Saturday, May 05, 2007

When the world is not enough

In the past people kill each other for glory, until the world itself can be killed several times over.

If the LA smog is too bad, move a few miles south to the beach or north to Malibu.

Now with global warming, and global dimming, it's easier to talk about excess. For thousands of years, religions have been preaching against excess, as in the biblical stories of Sodom and Gomorrha, and Noal's Ark. I double if this old scare tactics work well in comparison.

Buddhism seeks eternal truth. Your earthly desires bring you happiness, but also sadness. The ultimate eternal happiness is one which you have eliminated all desires. So, does surgery help?

Can you enjoy unlimited sex? How much sex is excess?

Is sex like drugs? You always need more and more to satisfy your cravings? Until you are over the edge one way or the other.

The other day I read a female blogger who was in a state of mind, fantasizing about every object at home as a pleasure giving toy. She found something to use and managed to get it off (from the body) at the end.

Some females are more sensitive than the others, with different reactive forces, which have a lot to do with experience. What do you prefer? What is better? To who?

Males are less lucky. Many regrets that they don't listen to the elders to masturbate less. If only somebody tell them earlier that they will be less able to please women. In some countries, it's not uncommon for expatriates to stop performing at 40 to 50. They may not regret it for the colorful life, but is it worth it? Can it be better?

A fellow blogger cannot cum with a 5' tall, 18 year old girl, which isn't surprising. But he is so honest as to tell us that he then masturbated for an hour. I can't help to think that he wasn't enjoying the time with himself, but was desperate to release the frustration built up.

All the drugs, physical and mental training, are they not just being used to repair the damage of excess? I'm not talking about physical exercise, that most of us do less than nature designed us for. I don't think nature designed us for orgasms hours at a time, whatever way you define it.

I remembered a hundred years ago when I took my little girl friend for a long hike, built a tent on the beach, and then did it three times in a row. I won't trade that for a four way with three porn stars of my choosing. (May be not, I'll think more about it.)

Given the number from a blogger, it is normal I guess from 20 to 40 years old, one partner each year, which yields 20 sex partners. The number will fluctuate a lot, but...

How about the TER reviewers who celebrated their 100th review? It seemed a lot but it's easy to have more than that sort of money from credit cards limit alone. It's cheaper credit if you take out equity instead of on credit cards. I mean many people can do that but they don't choose to do it (with or without financial consequences).

Some hedonist pleasure seeker, who would go anywhere in the cheaper world to boost their numbers, would report with pride that, "now I have reached the 200 women mark ...". This is their way to get even with celebrity sport stars.

Once a while, I think I may have done 20 just in a month or two, including some repeats. In blogger's terms, 20 unique providers and more on total hits. But if I know where to find quality without wasting time and energy on searching, I would settle for less unique providers and got much more satisfaction on less total hits.

I don't fancy those one man review boards. Even if you don't have experience in pushing any envelope at all, you should have found the envelope a bit old after the 5th or 10th review. These guys went on to write a 100, more of the same. What a waste.

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