Saturday, May 12, 2007


If you are surrounded
by veils everyday, there's no surprise that you will find the most exotic part of the body to be the face. It's the well known "now you see it, now you don't" effect.

And if you are surrounded by these, what do you expect? People say that uniforms are designed long ago by men, putting all they fantasy into them. It's an arm race at an early age until 19 in most of the world, when the schoolgirls have to drop their uniforms unwillingly. Before that, they are full of hormone and they like to be looked at. Actually you do not need to sex up the uniforms. The real thing is sexier. Everybody try to get away with shorter and tighter skirts, until everybody is just about covering their asses. There's no relation with the quality of schools. In some of the top schools, the uniforms are meticulous, brilliant white socks, winter jackets like expensive business suits, but the skirts are just as short.

My obsessions have been bare legs, not stockings, may be socks, ankle socks, and little black shoes, flat or otherwise. The more flesh the better.

South California can be considered somewhat special. There's no need for practical shoes to protect against cold weather, or to protect against dirt when the ground is wet. Public transport is non-existence so you don't need armor to protect against other people's shoes. You can always drive door to door, with ample parking space. Indeed the parking lots are too large to make any walking practical.

My relatively new obsession is feet. Ideally, I like pretty feet in sexy shoes, exposing lots of flesh and toes. The same effect as veils on the faces I suppose. Looking good standing bare on shoes require nice legs, knees, ankles and maybe more things above.

For naked feet, I suppose we can't ask for too much. Breasts can be enhanced but feet, toes and many other things can't. Small with a nice arch is perhaps ideal. Definitely not short from toe to ankles, and not thick.

The number one reason for naked models to cut off their feet in pictures is because of deformed last toe. A significant number of people do not have straight last toe, and proper nails as in fingers. Defective last toe can still be pretty or lovely, but some really turn me off.

I have noticed that my toes are rather nice. I would love to show you that. But after last time, I promise to give you ample warning before I show you any of my body parts again.

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