Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Me and my Madams

First of all, how can you miss the world's most prominent call girls' and client's interviews? There are all here in Nia's blog. End of plug.

Madams can be just as ruthless as so called pimps. They can also be the best kind, teaching the girls, taking care of the girls, protecting the girls, running short of working for the girls, then they wouldn't be called Madams. Images of Madams are middle-aged women in business suits, but I'm reminiscing about the attractive ones.

In the beginning, I noticed that I was attracted to some of them, well groomed, well dressed, who doesn't? But I always thought they are untouchable. Looking back, I had fond memories of some who got away. I regret that I didn't even thought of asking them to bed.

I began to notice that the boundary is a little blurred regarding who is game and who is not. In Asia, girls usually work alone because you may hear next door bonking even if you are in decent hotels. For incalls, they tend to work in clusters so they are quite safe in numbers. In England, there are the maids, but who can also be body guards, madams, or partners in disguise. I remember checking all over a maid when she was leading me from the front door to the upstairs apartment. It seemed so strange that she was model material, who I now think she went very far to look like a maid - a bad wig which looked like she had just been raped, dirt on her face which must be artificial, ragged dirty clothes and cheap slipper. Maybe they share the apartment and take turns to be the prostitute or the maid, may be that is their client screening and selection method. But I never thought of asking if I could have the maid instead.

The bigger the apartment or the house, it's more likely they are the Madams. The most obvious ones had a big office in one of the spare bedrooms with a big antique table, and in business suit. The others are more like housewives who owned the house. I saw one who was more well groomed and in smart causals. Just when I was considering if I wanted her, who was a little mature than I expected, she brought out a kid, who was rather lovely but even in black lingerie I didn't find her sexy. She failed to make me stay, after shocking me with dirty words in my ear, and then begged like an innocent little girl. For the money I rather have Kate Moss types instead, which wasn't too difficult to find. Again I didn't thought of asking for the Madam instead.

Back to LA, you don't usually get to see anybody else in the apartment unless it's big or it's a house. But I know some girls use two apartments, so it's almost as safe as having someone in the same apartment. You can use the other as the greeting or waiting room too. My first experience with a Madam is in one such apartment.

When I got to the apartment, the Madam who answered the phone greeted me, who I wasn't expected. Usually it's the girl I am going to date. She told me looking down, with a little smile, rather shyly you can say, that she couldn't find anybody at that early time with short notice, do you want me instead? It must be like those shock tactics in books to get a girl into bed. I was all ready to go and it was very easy to say yes so everybody was happy.

She might be in her early 30's who kept herself rather well. Or she was 20's who was a little chunky, but curvy though. She didn't look that well groomed but her outfit is youngish, jeans and blouse. The funny things was that her driver, a skinny boy, was there, who must also be responsible for running errands and serving drinks. It was a good choice as she must be feeling safer, didn't have to pay him much if anything at all, and clients wouldn't feel threatened.

What she said may not be true, that she couldn't find anyone else. I didn't think the boy expected that, who must be as shocked as me, trying hard to suppress his reaction. Maybe she hoped that I was a horny stud who didn't get laid for two months, or I was the good looking great lover she was looking for, who could give her orgasm after orgasm. I was none of the above so the whole experience was like plain drinking water. I hoped she had sex only every other week, but I didn't feel it.

She wasn't those young skinny girls that I could stare at and exclaim that, "you are so cute". Any she wasn't near beautiful enough that I could look at her speechless, and then say, "you are so beautiful". She wasn't going to do anything nasty, submissive or degrading that would came back to her girls. I wasn't going into any Kate Moss, school girl, or sex slave fantasy and fucked her as such. By the way, you can say that's the john's trance, as opposed to Compartment girl's hooker's trance.

The most gorgeous Madam that I can talk about was under 25, and as if super low cute jeans wasn't enough, she pulled it further down a bit before going to the front door, then climbing up the stairs back to her apartment with you following behind, nose at her ass. When you recovered from the shock, she would told you that she was the Madam and strictly out of bound. After seeing her, my requirement was a bit high, so I turned down two girls before going to bed with the third. So I had a bit of time in between to talk with her. She wasn't anything like a working girl, probably well educated, out of college possibly, in a rush to build a successful business, knowing that it's important to start young and go for it with all you have got. She didn't say but being a Madam was really for the quick seed money, and buy some time to figure out what she wanted to get into.

The girl I dated was a bit mature, who drove me a little wild, pulling her hair while suck-kissing her. Maybe the Madam had something to do with it but I wasn't thinking of her in bed. Being a friendly co-op atmosphere, I wasn't in a hurry to go after cleaning up. I put a hand round the Madam's bare waist, had a drink, and we even hold hands. I was polite and respectful though.

When my girl came out after cleaning up too, the Madam realized the awkward situation. She found some excuse to get out of the crouch. My girl soon jumped in and held my hands instead. Sure I was thinking how to get the Madam to bed, at all cost. But sure she wouldn't be labeled a hooker without costing an arm and a let, and she wouldn't say yes in front of anybody else. That's the rule, don't compete with the girls or no one wants to work with you. Too bad, her girls weren't good enough for me to be a loyal client, so I didn't have a lot of chances to approach her in private.

It's rather common to have working girls owning or renting an apartment, or a house, when you reject her, she will introduce her roommates or friends, rather than losing the business. To make it easy for me, if I don't like the girl, I will treat her as the Madam before she has the chance to open her mouth, and ask to her to recommend her best girls. Usually it works well. But some girls want to make sure of that, subtly pointing to herself and ask, "no?". I met one with a bare killer waist and jeans. Her ad said model and possibly she's an ex-model. She was doable in her 30's but at that outing, my specific requirement in my head was a Barbie doll that I could hang out with later. She was confident enough not to have any bad feelings, and actually asked me clearly to make sure that I didn't want her.

Finally, the Madam I most fond of. I went to an apartment and saw a young girl with surprisingly little sex appeal. Sure she was disappointed when I rejected her. She took time to ask me what I wanted. But I was sure whatever I said, she would call her buddy, who was at the other end of the apartment complex.

This girl wasn't outstanding, but good enough. It could get worse and worse. She was thin and small, in ankle length tight jeans, tight V neck top, slippers and metallic blue nails. She was rather plain, girl next door type. But showing a little flesh here and there, made her full of sex appeal. I was turned off by her metallic blue pedicure (and manicure) but it was rather sexy watching her walking on her small feet and slippers. I took a good look a her backside when she came out to fetch me back into her apartment. She was my type and with the help of a little john's trance, she could be great. I had no time and energy to risk the third chance.

She said something like she remembered me but I didn't remember her. That's the problem if you are as unforgettable as me. Girls, agents, madams, they all remember me even if we met once two years ago. It's not good if I don't remember them, or what I had done to them before. Since I didn't seem to remember this girl, she pretended not to have seen me before.

Given that I we met some time ago, it can only be that girl, previously with waist length long straight hair, small and thin, average and plain on the face that's why I couldn't recognize her. But I could recognize her pair of small feet. Nice to touch pale skin texture and tight young flesh. I wasn't licking her feet or sucking her toes then, but I did hold on to them and complimented them. The bedroom was more like a study room. She made great effort to have a good conversation with me, before and after sex. I liked her but somehow I didn't go back again.

That was the notorious international student trafficking ring - just kidding. The ring leader was barely out of university I think. He tried to look intellectual and indeed his advertisements are intellectual showoffs and poetic. He had the college student connection so even before girls are out of college, they came with student visa, tourist visa, exchanges, all sort of things, and they come, go and return like merry-go-rounds. If not they became locals.

I think this smart guy became big very soon, and his fellow students who stayed on became his trusted lieutenants. They were more likely to hire help than bringing in large number of students. I think the girl I met wasn't a working girl but in charge of the operation in the apartment complex. I really think she remembered me from a year or two ago, that I was fond of her little body and particularly her feet. The 2nd time I saw her she got rid of the metallic blue nails, with perfectly trimmed natural nails instead. Between calling her and arriving there, she might have taken off her nail polish and trimmed her nails.

Once when I arrived, she told me she was having her period. She wanted to introduce me to a 19 year old or a 27 year old. What do you think would be LAP's pick? I really tried to ask her more about each girl but she somehow wasn't willing to say much except for the ages. So I had no choice but to pick miss 19, which was a bad choice. When waiting for miss 19 and then 27 to come over, I had her sitting on my lap, kissing her exposed flesh and squeezed her a little without taking her top off. When miss 27 arrived, I knew why she didn't want me to meet miss 27 because she was beautiful, had a nice curvy body and everything else was nice. When I went into the bedroom with miss 27, she told miss 27 to treat me good, in a Madam sort of way. And since she is tiny and miss 27 is more of a fully grown woman, she was a little exaggerated, talked as if she wasn't satisfied with the floor, and asked the servant to clean it again.

Miss 27 was good, good enough to run away with, but it wouldn't be easy. My little Madam is one of a kind, so I carried on seeing her. I think her period wasn't necessarily true. I think she can't let everybody know that she also fuck clients, or she wasn't supposed to. And I couldn't use the big fuck room anymore, she took me into a smaller bedroom, which could be hers. I had the feeling sometimes the fuck room was in use while I fucked my little Madam in her bedroom. I had the feeling that she wasn't supposed to be fucking, I wasn't supposed to be there.

Once she came into the bedroom, started stripping, and then called somebody. I finished the stripping and then some. I like stripping girls off piece by piece. I kissed her all over, gently, without creating too much distraction on her conversations. I couldn't care less about the conversation, but I think it was the big boss, all business, not numbers, but gangster style, the godfather kind. I didn't think she was trying to impress me, but to pretend that she wasn't doing anything in the apartment.

As for the sex, she was accommodating and eager to please. I smiled, pointed to her feet, and then the bathroom. She would go into the bath with a smile and wash her feet. Of course she had to take off her clothes and couldn't care less if I wanted to shower with her first. After shower, I wouldn't let her get out of the bath. I patted my shoulder and she would lean on my shoulder without question. So after some drying I would carry her tiny body out, fireman style, and throw her onto bed. Banging her felt good - I would use the future urban dictionary term "flesh light experience", and she must had felt very fulfilled. I never tried flesh light but I had good evidence that it is good.

I kissed her a lot but never on lips. I couldn't say I even tried. I didn't know why but maybe I was too busy on everything else. I saw her a few times and getting better every time. I stopped seeing her mainly because I couldn't spend my time, money and energy on several girls at once.

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