Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The epic?

Have you heard about the kind of story that a city falls, only for two strangers to meet, fall in love, and immortalize each other? This is bigger.

But, I never think it is anything to do with love. She was so "popular" that I never thought I could stand the thought of anything remotely like that. The other day I looked at some old pictures of her from her old advertisement. I remembered once she made over very elegantly when she arrived. She was going for a job "interview" afterward. She was in a talkative mood, or maybe it was me who liked to talk then. We talked about a lot of things, and I was rubbing her all over before taking off her clothes. And after sex, while we were cuddling, I was still rubbing her back. All the while we talked and talked. Until she said she has to go. For once I looked at my watch. It was exactly one hour since she knocked at the door. That clock watcher! I had no illusions about her for anything, not even treating me as a harmless friend.

The important thing is that she was close, our schedule matched and I enjoyed her more than others for that sort of barely affordable regular expenses.

Today she picked up the phone after not doing it for a year. I'm not sure if I used my old number she would still pick it up. We talked a little because I tried not to force more lies. She had answer to everything and made 100% sense. But then you will get 200% more questions. The important thing is that - she will be back!

If that's true, maybe it took a bankrupted world to bring us back together. Or I should say bringing her back. But it may be the last time I can mention her again. I have a good track record of not leaking any identifiable personal information. And to my old readers, you don't know where I'm based.

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