Saturday, August 04, 2007

Traveling john

The title refers to a type of product, not me, that could revolutionize the outsourcing of living space without going abroad.

The Player I did travel to the beach to meditate for days at a time. Unfortunately the beach is very narrow at high tide, so the beach babes paraded right in front of me all day long. No matter how remote the beach is, there are always delicate babes in bikini of all ages - if only to get a nice sun tan before moving on to Malibu beach.

It happened that the beach has a surfing school for kids. Since the instructors don't need much qualifications, they are far from beach rats - delicate, young, slender rather than thick. Think baby sitters in bikini, who have well above average shape. They can't wait to ripoff their wet suits to show off their bikini once the lessons are over.

After a day's rest at home, I went for a quick fix. It just happened that she looked good in bikini, and has one of my favorite body shapes. She's thin model type with no excess fat, but legs are long and tight. We, I mean at least me, were ready in no time. And I almost didn't need to remove her bikini.

You see a luxury car and I see a possible coffin. I want something I'm not embarrassed to be seen dead in. I don't want rescuers to feel sorry for me - to die in that shit. I want it to reflect me, like the words on a grave stone. So bear in mind the difference in perspective.

I went on top, screwed her to open things up. She's a real doll, I mean the live size dolls that sell for a few thousands. She isn't that pretty and her body isn't that perfect. I mean she just laid there like a doll, in a good way. Sometimes you just want to screw someone under you in the way you want.

When things were opened up, I wanted to change position. She knew it when I let go of her and wanted to get up. But she hold me tight, not letting me go. Sometimes it's too bad to be nice. She took me for granted. I felt like I was a student on vacation trying the john thing. She wouldn't let me change position. She kept me on top without saying a word, just pulling me back. But now I think that she liked it.

So I screwed her real hard as if to punish her. I pulled so far out that sometimes I pulled out completely. I plunged back in deeper and deeper like a foundation hammer. I felt a lot of happy friction so she must have felt the force too. Some girls don't like it, trying to hide their face by holding you tight, etc. Some don't feel good and don't want you to see the awkward expression on their face. Some actually feel good but do not want to show you that their body and face reacted positively.

Of course some girls moan, real or fake. This girl just laid there like a doll. But she had the facial expression that she was enjoying it. She wasn't smiling, closed her eyes, but she was anticipating every deep stroke. She would hold my waist when it was too much. She wasn't shy about her facial expression. I could look at her whatever way I wanted - played with her hair a little and twisted her head a little to show her best. I could pin down her arms, fondle her perky breast like I was raping her. I could held her legs high or twist them as in a porn movie. As long as I was screwing her in the missionary position.

Finally I rolled over and played dead. She told me I looked tired. I told her I was at the beach and showed her the contrast above and below my knees. Now I think she wanted more.

When we said goodbye, she asked me to come back. I was surprised she asked that. Not because that she wanted me to come back, but because she wasn't that good to me superficially. She was very ticklish, so she would pull my head back over on her breast whenever my mouth tried to wonder somewhere else. But anyway it's always good to be asked. She kissed me goodbye too. But she only had one more week there. I was hesitating. If not I would be thinking of attacking her armpit and more to see how she would react. If she passed I would definitely come back for a longer quick fix, but not in a week's time.


SimplyAlexa said...

I just wanted to tell you what a great site you have. The links you have to other blogs is outstanding. Thank you for sharing!!

The Player said...

You are welcomed. Welcome to the LA traffic too.