Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Looking sexy

I once met an older woman, who is very competitive about her looks. She wore a sexy Alley McBeal style suit, not any less sexy than younger women. And of course she's wearing one of those elegant, cum now shoes. She must had worked hard to keep her body in shape, without looking muscular. She has stylish, healthy and simple hair, the kind that you can't easily add extension to it. She went for deep tan rather than showing any signs of weakness. She doesn't make any compromises on her looks because of her age. She is full of confident. She is beautiful, but being a man, I was overwhelmed by her sexiness rather than noticing her detailed facial features.

We frolicked on the crouch with her jacket off. Her breast was enhanced so a lot of aging was taken care of. Her waist is small, her legs were still very nice to the touch. The tension in my pants was too much. I lifted her up, put her sitting on a dinning table, stood between her legs, and dropped my pants. Then we were eye to eye, when I noticed her wrinkles at her eye corners. Her skin wasn't anything like loose; she must had spent a lot on creams and facials. Looking at the wrinkles at close range, I found them so sexy that I kissed on them.

Whatever I did, she was cheering me on half heartedly, and dropped some dirty words in between. Anymore than that I would cum. And if she allowed me, I would have wet her legs, skirt and panties, standing right there.

I used the term older woman only because she has wrinkles, but I don't. She is more like my age, or even younger.

Though we had fun, she introduced me to her 19 year old protégé. I never feel too good about being passed around, I feel being screened, I feel I'm an easy client that the newbies can handle with ease. It seemed like the older one had no time for me, didn't want to invest her time with younger men who didn't seem to have a deep pocket. The younger one must had learned a thing or two about sexiness. She is in good shape, more refined shape than average 19 year olds, but I wasn't too keen on her tattoos. I switched back to the older one, then back to the younger one, then couldn't decide every time who I was going to see.

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