Saturday, September 15, 2007

The love knot

Statistically speaking, I should have a high sperm count. When I come out of a time consuming project and realize that I miss sex, the semen volume can be rather high. A girl felt a little unease right after I cum. She didn't push me and stayed in my arms, but I felt there was something on her mind. When I pulled out, she made me do it carefully and guided me all the way out, somehow when under pressure the semen started overflowing out of it.

When I didn't see Chanel as often as she wanted, she would check the condom every time. She wouldn't say a word if there was little in it. She knew I was seeing other girls. If that continues, her income contribution from me would be unreliable. But when there was a lot in it, she would raise it up in front of her face and laugh at me, asking me how long ago I last had sex? I would say the last time I saw her, to make her real happy. But if it was too long ago to be credible, I would say two weeks. Of course in reality, it took much less down time to achieve that volume.

I vaguely remember a girl who liked to tie a knot at the condom end. She would playfully stretch the plastic and then release, making a characteristic noise so I would notice. At the time I just thought she was tidy and careful. But to this date she was the only professional who did this. Looking back it was more. She flashed me the pouch in a show offish way, with a proud smile in her face she would carry it into the bathroom. She did it as a matter of fact way so I didn't think twice about it at the time. Now, the way she carried it reminded me of the can of paint:

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