Monday, May 21, 2007

What's your pick? breakfast : one more night

On the subject of materialism, I remember one post from a hedonist pleasure seeker, venturing to the Philippines type. He stayed in a 4 or 5 star hotel in the poorer areas, Angeles City I think, or maybe just plain old Manila.

The details doesn't matter. The cost of maintaining the same standard in developing countries isn't lower, often more expensive, eg, building the road, water supply and sewage system from ground up in the middle of nowhere. The important thing is that the cost of breakfast is about the same as an all-nighter. This guy is so generous as to offer his girl a luxury breakfast that she will never forget!

Silly isn't it? What do you think? If I were the girl I would rather take cash, spending another night to earn it as needed. Even if I were booked for another night, I would be thinking about the cash all the time during the breakfast.

For the same reason I don't fancy nice hotels even if I can afford it. Once I found myself in an LA suit with a $400 tag. The girl costs about the same so it's just trouble. She was constantly thinking of squeezing more money out of me, a distraction, wanting to come back later in the evening for another round. Even though I said a lot about getting it cheap on the Internet (true), and that it's tax free (can be), it didn't make any difference to her.

So I don't like to play the CEO, corporate officer card, on important business, suddenly feeling lonely in an unfamiliar place, looking for a companion for once. Apart from the above trouble, on company tab doesn't mean that you have a lot of spare cash to spend on other things. I rather be a modest sex tourist using my own money. If you play your cards right, I will like you enough to see you a couple of times more.

The top club in Buenos Aires cost about $300 (US) to take one out, which is inline with respectable Asian clubs. But after devaluation, it's only $100. By my calculation $30 per night was the hotel I wanted. But I found out only dogs live there so I opted for $50 a night. When I got there, I realized the land in the most exclusive area in BA is as expensive as in Asia. So I upgraded to about $100 a night, rather than looking at 4 walls all the time.

The most expensive red wine in the supermarket is about $30. After the first round, I went downstairs from the bedroom (I had a two-storey studio flat!) to see what she was up to. She was helping herself with a glass in hand. I should had known, because I knew back in the club she was half an alcoholic at 21. Again the price was just right. She was enjoying a few glasses of wine and perhaps my company whole heartedly. If it were a $100 bottle champagne, she would have other ideas.

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