Monday, October 08, 2007

Stand by your woman

College Callgirl’s Top Ten Tips to Get Him to Hurry the Hell Up and Cum Already

I'm sure it works using extra stimulation in vision, sound, touch and the mind. But I didn't remember any girl who stood up for me. However, my favorite positions are the standing up variations.

Be it missionary or doggy, they have to be done with the woman right at the edge of the bed, part dangling off the bed. And since beds are of different height, fine adjustments are necessary. It's almost like operating a big gun. You adjust everything one at a time, and test fire each time, until everything is perfect.

I like my two feet firming standing on the ground. But with only one feet on the ground, both can shift some body weight on the bed, and less like making a porn movie.

I don't like to do it on first dates. When you get right out of bed, she will be alarmed. Imagine that without explanation, you drag her two feet, turn her body sideways, until her pussy is about right at the edge. Or for doggy, adjust the spread of her legs until her butt is within a millimeter of the optimum height. Some will be afraid of excessive force, while some will be disappointed a little.

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The Player said...

Ah, almost forget about the Asian cowgirl, next best to standing up.