Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Strictly business 2

It couldn't begin more business like than Chanel. I saw her picture, video, got her work history and fluctuating fee history, and a bit of rumor even before I saw her. The rumor was that she pushed a client off her, saying time's up. The client must be that much crazy about her, or he was on something.

I waited but she was doing well at the time. So I booked her finally. I saw enough of her relatively glamorous pictures and photos. But even in her thrift store clothes, I was still somewhat impressed.

There wasn't much to say about the encounter. I gave her a kiss on the cheek. It must be too wet for her and I caught a glimpse of her wiping off her face with the back of her hand, as soon as I nibbled down her neck. She stayed after cleaning up, while I was still recuperating naked in bed. She was fully clothed by then. I could see that she wasn't patient. I was sitting naked across the table with her, checking her out all over again. There wasn't anything else I could do. As soon as I asked her private phone number, she was too ready to give it to me, and at the slightest hint from me that she could go, she left happily.

After two months maybe, I thought of her, came up with a number more appropriate for her performance, called her and made the proposition. She accepted. More of the same. But last time she grabbed my bare dick and blew away as if condom was never invented. This time she put a condom on me first as if it had been invented for thousands of years. She acted so natural without hesitation in any case that I didn't thought of the difference at the time. At the end, we both sat naked across the table and chatted. I am always glad that I can remember what I have done to this naked woman across the table, at the same time I hated her using this tactic to make me come back for more. She should concentrate on the session instead.

I might have given her up if not for running into her via the cheaper agency. I called her later but she didn't answer the phone. Reluctantly I booked her through the agency, not knowing what she would react or think. She didn't even smile, perhaps thinking I would blame her for cheating me, selling at a higher price. After she finished her routine and I finished mine, I gave her a fee at the middle of her extremes. And I asked if I could call her in private. She gave me her new number.

After a month or two, I though of checking her out again if she had improved. She hadn't. She complained about the difficult to find location of the hotel, which was next to the freeway. She complained at the parking lot entrance, talking to me on her cell, that there was an occasion at the hotel so the parking lot had a line of guest waiting to get through the ticket system. Of course she was late for something later, and in a hurry.

I thought I was generous to give her half the money so she could leave immediately without doing anything. But that humbled her and I didn't know exactly why. Maybe that was a form of rejection. Maybe the chance that I would call her again was zero. Maybe to her it was losing half of the money that she would otherwise have got.

We ended up sitting side by side on the bed. She was an angry little girl who wouldn't do or say anything. I gently pushed her a little toward the direction of the door, to show that I have no hard feelings if she left. But like a angry little girl she wouldn't budge, hanging onto her place on the bed like a stone, with lips pointing downwards. So I fucked her instead.

I had been hinting her with no ambiguity that her performance and price didn't match. If I didn't feel any better I would rather book her through the agency at the bottom price. Though I would be happy to give her whatever she deserves.

This time she did a reverse missionary to me, with sound track too. Actually it was rather good that surprised me. But it amused me also. Women do that only if they have a large pool of styles and variations to draw upon. I wondered how she could keep that up next time, repeating the same routine and sound track? She asked if that was good. I gave her the money for a good performance, but said with a smile that wasn't enough. What I was really thinking why these girls don't listen to me the client doing simple and effective things, instead of learning these tricks half heartedly?

Again a month or two passed, she was my top pick for visiting my home. She said it was too far, too much trouble to hide from the neighbors and too little to compensate for all that. I had no problem dropping her.

A long time passed, I thought she might just be better. I thought she lived near the beach so I booked a motel there so she couldn't possibly be late. But she wasn't that close, and the route leading into the small beach had bad traffic. She was late as usual. But it was rather atmospheric. She in a pony tail, next to no makeup, plain white T-shirt and jeans. Air was salty. Motel was tiny and ultra basic. It was like a teenage couple (by looking at her alone) having a secret affair, in a dirt cheap motel by the little beach. And when she wasn't naked talking to me across the table, while walking out into the parking lot, she would turn around and said "call me!", which is a cross between begging, a question, and an order, then turned back and never looked back.

Then I began to see her more often. Every time there would be some little games to see who got more out of it. Once she said she needed to see the basketball game on TV, and gave me the upset face. So we watched together while I was doggying her. Once I pulled the TV plug in secret, and she was very frustrated. (Many months later she told me that her work is on online sports gambling.) Once I gave her tips enough for 1/3 of a complete first class manicure and pedicure. I told her I would really be happy to give her the full fee, but I couldn't bear the thought of sharing all those nails with others while I paid for all.

Once I reminded her that she didn't use the condom to blow me the first time while I was paying more. She never used it since. Once she brought out a pack of mint and put some in my mouth. The rest is history. I couldn't help sucking the hell or her tongue out of her every time.

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