Tuesday, May 01, 2007

People I despise

Don't worry, it's not your turn yet.

There is a particular one-man-agency owner, agent, pimp, or whatever you choose to call it, that I hate. He is bad looking, like a thief, and looked older than his age. These are the guys who, since childhood, have been working hard or constantly trying something else to get even with their decent or good looking peers. I'm sure he wanted to brag to me that he always get to pick the cream of the crop. But he couldn't, because otherwise I would ask for those girls he mentioned. But still, he had to show off the pictures of foreign pretty girls he hooked up on the internet, before he went on overseas vacations.

He introduced me to rather nice girls at the beginning, and then the quality dropped gradually. If I hinted that his girls were not that good, he would challenge me who's bad, and reiterated his theory that you can't have champagne everyday.

My idea is for him to call me when he gets high quality champagne, and I'll disappear for a while until I am done with the girl, or when he gets better champagne. I'm happy to pay him extra introduction fee to compensate for his loss.

With me, he presents himself as a servant, I'm the big boss, and in front of his girls, talk me up a few notch above my actual social and economic status. I treated him maybe as a waiter or head waiter, with respect.

One day I had the misfortune of being at the same place with him, and one of his girls that I was taking to a date. I had seen the girl before and I quite liked her. He chatted with the girl a little as if he's the uncle, "How about the club you went to dance last night? Did you have a good time?" I wondered how come she told him that much of her private life. She never told me anything. She talked as if he was her respectable uncle. But to me she talked as if I'm just another client, though I'm sure she likes me (as a client). Worse, since she knew I liked her, her tone was a little demanding at times, and knew that I wouldn't mind.

A hooker treats client differently, that's natural even if the reviews are all true. That's easy to take. I couldn't stand was the respect she had on him, especially if she was any good, he would have tested the goods himself. In contrast, you all know how much respect a hooker has on a john!

You can blame it on sour grapes. But it's different than jealousy of another client or her boyfriend - which negative feelings I learned to eliminate. We all despise pimps or the like, don't we? He fucked her but still she has respect for him like a relative, more than respectable clients like me. It's different from in the movies, where she gives him all her takings, gets beaten up, but still loves him. If she is that dumb and in the unrealistic case that I still pick her, I probably just want to exploit her some more, without caring anything about her and how she treats anybody else.

But I understand fully. If a girl want to earn $10,000 a week quick money, he's the kind of guy to turn to. If you are good enough, even a small time pimp can find that many clients to sustain that kind of earnings for a few weeks. If you can't have anything near that to offer, you don't command that kind of respect.

It wasn't just her. Some girls, when in private conversations, mention these guys name with respect. I don't despise everyone. Some have incredibly beautiful girlfriends, and one asked me if I am interested in her sister, for an asking price that he thinks a little too high. While other girls, like Emma, try to out fox these guys and have no such respect on them.

I boiled over finally when I met him, and by accident got the glimpse of his new girl for a few seconds, that I wasn't supposed to run into. From the few seconds' head to toe impression, she is young and beautiful, meticulously done from head to toe as if she was going to apply for a hooker job on the spot. Her dress was very modest but somehow very sexy. I saw just her arms, lower legs, and feet, which all turned me on. Perhaps it was her posture, her sandals and her subtle but beautiful toe nails. I was visualizing a wild cat on heat stretching her claws.

I didn't have much to hold against him at the time. I though she was so new that the big whales and his most loyal customers got her first. Later he slipped, or wanted me to know that he had no intention to tell me her existence just because we had the same area code! I was so honored as if I would certainly ran away with her if only I met her.

I knew he feared me in a way. He preach me repeatedly not to became sugar daddy and got rip off. For example, he would say clever girls would ask me home, show me their near empty house and hint me to buy them quality furniture. That way the money I lost would be a lot better spent on one night stands with his girls.

I knew he tested me from time to time. Asking me to see girls that I met before. I went along even though I already saw them in private. I never thought he would deliberately keep any new girls away from me.

To add insult to injury, he did a bait and switch on me when I asked for her again. He told me it was a screw up of schedules, and sorry. He told me to call again soon. He added that she was real good and I must see her. Then for the first time he described how he tested the goods. She was fresh, juice and responsive. She wanted to hold back her orgasm but finally gave up, and said to him unwillingly, "Now you have it".

When I called him later, he said now she wanted half a day bookings minimum, which made me hesitated. When I made up my mind to spend the money, he told me she reached her target and was gone. I think she was gone a long time, and he made things up to keep me hanging on.

I was so desperate as to ask Chanel if she knew such a person and her whereabouts. Funny that I only knew her first name which is common, and I can only describe her from what I noticed in a few seconds, and that a lot of details like toe nails are useless, and something else I find it embarrassing to describe to Chanel. It's a small circle and it's common for cross introductions between escorts and clients. But Chanel knew it was a big deal. She had a whole list of friends, some sell themselves as porn stars or print models, that I never show any interest in. If I had shown any interest, Chanel is more than happy to introduce me. By the way, not that Chanel is better than porn stars or print models, but she is arguably prettier and she doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

I still used him for a while. But the more I thought about the girl, the more I felt that he committed the cardinal sin. He kept calling me for a couple of months, but I didn't answer or return his calls. I didn't manage to dump Chanel because I couldn't resist to not answer her calls. But for him it's too easy. If I could think of how to make him call me more I would.

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