Monday, November 05, 2007

Teresa Carr Deni

Erotic material exploring is being interrupted for a piece of important news. Teresa Carr Deni is the judge who declared that prostitutes cannot be raped. Gang raped at gun point became armed robbery charges, because sex is a service agreed by both sides beforehand, before things turned ugly. See my shared panel for more details all over the web.

At first it was like one of those outrageous judgments in the line of the judge who gave a child molester probation or 30 days. But the outrage here is the sentence. This Deni judge was setting a precedence that is huge.

Firstly, my analysis is that this Teresa is a bitter woman. There must be sometime in her life that her men was stolen from her by other women. May be she was once and likely still in a sexless marriage, and her husband buys sex. May be just that she hadn't been laid for years (and years). She took it out on people she thinks inferior to her, like prostitutes.

Or, she was just desperate to get some (votes).

I can think of this has big human rights issues. Someone cannot be raped by law. Where's Amnesty International?

Gang rape at gun point become armed robbery. Wow, what next. Kidnapping a prostitute to rape becomes shoplifting? Date rape a prostitute becomes drugging someone for theft?

This is way beyond prostitution. Say if a girls says, "you buy me a drink and I go home with you." If she gets raped, he could get away with robbery. This cannot be right. What were you thinking Teresa?

Friday, November 02, 2007

The worst play day

It wasn't the five hundred dollar hand job (I'll confess later). It wasn't the day I deleted Jordan. It was the other natural born heartbreaker.

The build up to the worst play day started one fine holiday season. Maybe I booked her earlier than usual. She invited me for lunch causally after we put our clothes back on. But I must had booked her early before. She just came about the same time no matter what, making her later than usual. Her excuse? Her mother went to hospital a total of twice since I knew her.

At first it was great. I bet she made me forget the clock. We were way over time, which was a big thing considering that she was a clock watcher to the minutes, pretending otherwise. So when we went out of bed, it was exactly time for lunch. I took her to my fav Japanese restaurant, which she preferred over hers. At least the wait is shorter. Once we were taken to a very private booth and we talked until all the other patrons left. I wanted to take her shopping if I could. She looked forward to it. I made a call, only to find out that I couldn't. The other time she liked the sashimi so much that she wanted a Japanese beer to go with it. She shouldn't because she had liver problems. But what prevented her from drinking was that I couldn't drink. I didn't want to go back to work with a red face. I regretted that I didn't. It is these little things that you want to do it differently when you have the chance again.

After a few times, jealousy set in. I knew her so long and only now she did something extra for me, not on the clock. Maybe her boyfriend didn't take her to lunch anymore. But I doubt it. She said she didn't see her boyfriend that much even at good times. Maybe she lost an early bird client and I was the substitute. I hated her for not giving me the chance; I would have up my bid if she was willing to hang out sometimes. I wasn't jealous if the other client paid a lot for the package. But since I wasn't paying anything extra, naturally I didn't think he did.

I hated her (I mean a tiny little bit) for not having lunch before date, but after. She just wanted free lunch. I knew of course, but she should give me back something in return, like having delicious food before sex. Also I have been giving her a very good tip to compensate for her extra time. I wouldn't want to keep that up.

Maybe it was the holiday season when she had personal problems. I knew I couldn't be her life jacket and I was afraid of getting too close. She only listen to what she wants to listen. I try not to ask her any personal questions, nor complain about her. If she doesn't like to talk about it, she doesn't talk. I bottled up everything all inside me, saving everything for the day we say goodbye.

I didn't call her for a couple of months after the holiday season! It was my new year resolution and I was good at it, until one day she called me up. Any resolutions went up in smoke. I didn't even explain myself, nor asked her why, why after so long. I just asked her to come out that day.

It was worse after a short absence. I was seeing her almost every week. I was seeing her more than I would like to. I was trying to push the envelope a little to see what she was comfortable of doing. She promised me a lot of things, like toys, but used delay tactics and lies to duck out of them. I gave her money to buy something. She would be not having the chance to get it when I saw her again. Then I had to see her again to give her enough time to buy it. Sometimes I just forgot about it and asked her to do something instead, letting her off her promises.

But honestly, her shape was getting better, returning to her old self. But she wasn't into it. She needed some money. It seemed like she had something big on her mind, like making over to get back her boyfriend, or had her sight locked on a new target. Or she was getting in shape to escort full time. I just didn't like her new hair style. But I was into it. Once I found out that I left the wallet on the bed several hours after we left. Once I wondered why everything was still a blur when I was driving out of the motel. I left my glasses on the nightstand.

She was behaving so good and so consistent that I did the unthinkable. After careful considerations on a Friday afternoon, I texted her.

"Lunch Monday?", it tooked me a long time to enter the question mark. I wasn't a text person, or more precisely, I was a full sized keyboard man.

"OK", was the reply a minute later.

I wanted to jump out of my chair if I could. It was like asking a girl out on a first date. It was more. She wasn't a computer person. I doubt if she would go anywhere near a PC. I was sure she wasn't a text person either. She might not even setup to receive text messages on her cell. I doubt if she knew how to read messages. I didn't expect that she knew how to reply. If I knew she didn't mind text messages, I would have used it long ago, saving a lot of troubles. A lot of times she couldn't pick up the phone. Our protocol is not to leave voicemails. So you can imagine the trouble we had.

But I had my reservations. I kept myself from getting my hopes too high. Maybe someone close to her played a prank on her. It wasn't her who replied. Maybe she didn't look at the caller ID and assumed that it was her friend, most likely her client, who used to text her. I would be very jealous because she didn't allow me to text her, pretending that she didn't know how to text at all. She didn't say that, but I felt that she hated this sort of things.

Anyway, I waited an hour to call her to find out. It was an agonizing hour, though very much exaggerated.

She picked up the phone in her obedience girlfriend mode, calm, straightforward, going out as a matter of fact way. It was unlike taking to a client, with teasing and emphasized emotions. It was like she was happy that her boyfriend take her out. It was like we last saw each other the same morning. Oh yes, she didn't make a mistake. She knew it was me who asked her out for lunch. At least she pretended very well that she knew.

I was very happy. I needed somebody to cheer me up. Maybe that explains why cheerleader costume is so popular. Normally there's always some risk requiring too much from her. She's unpredictable. But this time I was certain. So I pushed back my Monday schedules and didn't expect to go back to work after seeing her. I could take her shopping if she wanted to. Or I would just enjoy a movie myself after she left. I booked the nearest luxury motel close to the restaurant. It was a treat for myself as much as to impress her a little. Ramada in Newport beach is more expensive than many hotels in the nation. She's very understanding of this. She would rather split the difference than insisting on classy hotels, hypothetically speaking. She knew she is at a disadvantage to my other "girlfriends" who can host. Since I see her sometimes as often as weekly, she just needed clean sheets and a clean shower.

"After lunch, are we going to ...", she asked in her girlfriend mode, asking a delicate question in a cautious but matter of fact way. That surprised me. I did asked Emma out for lunch or coffee, and nothing else, which surprised or disappointed her. But for Chanel I wouldn't dream of something like that. I would never dream that she would just go for lunch with me for nothing.

But I joked that, "Only if you look all beautiful". I regretted saying that. I never thought she would take it seriously. I am never a serious person, though I never bother to try to tell good jokes. Maybe she didn't see my smile on the other side of the phone line. But she knew that sometimes she came in a mess and I didn't complain. I never knew if this joke made a difference. That's the problem with her.

I was looking forward to Monday, which turned out to be the worst play day of my life.