Friday, September 28, 2007

How much?

Here are my thoughts on "How much does an escort earn?" and related posts. Yes, I know, I'm way behind. It seems like I just finished "The Courtesan and the wive part 7" yesterday.

First of all I don't think any statistical survey will be reliable, unless some methodology can be shown to be convincing. For a stripper analogy, her tips depend on her looks, how many patrons visit the club, how many clients she has, how hard she works and how far she would go. It doesn't make a lot of sense if you average the earnings of strippers even in just one club.

There's a website of a city that has been consistently on the world top 100. There is a 10 fold variation on the fees. And since the number of transactions per month of each girl doesn't have any relation to the price, getting a meaningful representative number is difficult. So, a United Nations' survey or an adult webmaster's survey are just as not useful.

Belle de Jour's first commandments is never let no one know / How much dough you hold. The only hope to get some statistical sense is the tax collectors, when escort income are taxed. But even so, huge amount of cash transactions are the heaven for under reporting.

Comparing individuals' earnings are not easier. It's a common practice to have a rack rate on one's personal website, or some escort mall, and permanent specials on some discussion boards. Whoever ask them, they will always give you the most respected answer, the highest rate.

My observation is that, "It's not about how much you earn, but how much you want to earn." So Belle is right not to be honest about your dough, or you will be setting targets for your competitors close and far. Even with the Internet, escorts are constantly discovering new areas to them with a lot of money but little competition. They either relocate or change their travel plans.

I met a Eastern European girl that I mentioned. She came over twice per year via a boy friend visa of sort. She hit on the Internet agencies to get jobs. She told me she was very happy to be on the portfolio of an LA agency, when the other girls look so gorgeous. For the rest of her time she did a lot of agency work all over Europe. It was me who got the last laugh. Even though she is a lot humbler without the makeover in her pictures, she is still way better qualified than the other girls with stock pictures. The lesson - you can only compare if you met them in person and experience them too.

I'm very much against the concept of "escorting as the new temp job". Being asked a long time ago on this blog, my advice was not to do it unless you have to. Simply put, the odds are very much against you. The phrase sounds too easy, causal, leisurely.

Before the age of the Internet and the age of indies, you find an agency to take on you. Agencies have an equalizing effect. They try to spread the work equally without putting all their eggs on one basket. They don't like super stars because once you have seen the best, you don't want the rest. If you can't give the less popular girls enough work, you don't have an agency. I have seen pretty nice girls not running away to London in search of fame and fortune. After their day job, they may get an assignment or two at busy times, which is a pretty nice supplement to their nurses', teachers', secretaries' salary, or students' grants. Burning out isn't on the table and they take every call seriously. For that matter, putting an ad on the classified, or setting up yourself at the telephone booth are pretty much the same, in that no individual standout very much from the others.

With the Internet, escorts show of their cooking skills, sophisticated taste in the arts and literatures, body parts and even skin cells. The difference is that the traffic is terribly high and can be very focused on individuals.

A good way to do it seems to be setting how much you want to earn, setting your exit strategy, going in with a bang and fading out quietly, in case you want to get back in again. If you don't think big, you are squeezed on all fronts.

There are the true jet setters, (or 1st class train setters?), whose clients would fly them around from coast to coast, or castle to castle. Some have permanent tour schedules. For the smaller flies they drive around from city to city, advertising on Craig's List or the like. They are famous, they are high profile, or they come in packages that you can't refuse.

Even in areas with seemingly unlimited choice of girls, these pro's manage to have clients waiting for them before they arrive. Those who offer half hours, and offer extremely safe sex, are talking about $1,000 a day, $10,000 a week, that sort of thing. Some are so bold as to brag that, for the "going rate", which is $300, they have a 9 am or 9 pm cancellation for anybody interested to fill in at the last minute.

On the other hand, many girls don't think too much about it. They just need the money fast when they need it, as experienced girlfriend explained it nicely. They can earn a lot more money but their mind is not in it. So you can't out sell them.

So what are your chances of putting up an ad in one of the major escort malls and wait to be discovered?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The love knot

Statistically speaking, I should have a high sperm count. When I come out of a time consuming project and realize that I miss sex, the semen volume can be rather high. A girl felt a little unease right after I cum. She didn't push me and stayed in my arms, but I felt there was something on her mind. When I pulled out, she made me do it carefully and guided me all the way out, somehow when under pressure the semen started overflowing out of it.

When I didn't see Chanel as often as she wanted, she would check the condom every time. She wouldn't say a word if there was little in it. She knew I was seeing other girls. If that continues, her income contribution from me would be unreliable. But when there was a lot in it, she would raise it up in front of her face and laugh at me, asking me how long ago I last had sex? I would say the last time I saw her, to make her real happy. But if it was too long ago to be credible, I would say two weeks. Of course in reality, it took much less down time to achieve that volume.

I vaguely remember a girl who liked to tie a knot at the condom end. She would playfully stretch the plastic and then release, making a characteristic noise so I would notice. At the time I just thought she was tidy and careful. But to this date she was the only professional who did this. Looking back it was more. She flashed me the pouch in a show offish way, with a proud smile in her face she would carry it into the bathroom. She did it as a matter of fact way so I didn't think twice about it at the time. Now, the way she carried it reminded me of the can of paint:

Am I a sex addict?

Recently I talked to a guy who keeps doing the same thing, looking for sex on Craig's Lists. After some exchanges, we realized that there was a big misunderstanding. We argued a while for nothing because he thought I was a sex addict like him, and I didn't realized that he was, with little self respect. So I understand that for him it wasn't a matter of looking for the gems in an ocean of spam, but it's compulsive, and CL suits him.

I'm not kidding myself that I'm not. I drink and smoked so I can tell, though it's not so clear cut. I could sit idle and chain smoke myself to almost hard to breath. I wished I could stop but it's very difficult to quit. I quited and therefore I know. Alcohol for me it's self regulating. I fall asleep long before I can get drunk. I don't think about drinking unless I am eating.

Unlike everything else sex is a necessity. Paying for it can be addictive but I can stay away for a while when I feel like it. Like now.

I'm missing her hair, something like this, but a little shorter, so more volume and gravity defying. It's totally impractical for a full time sex worker. She said she only kept a few clients. It's totally impossible to turn up with all those hair for a real job - nobody will take you seriously. She didn't have a real job. Occasionally she would go out in style with the trophy wives type that her boyfriend approves. Or her top patrons called the day before. Often she turns up with her hair recently done good enough for a photo shoot. If she lies low at home for too long, she can be in a mess. But then she would go to the salon just for me, without telling me that.

Color isn't important. It can be like this. But I love this for the after sex wild look. Before that I prefer the out of salon look.

Other than hair I am missing a hauntingly beautiful face to look at. This is a girl I met last year on a long trip. I still have fond memories of her. Luckily, I discovered her too late so I managed to see her a total of two times. It's not as addictive as someone else you have been seeing on and off for years.

Well, a pretty face isn't that important. For example, a few times when I had kissed her all over, had her in different positions, but when it came to the doggy position, I couldn't help noticing her nice feet, toes curling slightly with anticipation. Every time I didn't want to disrupt the rhythm of things, or I would have kissed her all over again, starting there.

I wasn't addicted to her that much when she was available. I just couldn't resist to go out to play when anybody calls, since high school, even with a bunch of losers with nowhere to go. Indeed I was actively looking for alternatives, somebody to see when she took me for granted and behaving badly. But good things seldom last for various reasons, they tried, they worked, and they moved on after weeks or months.

Paying for sex isn't mostly about sex. It's sports. It's recreation. It's better than talking to a therapist, I suppose. It's fantasy time with happy ending. It's finding someone to screw after survived the screwing by your boss and the corporation. Sometimes you can be very romantic without worrying that she wants to marry you.

Sometimes you have the feeling that you hate to drop an arm and a leg just to get yourself half satisfied. So what do I do? So I went to remote places where nobody possibly do outcalls. It's physically exhausting so I wouldn't want sex on top of it anyway. All the in-house shut off valves are too old and leak when turned. All eleven of them. I should have replaced them a long time ago but I was too lazy. There are slightly leaking faucets here and there, I'm waiting for the time to replace them altogether rather than fixing them. I never called a plumber again since the last one gave me an estimate of a grand for nothing much. Though he was more than happy to accept the call out charge and left me with a bill of material and the terse instructions to do it.

It's torture working under the sink and behind the toilet bowls. It's much easier the first time around when the kitchen sink and toilet bowls weren't installed, and the pipes were new and perfectly rounded. If that doesn't put you body and soul off sex, I don't know what does.

Also, I am taking on mental and physical challenges on several fronts at the same time. It's trivial pursuits, but it's CAD packages that I never used, sawing hard materials that I never did, experiments that I never bothered. If you are interested in no sex, they are in the geek corner.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Call me

If you want to talk to me, sexy, dirty, or foul, just call. I can call you back unless you check the "keep your number private option" (trust Google?). You don't have my number yet, but if you are good you can trace me back to a disposal SIM card.

Indeed I'm going to drop the SIM card and replace Skype with Gizmo. Then I can receive any calls, real phone lines or internet calls, via any of my real numbers while keeping them secret. I can call out with my GC number as the caller ID, at any of my phones with internet access nearby. That means I can call out from my cell phone as if I'm calling from the GC number. Totally FREE at the moment and later small call out charge comparable to Skype.

For all carriers who don't want to provide multiple phone lines on one cell, screw you.