Thursday, May 24, 2007

The good life guide in LA

I'm trying to write a luxury travel blog for once, just for the fun of it, or a luxury wine and dine in LA. But all I can think of is hostess clubs.

If you are just looking for a drink alone in downtown LA, and unlucky like me, you may run into a Korean room salon. I remained calm but was shocked by the menu. Food starts at 3 figures, not a hundred but more like three. So I ordered a Korean beer costing a dollar or two, but sold for $20, and stayed at the outside lounge.

The place is nice, the girls are attractive, but both not as good as in the East, for the same money. Indeed the girls are a bit plain, good enough to bring home to see mom, from college students to 40's.

After looking around that there are a number of girls not taken up in the private rooms, I asked the waitress if I can have company. He asked the mamasan, who shook her head, not for a $20 beer obviously. And since the girls of all ages there are selected to be above 5'6, the standard minimum height for Asian models, not under 5'4 as College Callgirl honestly put it, I didn't order something to eat.

So after tortured by some Korean business men's karaoke, I left.

There are numerous Chinese clubs, many looked like MBZ dealerships at the parking lot. All but one, or may be two, requires all the hostesses to be able to speak English. Not a place to host big business meetings with non-Chinese.

Much more interesting is one little club near where the big boats park, with an all Japanese cast. During economic blooms they have to resort to find some Filippina to make up the numbers. During recession, they are all Japanese, mostly college students and exchange students, and all sorts of locals. They all sit side by side and greet you all at once when you walk in early in the evening. I was shocked.

It wasn't a club with any traditions, and most patrons are not Japanese. So the price is not expensive at all. I had a pretty woman in business suit, who had a day job as a real estate agent or something financial. Time was hard and she was looking for a 2nd job to stay afloat. She might be married. It was her first night trying the job. It was like I was cheering her up. She came here as some sort of high school exchange program, but stayed on because the host family like her and offered her to stay, who doesn't like Asian girls under 5'4? She liked the wide open space at school. At the end, I suggested her to try looking for a job in a nearby Japanese restaurant. Put on a pretty Kimono, you get at least $20 tips per table of two. It's easier money than the club. At least higher volume.

Cindy built a club with her name on it, one of a kind. Filipinos are the 2nd largest Asian group in LA, but you can hardly meet them. Cindy's is a Filipina club. All the waitresses are model material at a glance, in beautiful Suzy Wong style uniform. The hostesses are like cute students, sitting in the bar area and chat with you a bit. If you find someone you like, you can go inside the private salons, mostly used by small groups. When the hostesses have no one to chat, they just bring out a book to read, probably homework too. The neighborhood isn't that great, but there are all sorts of clients, including Asians, who found their own Korean and Chinese clubs too high brow. They are the younger crowd, liked the traditional format, but find it too expensive.

If you are in the area, the Vietnamese Cafes are a must see, one of a kind. Total Asian population in US is roughly 4%. Attractive independent Vietnamese provider of quality, who can stand shoulder to shoulder with other girls, is like gold dust. But you can watch to your heart's desire though. Somebody worked out the economics, for a few dollar a cup of coffee, they can afford to hire attractive girls of all ages, advancing them with enough money for the best boob job and other plastic surgeries. They just need to turn up fully clothed and look pretty. But you have to pick the right theme cafe. There is the traditional white causal work suit with pants, which is being turned into a semi transparent tight sexy costume. There are the models in medium dresses, the college students in mini skirts and the beach babes in bikini's. The major difference from a strip club, restaurant or bikini bar is that, the girls smile beautifully because money is so easy - all they do is walk around occasionally to serve coffee and refill.

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