Friday, June 01, 2007

Not just another client

Just a thought came to mind. Even if you drive the same car, family or luxury, you want to think that you are the better driver, you go better together with the car, the customizations are very you.

Nobody wants to be just another client. (I'm not talking about those horny moments when one wants someone decent to come over in half an hour, never to see each other again.) Particularly when clients are worth so little in the Internet age. They may get cut off at once if they say the wrong words.

For example, in my trip to Buenos Aires, some girls insisted to charge me 3 times the local rate, as if the peso had never devaluated. If I don't pay the American tourist rate, I'm nothing. They can find a local client to replace me in no time. Good tips didn't mean a thing, they can always find two.

Same for Chanel. Even though I knew she offered a standard service, but I couldn't have it. I started with the VIP camp and I couldn't have anything less.

A regular means only as much as a steady stream of income, low risk, easier money. If not, you would have already be dumped long ago. If you try to do something out of line, there's always another new client.

May be because of this, or may be not, I like to do something special. It doesn't really matter. If she doesn't kiss, or if I don't feel the passion, I can do a foot massage instead. If she doesn't like to wear my favorite Leg Avenue costumes (=cheap), I can always give them quality lingerie (=$$$), or even heels or platforms.

The last thing I want (or may be not) is for her to look like a school girl in a school uniform. Maybe I want a fully grown woman who's looking good in that cute little uniform. It's just as good if it looks ridiculous, as long as it doesn't turn me off. I appreciate you looking ridiculously sexy just for me.

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