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My favorite sex toys

In my last post, I used the words "sex toys" out of a moment of inspiration. Now for a philosophical moment, I wonder what is a sex toy to you? Do they have to be plastic, metal, void of emotions?

In real estate terms, the Vietnamese community almost sits in the middle of the equivalent of Silicon Valley. Better than Silicon Valley, the economy is more balanced. When their parents came, there were only orange trees. Money is plenty. Though concentrated, they are a small fraction of the total Asian minority in the nation, which in turn are a small fraction of the total minority.

As far as the "victims" of luxury brand recognition is concerned, the worst offenders are Asians in the far East. For facts you can look at the numbers and density of luxury cars in some cities. And that every woman has some cool handbags, real or fake. The next comes the South Californians. Facts: look at the national ranking of lux car dealers. These native (ie, born) girls are at the worst of both worlds. Their love of "things" is huge.

It's not far off when I say victims. The biggest "pimps" are the credit card companies, who allow predatory lending all over the world to pop up their profit growth. Credit card debt became the most respectable reason (or excuse) for working girls, in places where they rather die than go bankrupt, rather work than let their family know.

Sleazy massage parlors were a big problem. So at times when no landlords worry about empty commercial properties at strip malls and office campuses, the cleanup started from ground zero, the Vietnamese community. At times you cannot mention the word massage anywhere, anytime. Then came the requirement of 9 month full time licensed massage school training, followed by written examines in English. Many cities even require a resident chiropractic doctor before anybody can give massage therapy to anybody. This explains why some chiropractic doctors earn more than doctors - anyone (like everybody) who wants to open a massage clinic need a chiropractic as a partner or bids high for anybody with a chiropractic license. This was the standard for many socal cities for many years until, well, you can see some empty commercial properties again.

Typically these massage girls are earning their way through college, or even at high school, so their typical ages are 18-22. They are as native as anybody can be. It's hard to find anyone born here, majority are immigrants from overseas and out of state. With mandatory training and license, they are good at massage. And after a week or two practice, even the skinny ones have strong hands and fingers for deep tissue. And typically they don't do anything else, any extras. Typically they work in medical plazas, in chiropractic clinics, with chiropractic doctors on site to examine every new "patient". It's the same if they are on any strip malls, or in any previous massage parlors. The owners or managers keep an watchful eye on them, resorting to eyepieces at the doors if necessary. In some cities, instead of resident doctor, only curtains, not doors are allowed in the massage rooms, and law enforcement are given the right to come in anytime.

Another philosophical moment: does sex have to involve sexual organs? I would think many people will say no. The massage laws here are rather silly. It's legal as long as you don't touch the sex organs, which don't include the nipples for practical reasons.

There seems to be an endless supply of these girls. Everything are so medical that it's not difficult to get parental approval or even boyfriend approval. I had run into a place with a spare room setup for doing homeworks.

The money is typically $60 an hour for the client, with the girls pocketing $40. The 33% cut is very typical on everything, including many escort agencies. But here for the cut you get an incall place to use, which is well worth the money. For these massage girls, they have a safe clinic to work in, and management provides discipline. In comparison, if you insist on a decent hotel for outcall even for you regular clients, the hotel cut is easily over 33%.

Typically everybody tips, so they typically get $50 to $60 an hour. It's not much but you only need one or two clients a day to pay all your bills. Typically you only turn up when clients book you in advance. And typically clients know which days of the week that you work. There's no comparison to working in McD and the malls. If you are pretty and work hard to keep your clients, it's easy to get a few hundreds on Friday, Monday, or Thursday, or Tuesday, maybe Wednesday too.

As far as massage is concerned, they are as good as anywhere else in the world. They are also rather unique. Elsewhere the draw into sex work is too great for pretty young girls. You don't get much money by doing massage alone. And it's hard for clients to leave you alone. Elsewhere massages are for the elite or rich tourists. Here massage is rather common and the price is competitive internationally.

But competition is great. For the last clinic I went, there were 3 chiropractic almost in a row, but certainly some are more concerned with your back pain than others. And there are a few more in the medical plaza right next. The massage have to be great, and you have to have a great personality. Not only that you have to be pretty, you have to flaunt it. They all have humble disguise and protective gear such as jeans for doing the massage, but I have seen Barbie dolls flaunting 4 inches of their killer waist, even though they don't do anything else but massage.

When I was rather new in this, a girl with a low cut T-shirt slowing cleavage jumped onto the massage table during the massage. I thought she was going to be my cowgirl anytime soon but she didn't. At the end I did some sexual advances when she said, "what are you doing?" in a gently but accusing voice, as if I tried to touch her in a public mall. But she didn't mind as long as I didn't do anything, and then told me which days she worked.

The competition is so intense that some girls try to do extras as in the old days, and management put a blind eye to it as long as you are discrete. What good is it if you wasted 9 months to get a license but no clients? Some girls tried to provide massage only, but gives in for regular clients who wants a hand job at the end. Some draws the line rigidly, but tease you within the law until you have to do it yourself.

Some prefer to do quick massage and hand jobs. The math: for $40 half hour, they pocket $25. Adding $40 to $60 tips they get $130 an hour at least. Apart from the 5 minute handjob, they just stand there looking pretty and scratch you with their finger nails. Since these girls are popular to a lot more popular, they can have clients lining up. Even for hand jobs, they only do it at their discretion. So it's rather safe from LE. Even for hand jobs, most don't allow clients to touch them, for some maybe just the waist, some the waist up.

Of course there are other girls doing similar things. But they are dwarfed by numbers. And then there are the sensual massages and nude massages. But they are too close to real sex, and they charge more or less the same as the real thing.

I'm not sure why they are so popular. I can speak for myself. Everybody likes a good massage. But since we have that many pretty girls, I can't tolerate anybody not pretty. You pay the same anyway. For my favorite girl, those type of faces you can only find in 5 star hotels in developing countries, and the top massage club in Buenos Aires. Not that they are super models, but not that many pretty girls will satisfy for those salaries.

Pure massage is a good thing. Once they cross the line they are not that dedicated to the massage.

I was very fond of another girl, who was relatively mature than the kids. She came to work part time with a perfectly ironed brilliant white below knee lab gown. With her beautiful face on top of the gown, I already had fantasies. Once underneath the gown was a cheerleader uniform. If she didn't look so good in that, I would say she could even be hitting 30. But even without the cheerleader uniform, every bit of her oozes sex. Her massage wasn't that good and you could say it was just rubdowns. But she knows it and for compensation she provide you with every bit of fantasy so you can do it yourself. She doesn't touch you, and you can't touch her.

Hand job is a good thing too. After a good hour with a pretty girl touching you everywhere else, even if I don't have an erection, I would like to find somebody else to release the sexual tension. I did just that many times. But it's doubly expensive. Happy ending isn't bad at all, and I enjoy it. But really I don't want to get addicted. It cost time and money just for the self or assisted masturbation that you can't even brag about. Fortunately, it's not hard at all to go back to real sex.

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