Monday, June 04, 2007

Customer follow up

I once flew SAS. After the flight I received a hard copy of SAS business news for a couple of months. I once stayed in a small lakeside Swiss hotel. I got postcards every summer for a couple of years.

In the tradition of the traveling and hospitality industry, I would receive email greetings before I even got home after seeing Emma. And I got an email greeting every week.

It is true that you shouldn't contact clients. Cold call seldom works. If he wanted to see you again, he would have done so. The exception is introduction calls when the girl is new in town, and for clients that you had some history with.

Emma didn't intend to do it for long as she had other plans. May be the shoe box of dollar bills she got in the gang bang helped a little. Soon after I saw her, she withdrew all her Internet ads, and Mr Gray said she wasn't available from his contacts too.

So the email greetings wasn't regarded as desperate. I could have tried to bargain a little, but it wouldn't matter as it would be only between she and me. Unlike a full time escort, if you offer bargains you will risk going down the slippery slope, when others find out. I didn't bother to bargain because every time I thought it would be the last. She is good, but she also cost me.

Apart from the emails, I also got little gifts. For example, I had a really thick Halloween candle that I am still lighting it up every year. A mug too! She is one of a kind. In return, I left her a surprise, a Leg Avenue standard issue SG uniform. I didn't know how well she received it.

The next date, at her home, I asked about the uniform. She disappeared for a few minutes to prepare herself. She used the picture on the package as a model for her hair, now two pony tails. On her body, the shirt wasn't as sexy as the picture, so she added some button on it so the shirt stayed higher and tighter. The skirt is supposed to be one size fit all, but she adjusted the position of the velco to ensure a tight fit. And she remembered to wear the little white ankle socks. She saw my gift as a challenge and she passed with flying colors.

Giving the same thing to several girls gave me some surprises. I thought Chanel would look the part most. But she looked more curvy and rounded in it than I thought - bigger heaps, thicker tights, more of a fully grown woman in a SG uniform contrasting effect. At several inches taller, I thought Emma would look big in that. But it turned out that she looked the best with her slender proportion and of course longer legs. Her turning a bedroom into a gym worthed it. And so did the custom tailoring.

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