Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Erasing Chanel

I tied her wrist tight with plumber's thread sealing tape, wrapped her naked body up tight like a mummy, spanked her good and then screwed her hard as if she's a flesh light. These were what I wanted to do to her after the worst play day ever. But knowing that it wasn't very realistic, instead I erased any trace of existence of Chanel in my possessions. I know it's silly high school all over. But for some it might be priceless - it's not true that you only live once.

I used to opt for the summary bill for my cell phone. I don't want any numbers appearing on the bill for obvious reason. Nowadays even prepaid cell phones can have an online account and hence full call logs. So you have to be careful. I checked my old electronic contact files to make sure she was deleted completely.

Weeks had passed when I began to feel impatient. There was no point calling her even if I could, because she wouldn't apologize and made it up to me. I couldn't let go so it would not be buying smiles, a waste of money. I hoped she would call to apologize when she needed some money. But last time it took her four months to call me. This was a bit of a dilemma. I could have to wait a couple of months before giving up on her altogether. I was thinking of a solution that I could call her instead of just wait and see. That was why I deleted her, to protect myself, so even if I wanted to call her I couldn't. So I have to let go, may be with the help of a few beauties and lots of sex.

I Googled her number before I deleted her. It was more of a habit of checking out new girls rather than hoping to find anything new about her. I'm not so stupid as to pay for the records that they claim they have. Maybe they have something, but if I thought of that, I would have lookup her home address while I was with her. Though sometimes you may notice the change of carrier or the locality associated with the phone number. Anyway, these public records are very unreliable.

When I was checking other girls out, her number popped right out at me. It was browser history, or auto completion. In a split second I decided to keep that. But next time I will remember to erase that also.

Now I would rather not wait but resort to something that works for her always - money. I gave up my pride and would pay her enough so she would let me punish her willingly. Called it even and then I would dump her - it's only money. Spanking came to mind and I knew she would probably do it. I spanked her a little before but she felt unease when I got harder. Also, I always made up and made out with her bottom way before my hands could do any harm. With extra incentive I think she would go for it.

The thought of tying her up and spanking pleased me. But I knew she would not agree to such dangerous thing unless the "ropes" are waver thin. So I thought of plumber's tape. It looks the part when wrapping tight round her waist, tying knots. Even better, there are enough tapes in a little roll to tie her up all over, Japanese porn style. It could wrap her up like a mummy too. The visual is rather good too. There's innocent white, dangerous yellow and cute pink to choose from.

So be it. I called her, but she didn't return my calls. I was looking for an outlet, and then a closure. Now I was blocked. Anyway the anger and frustration dissipated after a week or two. I only called her when I went out to play, giving her the chance first. Once she picked up the call, saying she couldn't make it, she was taking "family" pictures, but far from where she lived. I think she was trying to tell me something subtly, or she just said anything as an excuse. I think she asked if I could wait till the next day, or she didn't ask if I could wait for the first time. Either way, I wasn't bitter anymore. Because if she didn't make it up to me, I might be able to forget her altogether.

Two days before I left for paradise for two months to fuck as if there's no tomorrow, I gave her the chance to see me before I called somebody else. It was morning and I only gave her four rings. She managed to pick it up.

Again she asked if I could wait till tomorrow. The excuse this time being that she ate something bad and her face was terrible. For all I knew she could be having an orgy last night and totally unsuitable to work that day. That's another reason I never gave her second chances and called somebody else. Before I could say I couldn't, she asked about my trip and when I was leaving. She remembered it even when I only mentioned it briefly once over a month ago. I said tomorrow. She asked if I mind if her face doesn't look all that good. Maybe I didn't mind, maybe I was curious. She then asked nicely that it have to be near Disney, so she could see the doctor after.

I wasn't expecting her to come out to play just like that. There wasn't time to think of anything - spanking and the plumbing tapes. If I didn't give her enough warning and turn up with the tapes, she would be freaked out. Also I then felt that I had plenty of time to make her pay me back. She answered my calls and wanted my money of course.

My plan was just to give her a quickie, screw her doggy, no kissing anywhere, and then leave. Even if that was a waste of my money, it would make me feel good. She doesn't care about my complains, but she cares about how she looks, and how much I want to screw her and worship her body. Perhaps if you lose one client, you may start losing everybody.

I met her at an expensive motel near Disney. At that time of the year all rooms are expensive. When I opened the door, the mystery thickens. Today's mystery - she came in expensive shoes as usual that I didn't even remember to look. My eyes were fixed at her $200+ jeans that made her ass looked amazing. She was in a black T-shirt that looked very teen. Her super high volume straight shoulder length one layer cut was back, my favorite, looked as if she was right out of the salon. For the first time I noticed that her eyebrow was neatly trimmed, which looked as if she had just been to the beauty salon. Worst of all, she had matching manicure and pedicure, pink for the first time.

I called her in the morning and by the time she arrived, it was after lunch. For all I know she could have hurried to the hair and beauty salon so she wouldn't look like in a mess when she saw me. She could be in a mess if she didn't go to work or see her boyfriend for days. She could have an earlier appointment, or a later one, with her number one client, so she was in such splendid condition, and didn't want me to be jealous seeing her like that, or asked her questions. Her face looked good. Either she covered well the blemish due to eating the wrong food, or she made a little flaw on her makeup to cover up her another lie. I couldn't believe her that she had booked a doctor near Disney. Nothing matters much because I always logged her words without judging them. If I asked she might have to invent more lies. As for this time, she could be doing it all for me, but she probably wouldn't admit it.

Everything was according to plan, giving her a quickie, leaving right after. Except that I couldn't resist to kiss her. It wasn't too much of a kiss. There's always a limit that I could do with her lips. It doesn't look like she had much lipstick on but probably she wouldn't want to reapply it all over again. Perhaps the lipstick was as expensive as her makeup that made her skin looked flawless as if having nothing on. She did complain about costing her when I messed up her face. Most of the time she would be going out somewhere after our meeting, or sometimes I caught her probably cold calling her other client on the parking lot. Why not, she's all dressed up and made up all beautifully.

Instead of DFK that sort of thing, she prefers to stick her tongue out, and let me do whatever I want with it with my mouth, lips, and tongue, Japanese porn style. For DFK it's too close to see anything. for DJK, I could see her tongue curling against mine.

After shower I put my clothes back on, waiting for her to finish hers. Instead of putting her clothes on, she laid in bed tummy down, dangling her feet up in the air, like this without the shoes nor anything else, covered only by pink nail polishes.

Probably it was too earlier to go anywhere and she would rather wait in the motel room. But it was like old times, she would show off her naked body after sex so I would remember to come back for her. Against all odds I didn't touch her toes so far. I would love to go back in bed, do some cuddling and massage her feet. Though it could end up in toe flossing and she had to wash all over again. But now I knew she wanted me back so I was in no rush. I would be flying to paradise shortly.

I really didn't know this girl. She could lie or tell me the truth that she plucked her eyebrows just for me, or painted her toes pink just for me. I would forget about everything and let her take advantage of me again. But she grabbed the chance just to say that she wasn't good in sweet talking, which meant she was sorry for what happened but she wasn't going to apologize.

She was a Casino host as Sam in Las Vegas, but she was the online version. I didn't know how it works but she was trying to say that Johnny was her whale, who owed her money. She used my cell to spoof him to collect the debt. She failed and lost a couple of thousands. That explained why her face grew so red after the call. But I never took her words seriously, less so when she wasn't offering an explanation straight and square.

One thing was certain, she admitted that she was on the pill and now off the pill. That explained why I wanted to dump her and didn't return her call sometimes, and that I was so hot on her recently, seeing her week after week. The mystery deepens as to whether she had the chance to find a new boyfriend, wanted to get her old boyfriend back, or wanted to go back to escort full time. I asked if she had been working more. She denied but said that the sort of guys remaining nowadays were smelly. It was a denial but if I heard something about her she could explain that she tried briefly and stopped. But how did she know?

She knew it's a waste of time, and put her clothes back on all of a sudden, disappointed and cursing silently at the same time. And probably an hour had just passed, exactly. I walked her to the door. While she was walking out of the door, she looked back to say goodbye and then carried on walking. But she said, "Call me", causally when I was looking at the back of her head, moving away. If she held me tight naked and ask me that, most likely I would do whatever she asked for the next few months. Oh yes, I might say no or took the opportunity to demand conditions. But what had she got to lose? This is one of her ways. I didn't have time to think so I couldn't give her conditions. If I didn't response positively she could just carry on walking away. Basically I was speechless and I wanted to save the victory lap when I came back from paradise. But I wanted to make her feel bad. I wanted to complain but couldn't find the few right words.

"You're too highbrow" was all I managed to say. It didn't much sense and she couldn't have prepared for it. I thought she wanted to response but choked on her words. She moved on, and that's the last time I saw her.

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