old cell number. For example, if I was so crossed that I called her a few times a day, instead of once every month, she would have no choice but to give up her old number.

The last time she picked up the phone on a Sunday when I called her "from" a Beverley Hills number. She knew it was me when I said hello. She remained silence but didn't hang up immediately. I had no clever sound bite to make her talk to me. So I waited for her to response when she hanged up instead.

So I brought a chainsaw. Don't worry. In search of some more hard labor to dissipate my energy, I decided to knock down an old wooden fence with the chainsaw and build a proper retaining wall instead. Now I understand why nobody do any landscaping in winter when it wouldn't be so hot, because it could be raining all the time.

Perhaps I would call her a few more times over several months. Even if I call her once a week she knows it would be me. I have to wait until she is totally off guard. But I'm not crossed anymore. It's almost over, just like last time before she picked up the phone and lied into my face. I'm too lazy to do any sophisticated spoofing. I have tried to leave her software generated voicemail, which are convincingly human, in order to get pass her screening, which didn't work. Now if my Beverly Hills and neighboring numbers don't work, I'll give up. For the last time, I'll leave her a voice mail, text her, and email her. I don't care anymore if it falls into the wrong hands. I waited enough for her to do the right thing. And I'll let her know that she had a cyber shrine in form of a private blog so that I can RIP, if I ever push myself to write the 2nd entry. That will be the end of it.

ps, the anti spoofing bill seemed to be in the final stage as of December.


Pete from Cal said...

Sorry to hear Chanel isn't giving you the closure you need. I know what you mean about girls lying and leading you on instead of come clean and break it off. It does get frustrating and can eat you up inside. Just gotta let it go bro'.

The Player said...

I will, but it was much easier when I almost dumped her.

Pete from Cal said...

yeah... always better to be the 'dumper' than being the 'dumpee' but too bad she lured you back and now it sorta seem like she's the one who made the call to sever the relationship. It eats at your ego but don't let it get to you. Be strong and wait for your chance. Revenge is best served cold. *evil grin* Happy holidays, player! :)

The Player said...

Yes, it's very high school. I don't think I have much chance to see her again, not even talking to her over the phone.