Thursday, September 06, 2007

Call me

If you want to talk to me, sexy, dirty, or foul, just call. I can call you back unless you check the "keep your number private option" (trust Google?). You don't have my number yet, but if you are good you can trace me back to a disposal SIM card.

Indeed I'm going to drop the SIM card and replace Skype with Gizmo. Then I can receive any calls, real phone lines or internet calls, via any of my real numbers while keeping them secret. I can call out with my GC number as the caller ID, at any of my phones with internet access nearby. That means I can call out from my cell phone as if I'm calling from the GC number. Totally FREE at the moment and later small call out charge comparable to Skype.

For all carriers who don't want to provide multiple phone lines on one cell, screw you.

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