Friday, October 05, 2007

Looks 2

Somehow I ended up with another shortie. She is the bomb. Short doesn't mean that she is standard weight but sub standard height. Again she is slim with good proportions. But vocabs are a mine field to me. Time and time again, on the safe side I would ask for slim girls, but the boss didn't understand or pretended not to. Then I would say "Thin?". Again no response. Then he/she will counter "Oh, small?". Then I had to nod to keep things going. Then may be I'll get some small and fat ones, some small and rounded ones, other times small and slim or skinny ones. In other places for other people, small really means slim, which could still be tall.

When she went shopping, in Miss Selfridge, Benetton, or BeBe types, the other shoppers had to find the chance to tell her with admiration that "you are so lucky, you can fit in anything!". Women often complain that clothes in the high street are only designed for teenagers. It is these women, far from overweight, who shop like scavengers to find anything they can fit, in some labels that they feel proud.

We went up the Eiffel Tower in a crowded lift, she all wrapped up in a thick rounded woolen coat like a ball. I knew everybody was checking her out. Even a girl was hitting on her to get her to do a double date together or something. Two guys a few feet behind us were talking gently in some language that nobody understood, except us. The two guys knew we understood them, or they didn't. Obviously drooling at my bomb, he was telling the other guy to find him quality call girls after showing him around. He said something like was #300 good enough. After careful consideration, his friend/guide said can do. It was supposed to be a challenge. It's increasing hard to find somebody worth the money if you keep increasing the price tag. And if you have no experience with higher end agencies and independents, you will not and cannot make recommendations to your friend.

After some silence, while the whole lift is full of people, the john said, "how about #500?". Now the guide was scratching his head, after some dead silence, he reluctantly said yes. Now it sounded to me that he wasn't just wanting some quality call girls, he wanted a call girls "just like that". Though he didn't say it. I think he wished that we understood what he said. Because he was trying to make an indecent proposal. In the hope that my bomb would turn around and at least notice him. Even better, that my bomb was actually a call girl, said goodbye to me and then went with him.

We didn't know what to make of it so we pretend not to understand, the easy way out. I had nothing to hold against him anyway. But I found it amusing. Then before the lift reached the top, the john said, "how about #1000?". The guide had to admit defeat and said he had to consult somebody else. I could feel the john's frustration in the air. I think he dreamed that my bomb would turn around and said, "take me, take me". Now he could only watch us leave the lift.

Parisian restaurants are very competitive. At the major junction outside of a Gare, there can be 20 restaurants side to side. We were checking out all the posted menus to find an enjoyable meal without costing our arms and legs. Do did many other tourists and travelers. It was early so the restaurants were pretty empty while there were plenty of lookers, mostly clueless.

We picked one mainly because of the price of the set dinner. The woman boss came to us herself and put us in the middle under the chandeliers, so we could be seen clearly on most of the windows. She was very attentive to make everything picture perfect. When we were puzzled about what weapon to use to finish off each mussel completely (oh yes, we were cheap), she came out from nowhere and taught us to use a technique with bare hands.

In return we laughed a little bit more, showed off a little more "a young couple in love in Paris" image, complete with dirty fingers. Soon after the starter, the restaurant was full. Of course it was the usual tourist protocol. When the food or service is bad you don't give out wrong signals to the other tourists. But it was more. She is a rather good appetizer even when you can only see her sitting down. And then there's the radiating atmosphere. You can double, triple and multiple date without being on the same table talking to each other. Or you can just absorb the atmosphere and refresh your own memories. When we left, the boss found time to come out and said goodbye. We tried to communicate that she didn't need to thank us too much. We understood her gratitude even when we didn't understand the language. We are used to the picture perfect treatment all over.

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