Saturday, October 20, 2007

Surpassing Vegas

Hostess club are too complex in general for one to get the most out of it in his (no her) first few visits. Particularly in Hong Kong, it is a simple no unless you have some experienced host to show you around.

If you haven't got a clue, still it can be simplified a bit if you don't try to look at the bills. You go to the number one club BBOSS for example. In the evenings expect $1500 with a hostess for two hours, which could be enough to include some drinks. Taking her out is another $1500 for two hours of her time. Then another $1500 for her service. Though there are much better package deals on occasions, especially at daytime.

It's not only money. All clubs in Hong Kong are declining or even closing so you don't get quality. In the past clubs like BBOSS at least have symbolic value, where the biggest deals in the city or China are made, and you entertainment your biggest clients. Now there are plenty of comparable facilities in China, with superior lineups.

What hurt Hong Kong clubs most is the Macau phenomenon, which took off only after 2000. And since roughly 20 million Macau visitors uses Hong Kong dollars, versus less than half a million residents uses the local currency, and that most of the non-PRC visitors take the turbojet (boat) from Hong Kong less than an hour away, how can we not include Macau as part of the destination?

Excuse the research, but what should a player do other than surfing the web, when he didn't have enough energy to do anything else at the time, except recharging in bed with his laptop? This city, less than 10 sq mile, has higher revenue than Las Vegas. Soon it will certainly surprass the whole of Nevada. A table in Macau earns 7 times more than in Vegas.

Hong Kong do not have a casino, and Vegas do not have hostesses. China has the most billionaires after USA. Everybody noticed. Many Vegas big names are in Macau, Wynn, Venetian, etc. Playboy is going to open a complex there.

Vegas has been trying hard to lure the Asian high rollers, with adaptations in the food, the games, even the staff. But failure is certain. Similarly, the Tryst "nightclub" from Vegas was copied to Macau but folded. Prostitution in Macau is in theory as illegal as in Vegas, but the interpretation is very different in Macau. Hostess clubs are arguably best in the world, making the attached world class hotels giant brothels. Eastern Europeans are allowed to solicit in lobbies at the lower end hotels.

The Vegas culture is also very different from the Asian's. Las Vegas Courtesan has an interesting blog entry on the speed of Asian clients. It's some sort of cultural shock I suppose. A good night out back home for them includes two to a couple of hours' company with a hostess, mostly talking, singing, or at most a little groping. Then another two hours in love hotels, starting with a thorough hands-free shower. The hotel staff always call in at the end to ask if you want to extend your stay. Adding time, and hence paying her more, is preferred than big tipping. Asking for one hours is like asking for half hours from respectable US escorts, not classy. In contrast, a lot of Vegas call girls are dancer-like, ask you to get in bed and get comfortable very soon. She will start her routine if you do not start right away. I can understand the speed thing. When I expected GFE but got rushed instead, I would cut my losses, finish it while I still could, instead of total failure later if I tried to drag on - it takes two to Tango.

China not only supplies the high rollers, but also unlimited hostesses. Search Youtube for samples. Hong Kong has strict rules for issuing visas from China, and enforces immigration violations. But Macau is too happy to give out work visas to supplement it's tiny local work force out of a total population of less than half a million.


Virginia Lily said...

Just curious how my blog got linked to yours?

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You must have some escort friends that linked to you directly or via somebodies else. After reading it, I usually make a split second decision to put it in one of my link categories.

Pete from Cal said...

Very informative and educational stuff Player! Thank you very much. The currency you mentioned in your blog, is it US dollar you're talking about or HK dollar? Because I can't imagine spending $1500 for 2hrs of hostess time, then another $1500 to take her out, and then $1500 for her service. I mean that's $4500 just to get laid? If it is HK dollar, then not too bad but US dollar it would be insane. Thanks. :)

Lily of Virginia said...

Do you mind if I link back to you?

The Player said...

Lily, sure I don't mind. But I don't mind too for an explanation when I am taken off :-)

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